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Southern Spice

Southern Spice
Item Code: IDH504
Author: Chandra Padmanabhan
Publisher: Penguin Books
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 0143062298
Pages: 134
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.0" X 7.0"
From the Jacket

From the best-selling author of Dakshin comes a new book on South Indian cuisine containing a hundred authentic recipes from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Familiar dishes such as appam, dosai, vada and poriyal as well as more unusual ones such as verum arisi adai are featured alongside recipes for regional specialties including Maddhur Vadai and Palakkad Adai. Preparation time for each dish, including the time taken for fermentation, soaking, preparation and the actual cooking, is clearly mentioned so that you can plan your meal almost to the second!

About the Author

Chandra Padmanabhan, a graduate from Calcutta University, did her graduation in education at Delhi University. She is currently working as a director in a book publishing and distribution organization in Chennai.

Cooking has been the author's special hobby for over 35 years. She is the author of the best selling title Dakshin.


Acknowledgements viii
Introduction 1
Plain Rice 5
Samber Podi-I 7
Samber Podi-II 8
Chettinad Samber Podi 8
Rasam Podi 9
Kootu Podi 9
Poriyal Podi 10
Dosai Milagai Podi 10
Kerala Inji Pulli Ginger and Tamarind Curry-Kerala Style 11
Podi Sambar Sambar with Fresh ground Spices 12
Mambazha Kuzhambu Ripe Mango and Pigeon Pea Curry 13
Moru Sambar Curd Samber 14
Chettinad Murugaikkai Samber Drumstick SAmber Chettinad Style 15
Mangalore Hulli Gojju Tamarind Curry- Mangalore Style 16
Andhra Pulusu Tamarind Curry- Andhra Style 17
Matangya Eriserri Pumpkin Curry- Kerala Style 18
Chettinad Kara Kuzhambu Spicy Pumpkin Curry- Chettinad Style 19
Ennari Kathirikkai Kuzhambu Stuffed Aubergine Curry 21
Rasakalan Curd Curry with Ashgourd Palakkad Style 22
Morukalan Curd Curry Kerala Style 23
Majiga Pulusu Curd Curry with Ashgourd Andhra Style 25
Urulaikizhangu Moru Kuzhambu Patato and Curd Curry 26
Kholamba Spicy Pigeon Pea Curry- Mangalore Style 27
Ghashhi Chickpea Curry- Mangalore Style 28
Ambat Mixed Vegetable Curry- Mangalore Style 29
Thirunelveli Poritha Kuzhambu Mixed Vegetable Curry- Thirunelveli Style 31
Thakkali Soup Rasam Tomato Rasam 32
Jeera Rasam Cumin Seed Rasam 33
Pudina Rasam Mint Rasam 35
Vendaya Rasam Fenugreek Seed Rasam 36
Anasipazha Rasam Pineapple Rasam 37
Beetroot Rasam 38
Mangalore Saar Rasam – Mangalore Style 39
Vengaya Rasam Onion Rasam 40
Kathirikkai Rasam Aubergine Rasam 41
Vendaikkai Nuvala Podi Stir- fried Okra with Sesame Seeds 42
Kathirikkai Poriyal Curried Aubergines 43
Gutthi Vankay Stuffed Aubergines 44
Vaingan Bhaarth Mashed Aubergine 45
Muttokos Thoran Stir fried Cabbage with Coconut 47
Phodi Yam Chips 48
Chakravallikizhangu Poriyal Spicy Sweet Potatoes 48
Tengaipal Poritha Kootu Mixed Vegetable Stew with Coconut Mild 49
Urulaikizhangu Saagu Potato Stew with Coconut 51
Podipotta Kootu Quick Pigeon Pea and Vegetable Stew 52
Kairas Capsicum and Peanut Curry 55
Pakoda Kurma Dumpling Curry 56
Kudamilagai Thayir Pachadi Capsicum and Curd Salad 57
Sutta Kathirikkai Thayir Pachadi Roasted Aubergine and Curd Salad 58
Ellu Sadam Rice with Sesame Seeds 59
Vangi Bhat Rice with Aubergines 60
Avasara Pulliyogaray Quick Tamarind Rice 61
Kothamalli Sadam Coriander Rice 63
Vatral Kuzhambu Sadam Spicy Tamarind Rice 64
Kaikari Sadam Mixed Vegetable Rice 65
Kadamba Sadam Rice Medley 67
Sambar Sadam Samber Rice 68
Tuvaram Parupu Pongal Pigeon Pea Khichdi 70
Hyderabad Milagai Baji Chilli Fritters 71
Pesaru Punukulu Greean Bean Fritters 72
Avasara Vadai Coconut and Bengal Gram Patties 73
Kaikari Masala Vadai Mixed Vegetable Patties 74
Vengaya Pakoda Onion Fritters 75
Mundiri Parupu Pakoda Cashewnut Fritters 77
Vazhaippoo Vadai Plantain Flower Patties 78
Rava Bonda Fried Semolina Dumplings 79
Maddhur Vadai Semolina and Rice Patties 81
Mysore Masala Dosai Rice Pancakes 82
Rotti Dosai Bread Pancakes 83
Mangalore Dosai Rice pancakes 84
Surnoli Sweet Rice Pancakes 85
Payatham Parupu Dosai Green Bean Pancakes 86
Vendaya Keerai Adai Rice and Genugreek Leaf Pancakes 87
Malabar Adai Rice and Lentil pancakes 89
Avasara Adai Quick Semolina and Bengal Gram Pancakes 90
Verum Arisi Adai Lacy Rice Pancakes 91
Kuzhipaniaram Fried Rice Dumplings 93
Akki Roti Rice Roti 94
Appam Rice Pancakes 94
Paitham parupu Idli steamed Green Bean Dumplings 97
Masala Siyan Fried Rice and Black Bean Dumplings 98
Masala Idli Spicy Steamed Rice Dumplings 99
Varutha Masala Idli Spicy Cocktail Rice Dumplings 100
Rava Pongal Semolina and Green Bean Savoury 101
Moru Kalli Curd and Rice flour Savoury 102
Rotti Uppuma Savoury Bread Croutons with Mixed Vegetables 105
Arisi Uppuma Savoury Rice Snack 106
Semiya Uppuma Vermicelli Savoury with Mixed Vegetables 107
Carrot Payasam Carrot Dessert 109
Vazhaipazha Rava Kesari Banana and semolina Dessert with Saffron 110
Kerala Nei Payasam Rice and Ghee Dessert 111
Akaravadshal Rice and Green Bean Dessert 113
Vellam Paniaram Jaggery Dumplings 114
Therattupal Cardamom Flavoured Milk Sweet 115
Paal Polli Milk Panacakes 116
Paal Paniaram Coconut Milk Dumplings 117
Tengai Chutney Coconut Chutney 118
Thakkali Chutney Tomato Chutney 119
Pudina Kothamalli Chutney Mind and Coriander Chutney 121
Vatral Milagai Chutney Red Chilli Chutney 122
Tengai Thuvaiyal Brown Coconut Chutney 123
Verkadalai Chutney Peanut Chutney 124
Beetroot Thuvaiyal Beetroot Chutney 125
Kathirikkai Gojju Aubergine and Tamarind sauce 126
Urulaikizhangu Ishtoo Potato Stew 127
Alu Gadde Paliya Spicy Mashed Potatoes 128
Suggested Menus 129
Glossary 132

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