Shrimad- Bhagvat Mahapuranam (An Old and Rare Book)
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Shrimad- Bhagvat Mahapuranam (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: NAX423
Author: D.K. Mathure
Publisher: Mandelia Parmarth Kosh, Gwalior
Language: English and Sanskrit
Edition: 1982
Pages: 267
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
Weight 440 gm
About the Author
Sri Dattatrya Krishna Mathure has not only deeply studied Shrimad-Bhagvat and contemplated upon its essential features and precepts but has also been practising the precepts of Bhagvat in his daily life. He found in the Bhagvat a 'way of life' and adopted it for himself. Not only from his Swadhyaya (learning) but also his Anubhava (experience), he condensed the essence of Bhagvat in a series of articles.

Shri Mathure is an Engineer by profession. He creditably rose to the highest post in the Sanitary Engineering and Public Health Department of the erstwhile Gwalior State and thereafter in the Madhya Bharat State. Since his superannuation, many years ago, he has been leading a well-earned retired life in quietude. He is noble to the core. He leads a very simple life which should serve as an example. All his thoughts and deeds are soaked into the nectar of Bhagvat Dharma.

It is, therefore, natural that whatever has come from his pen is bound to impress the reader deeply and to lend inspirations in his spiritual development.

Shrimad Bhagvat is unique in its rendition of Hindu Philosophy. It is a treasure house of divine knowledge. It is the solace of life.

Spiritual studies should broaden the outlook and must be used to promote love among all individuals, shedding off social, sectarian or other separatist ideas. Life itself is light of Love which makes it warm and luminous.

In the history of religious literature the VEDAS (Shrutis) are said to be the oldest and the wisest. However, it is not easy to comprehend the subtle truths propounded in them. Veda Vyas composed eighteen PURANAS to expound with all ease the fundamentals depicted in the Shrutis in order to popularise them. The Puranas occupy an outstanding position. The MAHA-BHARATA written by Veda Vyas is considered to be an encyclopedia of all knowledge, which unfolds divine secrets. There-after the great Muni Narada impressed on Veda Vyas with the need for condensing spiritual ways of life and for reciting the glory of Vasudeva. To sing the glory of Vasudeva is the remedy for miseries of mankind. Creation, preservation and dissolution of the Universe proceed from Bhagvan. Accordingly, Veda Vyas composed SHRIMADBHAGVAT MAHAPURANAM. As it speaks of the glory of Bhagvan Vishnu it is called BHAGVAT. Among narratives of philosophy are interposed religion and legend through stories, fables, fairy tales, and anecdotes.

The Bhagvat is exponent of Devotion coupled with Know-ledge. In his illuminating discourse to his school-mates, Prahlad enunciates inter alia.

From time immemorial all the sages have proclaimed 'sett-realization' as the goal of human life. This is synonymous with liberation, seeing God, obtaining Nirvan, stay in Vaikuntha etc. Says Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, 'He is born to no purpose who having the rare privilege of being born a man, is unable to realize God in this life." Sooner or later, in the life-time of an individual a time does come when one gets disinterested in worldly matters and one is anxious to know about God, World, and Self. But most of us, not being serious about these problems, probably being afraid of losing the existing material hap-, do not attemp to probe into the mysteries and are content to lead a good moral life. Thus having obtained a precious human body, a result of accumulated good actions of past lives, no correct use is made of the same; in other words, a suicide is committed. Such people enter dark hell after death.

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