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Srimad Devibhagavata Puranam (Sanskrit Text with English Translation in Two Volumes)

Srimad Devibhagavata Puranam (Sanskrit Text with English Translation in Two Volumes)
Item Code: IDI632
Author: Rai Bahadur Srischandra
Publisher: Eastern Book Linkers
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8178540975
Pages: 1543
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.6"X 7.2
From the Jacket

Some hold that Bhagavata is a Maha Purana and Devi Bhagavata is an Up-purana. While others think vise versa. Similar is the case with the Vayu Purana and the Siva Purana. We are not indulging ourselves in this discussion and only say that though the number is said to be eighteen but there are twenty books (Puranas) which come under the title of Mahapuranas.

This question has been a bone of contention between the Vaisnavas and the Saktas during the last few centuries. So many references are cited in support of both the works by the scholars. Siva Purana cites a verse in support of Devi Bhagavatam. Bhavisya Purana is also of the opinion that Devi Bhagavata is to be included in the great 18 Puranas and not the Bhagavata.

The Devi Bhagavata, though praises Devi as the highest deity, the study of this Purana reveals that at the time of its composition the most prominent deities were, Visnu, Siva, Ganesa and Devi. The devotees were also called as Vaisnavas, Saivas, Ganapatyas and Saktas respectively. Though almost all these sectaries imbibed Sakta ideas, more or less, some of them followed the Vedic path but the majority was guided by the Tantras and Agamas. Thus the author of the Devi Bhagavata advocates the unity of all the gods, saying that all these gods are one and the same in reality. This Purana, as its name indicates, deals with the praise of Devi as the highest deity and the energy of all gods and others.

Thus a brief description of its contents shows that Devi Bhagavata Purana may definitely be called as Sakta Purana. It conceives of a central Goddess called Devi Sri Bhuvanesvari. She has been described a beautiful, four-handed, resident of manidvipa and is a Saumya Goddess. Like Vedanta this Purana describes her as Nirguna and identifies her with Parabrahma. She is Mula Prakrti and divides herself into Purusa and Prakrti. She is Mahamaya and creates Visnu, Siva and Brahma out of herself and enables them to perform their respective duties. She is the mother of whole universe and the Sakti of all. This Purana lays special stress on Bhakti as a means of realizing Devi and considers Jnana to be the same as Bhakti, in its highest state.

Although a Sakta work, the Devi Bhagavata holds the Vedas in high esteem and tries its best to establish their authority among the people. It regards 'Sruti, Smrti and Puranas' as sources of Dharma and looks upon the first as the highest authority. Similarly the Tantra have also been praised. Tantric Bijas and Mantras of different deities have been prescribed. It is said that every Dvija doing Gayatri japa is called Sakta according to this Purana.

In Devi Bhagavata purana we find the benign aspect of the goddess is praised always helping the devotees and the poor, helpless fellows and punishing the wicked ones. Her form is described as world renowned benign form granting grace and benefit to all and even giving Mukti to all the people. Thus this Purana is rightly called the epitome of Saktism and respected very much by the Saktas. This Purana gives respect to each and every deity, the supreme position but he gives Devi, the life and energy of all. It is very important for synthesizing the various sects and philosophies of India. May the goddess Sri-bhuvanesvari bless us for the upliftment of mankind especially the poor ones.

