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Sri Mahalaksmi Rathna Kosa Part-1 (An Old and Rare Book)

We are pleased to publish another rare as well as a highly valuable manuscript on Mantra Sastra by name Sri Mahalakshmi Ratna Kosha sup No. 21 B. No. 6703 It is one of the Tantric Texts which indicate in different ways the expansion of knowledge towards self realisation.

In Order to realise supreme bliss Tantric Texts prescribe a triangle Manthra Yantra and Tantra.

In short Mantras are the sound symbols, Yantras are the mystical diagrams. Tantras are the rituals (completive disciplines) The 1st part of Sri Mahalakshmi Ratna Kosha which comes out for the first time describes Sri Vidya cult in an entirely different way and gives importance to the worship of Mahalakshmi. I hope it will be very useful to all sections of worshippers. The 2nd part of the above manuscript will be published shortly.

Our thanks are due to Sri S. Krishnamurthi Sastri who edited already three rare manuscripts on Mantra Sastras in the library, for his earnest service in bringing out this valuable manuscript and giving us a scholarly introduction in Tamil and Sanskrit.

We are thankful to the Government of India for their Sanatorium Press, Pudukkottai for their neat execution of printing.

Book's Contents and Sample Pages

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