The Soul's Journey to its Destiny

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Author: Swami Ashokananda
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788175051263
Pages: 312
Cover: Paperback
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Back of the Book:
In this series of eight lectures Swami Ashokananda traces the "descent" of the individual from his true divine status to his present condition and describes his "ascent" back of God. The Swami explains how the various aspects of man's relative existence can be instrumental in the realization of is perfect being, which, in fact, he has never lost. The series is, in short, an explanation of the involution and evolution of the soul. One finds in these lectures the Vedantic answers to many of the Big Questions that we have asked since we first started asking. Its provides not only an intellectual understanding of the soul's journey, but practical counsel on how to speed it along.


Publisher's Note

We are happy to present another book of the lectures of Swami Ashokananda. The previous book, Meditation, Ecstacy, and Illumination, which was first published by Advaita Ashrama in 1990, consisted of a collection of eight lectures that together constituted an overview of Vedanta-its history, its philosophical theories, and the various practices by which its goal might be attainted by the individual aspirant, whatever his or her particular path.
The present book comprises a series of eight lectures that was delivered by the Swami in San Francisco in 1953. The series explains in detail the Vedantic concept of the origin of a human being, his constitution, the causes behind his present state of existence, his development, and his ultimate fulfillment. So thorough an elucidation of the Vedantic view of the individual soul necessarily involves an explanation of Vedantic cosmology, philosophy, and practice. By the time, therefore, that one has studied this small book from cover to cover, one should have acquired a thorough acquaintance with many of the theoretical aspects of Vedanta and their practical application to everyday life.
The Swami's Lectures were given for the benefit of seasoned students of Vedanta as well as to introduce the newcomer to the philosophy and religion. Delivered extemporaneously, they are conversational in tone, and while they make the sometimes difficult philosophy of Vedanta readily understandable to the newcomer, at the same time they explore depths still unplumbed by the adept. Probably no spiritual seeker, whatever his or her state of advancement, is left unregarded or unbenefited

Swami Ashokananda is well known in the Ramakrishna Order as having been one of the outstanding editors of Prabuddha Bharata (1926-1930). From 1932 until his death in 1969 he was in charge of the Vedanta Society of Northern California.

We are thankful to the Vedanta Society of Northern California for editing these lectures and making them available to Advaita Ashrama for publication.



Publisher's Note   3
What Makes a Man   7
The Mysterious Ways of the Mind   52
Why We Are What We Are   96
The Soul's Journey to Its Destiny   136
The Birth and Death of the Ego ` 177
The Unconscious and the Superconscious   211
The Significance and Importance of the Conscious Mind   241
The Kundalini and the Awakening of Higher Consciousness   273

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