The Book-I1
1 On the question by Saunaka and other Rsis 1
2On the question by Saunaka and other Rsis3
3On praising the Puranas and on each Vyasa of every Dvapara Yuga6
4On the excellency of the Devi10
5On the narrative of Hayagriva15
6On the preparation for war by Madhu Kaitabha23
7On the praise of the Devi26
8On deciding who is to be worshipped31
9On the killing of Madhu Kaitabha35
10On Siva's granting boonsX41
11On the birth of Pururava43
12On the birth of Pururava50
13On Urvasi and Pururava54
14On the birth of Suka. Devi. And on the duties of householders55
15On the dispsion of Suka and the instructions of Bhagavati to Hari62
16On Suka's desiring to go to Mithila to see Janaka67
17On Suka's self-control72
18On Janaka's instructions to Suka Deva78
19On Suka's marriage82
20On Vyasa doing his duties87
The Book-II93
1On the birth of Matsyagandha93
2On the birth of Vyasa Deva96
3On the curse on the river Ganga100
4On the birth of the Vasus104
5On the marriage of Satyavati109
6On the birth of the Pandavas114
7On shewing the departed ones119
8On the extinction of the family of Yadu and on the anecdote of Pariksit124
9On the Account of Kuru127
10On the death of Pariksit131
11On the Sarpa Yajna136
12On the birth of Astika141
The Book-III146
1On the questions put by Janamejaya146
2On Rudras going towards the heavens on the celestial car149
3On seeing the Devi152
4On the hymns to the Devi157
5On chanting hymns by Hara and Brahma161
6On the powers of the Devi166
7On creation173
8On Gunas177
9On the characteristics of the Gunas181
10On the anecdote of Satyavrata185
11On the Devi in the anecdote of Satyavrata190
12On the Amba Yajna194
13On the Devi Yajna201
14On the glories of the Devi205
15On the fight between Yudhajit and Virasena209
16On Yudhajit's going to the hermitage of Bharadvaja 213
17On the story of Visvamitra217
18On Svayamvara of the daughter of the king of Banaras222
19On the marriage226
20On the Svayamvara Hall230
21On the king of Benares fulfilling the advice of his daug hter235
22On Sudarsana's marriage240
23On killing the enemy of Sudarsana245
24On the installation of Durga Devi in Banaras249
25On the installation of the Devi in Ayodhya and Banaras253
26On the Navaratri257
27On worshipping the virgins261
28On incidents connected with Navaratri266
29On the stealing of Sita271
30On Rama's performing the Navaratra ceremony275
The Book-IV281
1On the questions put by Janamejaya regarding Krsna's incarnation281
2On the supremacy of the effects of Karma284
3On the previous curse of Vasudeva289
4On Adharma293
5On the dialogues of Nara Narayana297
6On the origin of Urvasi300
7On Ahamkara305
8On going to the Tirthas309
9On the fight between the Rsis and Prahlada312
10On the curse on Visnu by Bhrgu316
11On Sukra's going to Mahadeva to get the Mantra320
12On Bhrgu's curse and the dialogue between. Sukracarya and Daityas324
13On cheating the Daityas328
14On the Daitya's getting back their Sukracarya332
15On the truce between the Daityas and the Devas336
16On the birth of the several Avataras of Visnu342
17On the questions asked by Janamejaya344
18On the Devi Earth's going to the Heavens348
19On chanting the humus to the Devi353
20On Devaki's marriage357
21On the killing of the sons of Devaki363
22On the part incarnations of the several Devas367
23On the birth of Sri Krsna371
24On the stealing away of Pradyumna375
25On the Devi's Highest Supremacy380
The Book-V387
1On the Superiority of Rudm over Visnu387
2On the Birth of the Danava Mahisa391
3On the Daitya armies getting ready395
4On the war counsels given by Indra398
5On the defeat of the Danava forces of Mahisa402
6On the Deva Damava fight406
7On the going of the Devas to Kailasa410
8On the description of the origin and the Form of the Devi414
9On the worship by the gods to the Devi420
10On the messenger's news to Mahisa425
11On Tamras fighting. With the Devi429
12On the cabinet held by Mahisa434
13On the killing of Vaskala and Durmukha439
