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Stories of Indian Saints: Translation of Mahipati's Marathi

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Item Code: IDE418
Author: Trans. By. Justin E. Abbott & N.R. Godbole
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 9788120804692
Pages: 1006
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 7.5" X 5.3"

From the Jacket:

The Present book is an English translation of Mahipati's Marathi poem Bhakta-Vijaya which records the legends of Indian saints, irrespective of their difference in caste, community, creed, language and place of origin.

Thus we have the record of different saints - Jayadeva, Jnanadeva, Namadeva, Ramananda, Tulasidasa, Kabir, Suradasa, Narsi Mehta and Guru Nanakadeva. A lot of information is available on Ekanath - the greatest scholar-philosopher-saint-poet-cum-social reformer and the towering personalities Tukaram and Ramadasa. 'It also records the miraculous and fascinating legends of several saints, how they spread the Bhakti cult, how they spread the Bhakti cult, how they struggled against discrimination between man and man and how they tried to uproot the malpractices which prevailed in the name of Religion in those days.

Extracts from Reviews:

"Bhaktavijaya is a classic dealing mainly with the Maharashtra saints and also of a few others belonging to North India like Jayadeva and Kabir.
In this weighty volume two parts are contained with Appendices of words, names and index for ready reference. Libraries need such volumes for people to understand the varied cultures of our land." - K. Chandrasekharan, Triveni, July-Sep. 1986.

"It is one of the most fascinating of religious story-books. It is said to be a translation of forty thousand line of beautiful Marathi Poetry." - Nirbhai Singh, The Journal of Religious Studies, Vol. XII, No. 1, Spring, 1984.





  Foreword: By J.F. Edwarda ix
  Chief Author's Preface: By Dr. J.E. Abbott xxii
  Pandit's Preface: By Pandit N.R. Godbole xxv
  Introduction: Mahipati The Biographer of the Poet Saints xxvii
  Introduction: Mahipati - A General Survey By Dr. G.V. Tagore xxxiii
1. Invocation 1
2. Jayadev 11
3. Life of Tulsidas 31
4. Life of Namdev 57
5. Kabir's Biography 78
6. Kabir and His Son Kamal 92
7. Kabir Chooses Ramanand As His Guru 109
8. Dnyandev and His Grandparents 123
9. Lif eof Dnyandev (continued) 140
10. Life of Dnyandev (continued) 158
11. Namdev, Kabir and Dnyandev (continued) 177
12. Namdev and Dnyandev (continued) 187
13. Namdev's Pilgrimage Ends 204
14. Namdv's Life (continued) 222
15. Namdev's Life (continued) 242
16. Kurmadas the Cripple 260
17. Raka and Gora the Potters 278
18. Life of Namdev (continued) 295
19. Jagamitra Naga: God Protects His Own 311
20. Joga Paramanand, Narahari the Goldsmith and Namdev 320
21. Namdev and Janabai 338
22. Matsyendranath, Gorakhnath and Changdev 358
23. Chokhamela, Namdev, Jiva and Tatva 377
24. Padmanabh and Kabir 390
25. Rohidas the Shoemaker 401
26. King Pipaji of Gademandal 406
27. Narsi Meheta 415
28. Marriage of Narsi Meheta's Son 429
29. Narsi Meheta's Cheque In God's Name 443
30. Maturity Ceremony of Narsi's Daughter 457
  Appendix: 103 Extra Verses 465
  Index 490


31. Ramdas of Dakur 1
32. Kalyan and Niradhar the Celibate 7
33. Surdas The Blind Saint 15
34. Sena the Barber 22
35. King Satvik and Karmabai 29
36. Janajasvant and Surdas Madanmohan 38
37. Rasik Murar 52
38. Mirabai 66
39. Kanhopatra 78
40. Damajipant of Mangalvedhe 85
41. Mrityunjaya Swami 100
42. Bhanudas 109
43. Bhanudas (Continued) 122
44. The Story of Bahirambhat 145
45. Eknath 154
46. Eknath and Shri Khandya the Brahmin 172
47. Ramdas of Jamb 189
48. Tukaram 201
49. Tukaram (Continued) 218
50. Tukaram (Continued) 235
51. Tukaram and Nimbaraj 252
52. Tukaram and Dev of Chinchyad 279
53. Mankoji Bodhla The Patil of Dhamangaon 295
54. Mankoji Bodhla and Hansi the Handmaid 313
55. Ganesh nath, Keshav Swami, Gomai, and Latibsha 331
56. Santoba Pawar; Niloba; Uddhava Chidghan 348
57. Visoba Saraf 367
58. (Continued) Summary of the Bhaktavijaya 376
I. Notes on Pauranic Names in the Bhaktavijaya 389
II. Pauranic Narratives Referred to in the Bhaktavijaya 422
III. Words with Numerical Significance Used in the Bhaktavijaya 434
IV. Epithets of Vishnu Found in the Bhaktavijaya 450
V. Poetic Fancies Used in the Bhaktavijaya 456
Index 457

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