Sri Govinda Lilamrta: The Eternal Nectarean Pastimes of Sri Govinda ( (With Transliteration and Translation))

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Author: Srila Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami & Translated By: Advaita dasa
Language: (With Transliteration and Translation)
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8187812052
Pages: 578
Cover: Hardcover
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yat pitam srutivan manobhir anisam
trsnapradam tvadbhutam
samsaramaya haryapi prana
yajonmadandhya mohadikrt
sasvac carvitam eva bhuri
rasadam dehadi hrt pustidam
taj jiyad amrta sprha haram
iddam govinda lilamrtam

All glories to Sri Govinda-lilamrta, the immortal nectar pastimes of Sri Govinda, that defeats the nectar of the demigods, or the desire for liberation, constantly bestow a wonderful thirst to the ears, words and mind whenever it is drunk, that cures the disease of material life, yet produces delusions and blindness of loving intoxication, and gives inexhaustible relish, even if it is consumed again and again, nourishing even the body.




Chapter One: Nisanta Lila (Pastimes At Daybreak) 7
Chapter Two: Pratah Lila (Morning Pastimes) 35
Sri Radhika is dressed and ornamented and is called by Mother
Yasoda to cook for Krsna
Chapter Three: Sri Radha cooks for Krsna and Krsna  
milks His cows and takes His bath 59
Chapter Four: Krsna Takes His Meal and departs for  
the gostha 81
Chapter Five: Purvahna lila (Forenoon pastimes) 97
Sri Radhika returns home while Krsna plays with His Friends in
the Gostha
Chapter Six: Sri Krsna's gostha vihara (Cow herding  
Pastimes) 117
Chapter Seven: Description of Sri Radhakunda 135
Chapter Eight: Madhyahna lila (Midday-pastimes) 159
purva raga. Radha and Krsna's Mutual Longing and Their
Meeting At Radhakunda.
Chapter Nine: Quarrels Over Flowers 189
Chapter Ten: The Theft Of Krsna's Flute 215
Chapter Eleven: The Sakhis Glorify Sri Radhika's Tip-  
To-Toe Beauty 245
Chapter Twelve: Vrnda Glorifies The Beauty Of the  
Forest in Six Seasons 285
Chapter Thirteen: Quarrels Of The Parrots, description of  
the Six Seasons 311
Chapter Fourteen: Prema vaicittya, Holi, Swing, Drinking  
Honey wine 337
Chapter Fifteen: The Amorous union of the Divine  
Couple, Watersports 363
Chapter Sixteen: The Parrots Praise Krsna's Tip-To-Toe  
Beauty 395
Chapter Seventeen: The Parrots Use Poetic Ornaments 425
Chapter Eighteen: Surya-puja, A Game of Dice 445
Chapter Nineteen: Aparahna lila (Afternoon Pastimes).  
Radha and Krsna return home 465
Chapter Twenty: Sayahna lila (Evening Pastimes)  
Sri Radhika sends a meal to Krsna and eats His remnants.  
Krsna bathes, eats and milks His cows 489
Chapter Twenty-one: Pradosa-lila (Pastimes At Nightfall). 505
Radha and Krsna Rush Out To Meet Each Other, Description of the Yoga-pitha.  
Chapter Twenty-Two: Nakta lila (Nocturnal Pastimes)  
Rambling on the bank of the Yamuna and Dancing the Rasa 533
Chapter Twenty-three: Rasa-lila and Final Rest 555
Glossary 577
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