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The Supreme Doctrine: Discourses on the Ken Upanishad

The Supreme Doctrine: Discourses on the Ken Upanishad
Item Code: IDH550
Author: OSHO
Publisher: The Rebel Publishing House
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 8172610742
Pages: 388
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5" X 6.7"
From the Jacket

Meditation creates a distance, it gives you a perspective. You go beyond the problem. The level of consciousness changes. Through psychoanalysis you remain on the same level. The level never changes; you are adjusted on the same level again. Your awareness, your consciousness, your witnessing capacity, doesn't change. As you move in meditation you go higher and higher. You can look down at your problems. They are now in the valley, and you have come to a hill. From this perspective, this height, all the problems look different. And the more the distance grows the more you become capable of observing them as if they don not belong to you. Psychoanalysis is a temporary relief because psychoanalysis cannot conceive of anything which transcends ego. A problem can be solved only when you can go beyond it. Yoga, Tantra and all meditation techniques, they are based upon a different ground. They say that the problems are there, the problems are around you but you are never the problem. You can transcend them; you can look at them like an observer is looking down from the hill into the valley. This witnessing self can solve the problem. Really, just by witnessing a problem it is half solved already. Because when you can witness a problem, when you can observe it impartially, when you are not involved in it, you can stand by the side and look at it. The very clarity that comes out of this witnessing gives you the clue, gives you the secret key.



Towards the Awakening 2
Transcending the Basic Duality of Sex 28
Surrender and I will transform you 50
The unknowable Self 72
It is your being 98
God is Existence 120
Meditation and the Inner eye 142
Beginningless Beginning , endless end 164
Death: The Climax of Life 186
The Eternal Play of Existence 206
Truth of Trick 232
The Great circle of Brahman 252
Man can be Transcended 278
Knowing all Through the one 300
Now you can Go 320
The Great Dance of Suchness 342
Make Every Moment A Celebration 362
About the Osho 383

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