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Sufism is not Islam: A Comparative Study

Sufism is not Islam: A Comparative Study
Item Code: IDE944
Author: Shahid A. Chaudhary
Publisher: Regency Publications
Language: English
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8186030352
Pages: 278
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.75" X 5.75"
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From the Jacket :

Islam and Sufism are different from each other is evident from the fact that ever since the Sufis came in contact with the Muslims they have been waging a war against Islam. For instance, Afifuddin al-Tilimsani explicitly said that the whole Quran is polytheism. And the great Persian Sufi, Abu Sa'id Ibn Abil-Khayr declared:

    "Not until every mosque beneath the sun
    Lies ruined, will our holy work be done;
    And never will true Musalman appear
    Till faith and Infidelity are one."
Today the challenge which many preachers of Sufism have posed to Islam is even more serious. Baba Garibh Shah, the famous Sufi Master of Piran-e-Kaliyar, in an Interview, said: "There is nothing in Shariah (Islamic law). It is empty. It is devoid of reality. From it you cannot even gather the real meaning of tawhid (oneness of God). It is our tariqah (Sufi path) which tells you that tawhid means, apart from God nothing exists." It is for this reason that Baba does not offer salat (Islamic prayer). Says he, "There is no difference between the Creator and the created. If I pray it would amount to affirming the difference between Lord and servant. It would be shirk (to worship others along with God)...In my opinion Iblis (Satan) was a better Muslim. In refusing to bow to Adam he demonstrated that God, Adam and he were not different from one another. They were One and from the same essence."

It is to be noted that in the opinion of Baba Garibh Shah the annual pilgrimage or the world conference of the Muslims at Mecca is not Hajj, it is the urs of Adam, the first Sufi. Says he, "The Sufis go to Mecca to participate in the annual urs of Pir-o-Murshid Adam. He is buried in the Kaaba. We go there for ziyarat and not to perform Hajj."

Not only this, the entire Sufi ideology, is different from the Muslim theology. If it is not wholly anti- or un-Islamic.

Still, the Sufis claim to have inherited their doctrines directly from the teachings of the last Messenger, Muhammad, who, strictly speaking has given no dogmatic or mystical theology.

Sufism has often been described as Islamic mysticism, Shahid A. Chaudhary, challenges this definition of Sufism. He explores both Islam and Sufism (nay mysticism) in the light of the Quran and says that Sufism and Islam are two entirely different thoughts and this fact should be accepted as such.

Chaudhary has beautifully punctuated his fascinating, authoritative and informative wok with the Sufis style of propagation their doctrine. This insightful and comprehensive book, written in easy to understand style is an indispensable reference for not only those who want to understand Sufism, Islam and mysticism, but for the inquisitive mind...and for people who expect Dargahs, Sufis, Babas, Sadhus and other mystics to work miracles for them. The work is an essential addition to any bookshelf.

About the Author :

Shahid A. Chaudhary is a young journalist who has made a name for himself with his trenchant, no-nonsense, well-researched and thought-provoking writings. He is considered an authority on comparative religion. At present he is engaged in the research on the personal laws of the minorities.


2.The Concept of Mysticism12
3.The Concept of God19
6.Ruh and Nafs37
7.Wahdatal Wujud42
8.Wahdatal Shuhud49
13.Desire for this world87
16.Paradise and Hell101
17.The Stages104
20.Hidden Knowledge126
25.Tomb Worship158
26.Sufi Poetry169
27.Sufi Poetry182
28.Iqbal and Sufism193
Notes and References207

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