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Star Sikh Baby Names (English-Punjab-Roman)

Star Sikh Baby Names (English-Punjab-Roman)
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Item Code: NAD604
Author: Manjit Kaur Dumpy
Publisher: Star Publications Ptv. Ltd.
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 9788186264041
Pages: 76
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.0 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 256 gms
About the Book

This glossary of names has been especially prepared for the Sikh-children, but non-Sikh parents can also benefit from it, because of the common roots of the words which have been compiled here.

Most of the nadie f the people of Indian born religions come from Sanskrit origin, but they take somewhat differ shapes and Pronunciations in different regions. Each region and community in a vast country like India has its own peculiar accent and habits in pronouncing words, which are otherwise common in many languages. A Bengali would always say Bidhan’ instead of ‘Vidhan’ as pronounced in Sanskrit or Sanskrit’s Hindi.

Purijai language has its very close relationship with Sanskrii, but it has mostly adopted ‘Prakrit’ pronunciation instead of ‘Sanskrit’. Therefore ‘Virendra .‘ is always pronounced as Virender Similarly ‘Rajendra’ becomes ‘Rajinder’, ‘Prabhu’ becomes ‘Prabh’, ‘Bhanu’is pronounced as ‘Bhan’ etc. While preparing this glossary, the Punjabi accent has been kept in mind.

In Sikh names there is hardly any difference in male or female names. The difference appears only when suffix S(gh (fq.r males) and ‘Kaur’ (for females) is added with the first name. But in some Sikh fami1ie how, there is a trend of using only first name like Aparia, Anita, Nilima, and then is added suffix Kaur, (Aparna Kaur), ‘Singh’ (Anita Singh) or caste/ surnam (like Nilima Kohli,). In many cases by adding to I name it becomes female name; as Amit-Amita. Susheel-Susheela, Saral-Sarla etc.

I have tried to make this glossary as compare pensive as possible. Any suggestions, however, in this regard will be most welcome.

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