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Stories as Told by Swami Ramdas

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Stories as Told by Swami Ramdas
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Author: Swami Ramdas
Publisher: Anandashram Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2013
Pages: 208
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.2 kg
About the Author

After receiving initiation of the Ram Mantra from his father, Swami Ramdas, who was then known as Vittal Rao, renounced the worldly life in 1922 and wandered as a mendicant Sadhu all over India and in the Himalayas, in a frenzy of God-intoxication, with the holy and all-powerful Ram Mantra ever on his tongue and with God as his only refuge and guide. His was the completest surrender to the Will of God.

Many years of wandering life brought him finally back to South Kanara. Having attained spiritual liberation and God-vision, he started his mission to guide and serve mankind in order to awaken it to the awareness of God. He founded an Ashram - named Anadashram -near Kanhangad, North Kerala, which is fostered by love and care by Mother Krishnabai, his foremost disciple and a Self - realised Soul.

Swami Ramdas' writings come from the depth of Reality and therfore go straight to the heart. In 1954, he and Mother Krishnabai went on a world tour and hundreds of their devotees, friends, and admirers, who had loved and venerated them from a distance, had a chance to come into close contact with them. Since the last EIGHT decades Anandashram has been a powerful spiritual beacon, and thousands have been constantly visiting it, carrying home with them the torch of Light, Love and Service lit at the feet of the great Master.

Swami Ramdas attained Mahanirvana in July 1963


The book contains 108 stories. Many of the stories were either heard or read by Ramdas on various occasions. The reader will find in the book also stories told by Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramona Maharshi and other saints of India and abroad. The collection is by no means exhaustive. But the stories presented here will no doubt prove to be a source of instruction and enlightenment to the spiritual aspirant.

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