14On the killing of Tamra and Ciksura443
15On the slaying of Vidalaksa and Asiloma447
16On the conversation between the Devi and Mahisa451
17On Mandodari's accounts457
18On the killing of Mahisa460
19On the hymns to the Devi465
20On the peace of the world470
21On the conquest of the Heavens by Sumbha and Nisumbha474
22On praising the Devi478
23On the prowess of Kausiki483
24On Dhumralocana 488
25On Dhumralocana killed492
26On Canda Munda killed496
27On the fight of Raktabija501
28On the Devi's fighting505
29On the killing of Raktabija509
30On the killing of Nisumbha514
31On the death of Sumbha518
32On the king Suratha's going to the forest523
33On the greatness of the Devi527
34On the worship of the Devi532
35On the King Suratha's getting the boons and on the Vaisya Samadhi536
The Book-VI541
1On Trisira's austelities541
2On the birth of Vrtrasura545
3On the Deva defeat and on Vrtra's tapasya549
4On the defeat of the Devas by Vrtra554
5On praising the Devi558
6On Vrtrasura slain564
7On Indra's disguise in the Manas Lake568
8On Saci's praising the Devi 573
9On Indra's getting the fruits of Brahmahatya and on the downfall of the king Nahusa578
10On the phase of Karma583
11On the Dharma586
12On the war between Adi and Baka591
13On the above fight596
14On the birth of Vasistha from Mitra Varuna600
15On Nimi's getting another body and on the Haihayas605
16On the Haihaya and the Bhargavas610
17On the continuance of Bhrgu's family614
18On the origin of the Haihyas619
19On the Haihayas born of a mare623
20On the son born of mare by Hari627
21On the conquest Ekavira 632
22On stealing away Ekavali636
23On the war between Haihaya and Kalaketu641
24On Viksepa Sakti646
25On the cause of Moha of Vyasa650
26On Narada's Moha653
27On Narada's marriage658
28On Narada, a woman662
29On Narada again a man666
30On the glory of Maha Maya671
31On Maha Maya675
The Book-VII681
1On the Solar and Lunar Kings681
2On the piercing of the eyes of Cyavana Muni683
3The King Saryati giving his daughter in marriage to Cyavana Muni688
4On Sukanya and the Asvin's693
5On Cyavana's getting his youth697
6On the Asvias getting the right to drink Soma701
7On the Asvins drinking the Soma Cup706
8On the King Revata and the Solar Dynasty709
9On the story of Kakutstha and on Mandhata713
10On Satyavrata718
11On Trisanku722
12On Vasistha's curse on Trisanku725
13Visvamitra helping Trisanku730
14On Trisanku's going to the Heavens734
15On the King Hariscandra738
16On Sunahsepha742
17On Sunahsepha freed and Hariscandra cured747
18On the quarrel between Hariscandra and Visvamitra751
19On Hariscandra's Kingdom taken755
20On Hariscandra paying his Daksina759
21On the sorrows of Hariscandra763
22On selling Hariscandra's wife765
23On Hariscandra as a slave of the Candala769
24On Hariscandra in the burning Ghat of Kasi772
25On the quarrels between Hariscandra and Visvamitra774
26On the sorrows of Hariscandra780
27On Hariscandra's going to the Heavens786
28On the glory of Sataksi Devi795
29On the Devi's birth in the Daksa's house795
30On the birth of Gauri and Siva's distruction799
31On the birth of Parvati806
32On Self Realisation spoken by the Devi812
33On the Devis' Virat Rupa816
34On the Final Emancipation820
35On the Yoga and Mantra Siddhi824
36On the knowledge of Brahman829
37On Bhakti833
38On the vows and the sacred places of the Devi836
39On the worship of the Devi840
40On the outer worship of the Devi843
The Book-VIII847
1On the description of the worlds847
2On the Earth raised by the Boar851
3On Manu's family853
4On the family of Priyavrata855
5On mountains and rivers557
6On the rivers and mountains559
7On the Ganges and the Varsas562
8On Ilavsta864
9On the divisions of the continent867
10On Bhuvanakosa870
11On the continents and Bharatavarsa873
12On the Dvipas876
13On the Dvipas879
14On the Lokaloka881
15On the motion of the Sun883
16On the motion of the Planets886
17On the Dhruva Mandalam889
18On the Rahu891
19On the nether regions893
20On the narrative of Talatala896
