Spiritual Science of Sex-Element (Adhyatmik Kama Vigyan)

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Author: Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya
Publisher: Yug Nirman Yojna Press Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura
Language: English
Edition: 2011
Pages: 96
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

Man’s quest for the origin of the universe and emergence of life has been at the root of scientific investigations of all ages. Modern science has taken significance Strides in its research from atom to level of sub atomic and smaller particles and it now hypothesizes that the universes has been created by sparks of cosmic energy. The spiritual science begins its search from still subtler form of eternal energy and considers the existence and affirms that the universe has originated from the coupling of Prakriti ( the omnipresent cosmic energy) and Purusha (the ultimate form of Spirit). These vital powers are also described in the ancient Indian scriptures as Rayi and Prana, Shakti and Shiva or soma and Agni. Their complementary roles can easily be discerned in their physical manifestations in their physical manifestations as positive and negative electrical charge whose combination gives rise to the flow of electrical current.

The holy Upnishads describe that the eternally perpetual cycle of combination and separation of Prakriti and Purusha result in the creation of Para (Physical energy) and apara (consciousness manifested in thoughts and sentiments) forms of the Universe, the spontaneity and periodicity of the natural movements (e.g. the oscillations of electrons in their orbits or the Planetary motions) existing in the physical worlds are physical manifestations of this process. The subtle existence of the vital energy of a female in the root cause of the creation of life by a suitable combination of the two sexes.

The omniscient Omnipresent and almighty power, which transcends the division of soul realty as spirit and matter, manifest itself in three basic forms (trimurti): Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the creator, the Preserver and the destroyer. The Prana aspect of these powers are called by above names and their corresponding Prakriti aspects are known respectively as savitri, Lakshmi and kali. These forms are described in the Puranas as respective male gods and their female consorts (goddesess) to emphasize the importance of the inherent complementary roles of the two sexes existing in different form of life.

The subtle vibrations created by the cycle of collision, combination and separation of the opposite forces of purusha and Prakriti manifest themselves in every movement of the nature. The constant pumping of the heart along with rhythmic respiration and corresponding compression and expansion of veins, arteries and muscles in a living body; the occurrence of high and low tides in a oceans; motion of planets etc. are a few gross examples of the limitless manifestation of these perpetual vibration.

1.1 Role of sex in Human Society

Man and woman coming together as life mates form a family and contribute to the growth of the human species. The union of man and woman as husband and wife is essential informing a healthy, happy and harmonies society and for perpetuation of the race ( leaving aside the rare exceptions, who would not do so owing to some compulsions or with determined efforts of self restrain to fulfill some extra ordinary purpose.

Apart from the obvious effects of the physical contact based combination, the complementary of the Purusha and Prakriti existing in the opposite sexes contribute at psychological and social level for the healthy growth and multifaceted development of the society. The psychological inter dependence of the husband and wife or the sacred affection between brother etc. are obvious example of various relationships between the two sexes.

The psychological principles as propounded by Dr. Freud, consider the mutual linkage (kama) between the two sexes as essential for the between the two sexes as essential for the natural development of the human life. His theories have a grain of truth if analyzed scientifically at the level of vital energies of Purusha and prakriti. However, a narrow interpretation of Freud’s words in term of carnal desire would either lead to sexual anarchy or to an outright falsity of his theory.

The necessity of enlightened discipline control in human life should be obvious to any balanced and thoughtful mind. Ironically, a large number of people today are indulging in unbridled sensual pleasures. The laws of nature demand that for a normal and healthy functioning, every organ of the body should be used with care and within limits; the genitals are no exception. Sensual pleasure would be useful for a couple only if practiced in a controlled manner. It should be noted that such a control cannot be achieved by a forced physical separation or equivalent compulsion without an appropriate training of the mind, because mental erotic anarchy is worse than the physical one.




1. Some Spiritual Aspects of Sex 5
2. Eternal Impuse of Bliss and Mutual comminging in the Cosmos 12
3. Co-operative Interactions between the Two Sexes 27
4. importannt Linkage Between Feminine And Masculin Powers 35
5. Sublimation of sex Energy and Self Awakening 43
6. The Genesis of Love and Desire 53
8. Attainment of eternal Bliss 61
8. Attainment-I Attainment of eternal Bliss 63
9. Appendix-II Experts from Ancient Sricptures on Kundalini 83
10. Yug Nirman Mission's Sacred Pledge for Ushering in the New Era (Yug Nirman satsabjakoa) 90
11. Shantikunj-Making of a New Era 93
12. Last Message 95

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