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Some Aspects of Advaita Philosophy (An Old and Rare Book)

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Author: Prof. Ram Murti Sharma
Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers
Language: English
Edition: 1985
Pages: 227
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Book Description

About the Book

The book, Some aspects of Advaita Philosophy is an unparalleled contribution to Advaita Vedantic Literature. It covers research material and critical analysis regarding some important aspects of Advatia Philosophy and contains many Advaitic aspects which have been untouched and unexplored hitherto. The author has taken in careful and scholarly consideration on the concepts of Brahman, Isvara, Maya, Mukti, Abhasa, Avccheda, Pratibimba, Drsti, Srsti, Ethics, Rebirth, Hindu Religion and the philosophy of life etc.

The findings are based on the basic texts of Advaita-Vedanta and the arguments and the interpretations of the author. The views of modern scholars have also been incorporated and examined. The lucidity and simplicity of the style will make it accessible to all, it is hoped.

About the Author

Prof. Ram Murti Sharma is widely known as an authority on Advaita Vedanta. He obtained his Ph.D. degree on the doctrine of Maya of Sankara and D.Litt on the Advaita-Vedanta. He has published a number of books and research papers and has attended a number of seminars and conferences in India and abroad. He was the president of the philosophy and religion section of A.I.O.C in Santiniketan session, 1982. He has won four awards on his work and has delivered a series of lectures in Indian Universities.

Prof Sharma attended the International Sanskrit symposium at Mexico [1982] when he was deputed by the Government of India to partake in the 4th conference of I.A.B.S. at Oxford. He attended the 6th World Sanskrit Conference at Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania [U S A] as a member of the official delegation from the Government of India. The I.C.C.R. New Delhi deputed him to deliver a series of lectures at the SOrborn University,Paris. He has visited the Columbia Unversity, New York, Paris University, London University and Cambridge. The Asian Research Institute, Hong Kong has offered him fellowship in recognition of his work, academic standing and accomplishments in published works. The U G C has appointed him. National Lecturer and he has been offered visiting fellowship at the S.V. University, Tirupati.


Prof R M Sharma’s work is a welcome addition to the main literature on Advaita Vedanta. The exposition throughout is clear and provocating. Careful attention is given to such basic issues as Maya, Avidya, Khyati, Isvara and Mukti, and there are interesting comparisons of Vedanta philosophy with both Vijnanavada and Madhyamika Buddhist thought. The book will be specially useful to the scholars and the students of the field. The history of Vedanta philosophy is also treated and there are careful discussions of the differences between Abhasavada [Suresvara] Avacchedavada. [Vacaspati Misra] and Pratibimbavada [Padmapada]. The book "Some Aspects of Advaita Philosophy"l because of its clear and systematic presentation of the subtleties of Vedanta will be especially welcome to the scholars of Advaita Vedanta.


The present work is an embodiment of the treatment of some significant aspects of Advaita Philosophy, mainly which have been unexplored and untouched hitherto. It also includes some problems and discussions, which I had at conferences and symposia abroad, held at the University of Oxford, the National Autonomous University, Mexico and the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia [U S A] etc., as well as the conferences and seminars held in India, like the International Sanskrit Conference held at Varanasi in 1981. Among such problems, the Pratibhasika satta, themeaning and explanationof Drsti-Srstivada, the Vtti, the Jivanmukti and Avidya and some others have been taken in view. For example, scholars have generally been ascribing the Pratibhasika Satta toSamkaracarya, while Idoubt, if the advaitin has clearly referred to the term, "Pratibhasika Satta", in his works, anywhere. Critically, analysing the problem, the author finds that there is no scope and necessity of admitting the PRatibhasika Satta in Advaitic thought. For deriving such conclusions, the support of the traditional Acaryas, like Vimuktatman, the author of the Istasidhi, has been taken. Likewise, in thepost-Samkara concept of Drstisrsti, the meaning of Drsti, which has been understood perception, further requires a minute review. In this regard, it may be mentioned that generally our Indian and western scholars, have followed the line accepted by their predecessors and have not make an effort to rethink and reinterpret. As far as the present work is concerned, it is very difficult to claim the originality of the ideas incorporated therein. Originality also is a very complicated term. It is not only the finding of a seedlike thought, but also the fresh approach and interpretation as well as to shed new light on a subject, comes within the purview of originality. Regarding the present work, I can only say that I have tried to give a fresh look with my own interpretation to some vexed problems of Advaita Vedanta, which the Vedantic scholars have not been able to catch. The limitation of these problems on Samkaracarya’s Mayavada, for the first doctorate degree and later, at thetime of preparing the thesis on Advaita Vedanta: A Crotoca; and Comparative Study of its History and its tenets" for the degree of doctor of letters. I am happy that the two theses published later on have been well-received by the scholars of the field. I have also taken up some of the points and problems in my commentary, the Viveka, on the Vedantasara of Sadananda. But, as it was natural, in this commentary, I could not go beyond the spheres of the text and so there are merely some critical remarks on certain points and tenets like Vrtti and suspti. In the present work, such thoughts have been taken into account, in detail and doubts raised by scholars like Jacob, have been critically estimated and removed.

The present work, which has been divided into three parts, covers almost all the significant tenets and elements related to Advaita. The first part deals with various tenets and shades and the elements of the Samkarite Advaita and development. In the second part, the development of the post-Samkara Advaita has been treated. The philosophy of the Vaisnavites and the PRatyabhijna also has been viewed in this part. The third part contains the study of the Vedanta, as a practical philosophy of life and some other aspects like religion, ethics and rebirth.

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