21On the narrative of hells898
22On the sins900
23On the remaining hells904
24 On the Devi Puja 906
The Book-IX911
1On the description of Prakrti911
2On the origin of Prakrti and Purusa924
3On the origin of Brahma, Visnu Mahesa and others930
4On the hymn, worship and Kavaca of Sarasvati 935
5On Sarasvati Stotra941
6On the coming in this world of Laksmi, Ganga and Sarasvati943
7On the curses on Ganga, Sarasvati and Laksmi948
8On the greatness of Kali952
9On the origin of the Sakti of the Earth959
10On the offences caused to the Earth anld punishments thereof964
11On the origin of the Ganga966
12On the origin of the Ganga971
13On the anecdote of the Ganga975
14On Ganga, as the wife of Narayana986
15On the anecdote of Tulasi987
16On the incarnation of Maha Laksmi in the house of Kusadhvaja991
17On the anecdote of Tulasi995
18On the union of Sankhacuda with Tulasi999
19On the going of the Devas to Vaikuntha after Tulasi marriage with Sankhachuda1005
20On the war preparations of Sankhachuda1011
21On the war between Maha Deva and Sankhachuda1016
22On the fight between the Devas and Sankhachuda1022
23On the killing of Sankbachuda1027
24On the glory of Tulasi1029
25On the worship of Tulasi1036
26On Sarvitri1039
27On the birth, etc., of Savitri1045
28On Savitri1046
29On Savitri, on gifts, and on Karmas1049
30On the conversation between Savitri and Yama1053
31On Yama's giving the Sakti Mantra to Savitri1062
32On Various hells1064
33On the destinies of the sinners1065
34On various hells1073
35On various hells1079
36On having no fear of Yama of those who are the Pancopasakas1083
37 On the Eighty-Six Kunda 1086
38On the glories of the Devi1094
39On Maha Laksmi1100
40On the birth of Laksmi1103
41On the churning of the ocean1109
42On the stotram of Maha Laksmi1114
43On Svaha1119
44On Svadha1123
45On Daksina 1126
46Ou Sasthi Devi1133
47On Manglachandi1138
48On Manasa1141
49On Surabhi1151
50On the glory of Sakti Notes on Sakti and the Saktas1153
The Book-X1161
1On Svayambhuva Manu 1161
2On the conversation between Narada and the Bindhya Mountain1163
3On Vindhya's obstructing the Sun's Course in the Heavens1165
4On the Deva's going to Maha Deva1167
5On the Devas' going to Visnu1168
6On the Devas praying to the Muni Agastya1170
7On the checking of the rise of the Vindhya1172
8On the Origin of Manu1174
9On the anecdote of Caksusa Manu1176
10On the history of the king Suratha1178
11On Madhu Kaitabha killed1180
12On Savarni Manu1182
13On Bhramari Devi1188
The Book-XI1197
1On the Morning Duties1197
2On cleaning the body1202
3On the glories of the Rudraksa beads1205
4On the greatness of the Rudraksam1208
5On the Rudraksam rosaries1211
6On the greatness of Rudraksam1213
7On the different numbers of facets of Rudraksams1217
8On Bhuta Suddhi1220
9On the rules of Sirovrata1222
10On Gauna Bhasma1225
11On the three kinds of Bhasmas1227
12On bolding the Tripundrams1229
13On the greatness of Bhasma1232
14On holding the Bibhuti1235
15On using the Tripundrand Urdhvapundra1239
16On the Sandhya Upasana1246
17On the Sandhya and other daily practices1254
18On the greatness to the Devi Puja1258
19On the mid-day Sandhya1263
20On the Brahma Yajna, Sandhyas, etc.1265
21On the Gayatri Purascarnam1268
22On the Vaisavadeva1273
23On the Tapta Kcchra Vrata1276
24On Sadacara1281
The Book-XII1289
1On the description of the Gayatri1289
2On the descripti on of the saktis of the Gayatri1291
3On the Gayatri Kavacam1292
4On the Gayatri Hrdayarm1294
5On the Gayatri Stotram1296
6On the one thousand and eight names of Gayatri1298
7On the Diksa vidhi (Initiation)1308
8On the appearance of the Highest Sakti1318
9On the cause of Faith in the other Devas than the Devi Gayatri1325
10On the description of the Mani Dvipi1331
11On the enclosure walls of the Mani Dvipa1338
12On the description of the Mani Dvipa1345
13On Janamejaya's Devi Yajna 1349
14On the fruits of hearing, etc., this Puranam1352

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