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Skanda Purana (A Study)

Skanda Purana (A Study)
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Item Code: NAX962
Author: Savitri Saxena
Publisher: Sanjay Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788174531124
Pages: 412
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.7 kg
About the Book
The Puranas which belong to the class of religious literature are in fact a supplement to the Vedas. Almost all of them are sectarian un character. They are valuable from historical point of view not only because they give the lists of Dynasties but also because they record the tradition prevelent among the masses. They afford us far greater inside into all aspects of Hinduism, its theism and panthism, love of gods, philosophy, superstitions, festivals, ceremonies and its ethics. They occupy a unique position in this sacred and secular literature the next Hindus being next in importance to Vedas only. Not only the great legends of Brahmanas, not only the multiple cuIts but also history, culture, chronology, poetry, sociology, geography, topography, art , architecture, cattle-breeding, economic and social life of the people and a thousand other similar topics maping out the entire canvas of the nation's life have gone into the making of Pauranika literature.

About the Author
The Puranas have always facinated me not only because they are religious works but also because they are encyclopedic in character. So after completing my post-graduate studies, I decided to choose a topic from the Puranas for my research work. I finally opted to work on "A Critical Study of the Puranas". for my Ph.D. and a study of Skanda Puranas for my D.Litt. work. I got a Government of India research scholarship in humanities for both works.

The Puranas have always fascinated me not only due to their being a religious work but also due to their being encyclopedic in character. While I was working for my Ph.D., I was attracted towards the Skanda Purana due to its peculiar character. So, when a chance came before me for further research, I decided to avail the opportunity by choosing the Skanda Purana as the subject of my studies. The subject `A Critical Study of the Skanda Purana' brought me a scholarship from the University Grants Commission. The same topic was registered with the Agra University for the D.Litt. degree. Some changes in the original plan of the work were suggested to me and I did modifications accordingly in my plan of work.

It would not be out of place to say something about my contribution to the study of the Skanda Purana. The Skanda Purana has been rarely the subject of study for the scholars. Though some of the scholars have worked on some of the Mahatmyas of the Skanda Purana yet as a whole it formed rarely the subject of study. Even the compilers of Index and the Kosas of the Puranas have not made use of the material furnished by the Skanda Purana. Dr. A.B.L. Avasthi has worked on the Skanda Purana for his Ph. D. but the field of his research is quite different from that of mine. Geographical data from the Skanda Purana has also been used by him but here in the present work, the stress has been laid more on cosmogony than on cosmography.

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