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Item Code: NAV602
Author: Jitendra Vyas
Publisher: Pratibha Prakashan
Language: Sanskrit Text With English Translation
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788177024548
Pages: 131
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.21 kg
About The Author

Dr. Pt. Jitendra Vyas had written & edited 10 books exploring different sections of Astrology. Author has been doing research in this subject since 20 years. Dr. Vyas has presented his researches (150 Research Papers and Research Articles) in many international conferences worldwide which had been published in many famous research journals and National Newspapers. He is an International Blogger (written 130 blogs) and has served as a columnist in many newspapers since many years. He has done an astonishing research in Global Disaster, Manuscripts, Predictive Astrology, Shares Markets, Numerology, Commercial & Environmental Vastu, Yantra, Karm-Kand, Palmistry and Medical Astrology; for his work he has received many prestigious awards among which he has received the biggest honour by Rajasthan Sanskrit Academy, Jaipur. He is also presently serving as a Faculty ofAstrology in the Department of Sanskrit, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur.


It is well-known that the Vedang Jyotisha (Astrology) is held in high esteem in India. No activity in India be social, political, religious would be performed without consulting Jyotis acharya. Veracity of Jyotisha has been severally tested by the cient sages with their experience and penance of several centuries. This remarkable science in which most of the men all over the world implicit faith, has been handed down in India from time immemorial. In India, the Vedas which are the oldest records of human civilization contain innumerable references to Nakshatras, Seasons, Years, Months, the Sun, the Moon etc. Generally this science lyotisha" is classified into three catetgories viz., Hora, Siddhant and Samhita. There are number of classical texts available in India in all these branches of Jyotisha. In Indian culture the place of women is held in high esteem. It is firmly believed that the support of the woman is crucial in the success of the man. Hence much importance is given to the qualities of a woman. The natal chart (the Horoscope) is being intensively studied before the marriage. Though the results of the planetary combinations at the birth are the same irrespective that of a man or woman, there was some difference found in respect of woman in some cases. Therefore a separate chapter "Strijatakam" could be found in all classical Jyotisha texts where the results of different planetary combinations are elaborately discussed basing on the time of the birth of the woman. It is very glad that Guru Dr. Jitendra Vyas, the blogger, Columnist, the author/editor of more than ten Jyotisha manuscripts/books in such a young age and a renowned practicing astrologer has translated/edited the text "Strijatakam" to English. it is well-known that brevity of a vast subject reflects the scholarship of an author. It is no doubt that this English translation reveals the head and the heart of the original Sanskrit text.

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