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Technical Terms And Technique Of Sanskrit Grammar

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Technical Terms And Technique Of Sanskrit Grammar

Technical Terms And Technique Of Sanskrit Grammar

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Item Code: IDF661
Author: Kshitish Chandra Chatterji
Language: English
Edition: 2003
Pages: 499
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.8"
weight of the book: 650 gms
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It is a matter of great pleasure to place the present book in the hands of scholars and general readers. The Technical Terms and Technique of Sanskrit Grammar is an epoch-making creation of Prof. Kshitish Chandra Chatterji a scholar of an unique type, who traversed with ease over the vast and thorny fields of Sanskrit Grammar and Comparative Phiology. We still remember the days of our student-life when Prof. Chatterji was seen devotedly collecting and shaping vatiegated contents for his highly acclaimed Sanskrit journal Manjusa wherein many Knotty problem of Sanskrit Grammar and Linguistics were raised and solved in such an interesting and smooth way that one could not but be wondered at Prof. Chatterji's brillent and sharp intellect. The Calcutta Oriental journal, the founder-editor of which was kshitish Chatterji Himself earned high encomium even from eminent Indoligests like A. B. Keith and M. Winternitz. Two highly contemplative articles, namely Panini as a Poet and The Anubuandhas of Panini full of original ideas written buy Prof. Chatterji in the Calcutta Oriental Journal Vol-I, No-I, October 1933 are incorporated in this book for the benefit of the readers. We could not resist our temptation from including these two thought-provoking pieces of Prof. Chatterji's creation on the great Grammarian Panini and his ideas as the appendices of the present book.

The Techinal Terms etc. is a critical and comparative study of the technical terms found in the Nirukta in the Pratisakyas and in the different system of Sanskrit Grammar. For the treatment of the subject Prof. Chatterji scientifically utilizes the views of Panini Katyayana and Patanjali and their rues have been quoted frequently in this book. In fact Prof. Chatterji work is of a novel type that has not ben contemplated even by modern highly enlightened giants of learning.

We are fortunate enough to have found out some rare writings of our esteemed National Professor Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterji on the life and activities of Prof. K. C. Chatterji. These have been included in the Prefix-part of the present treatise.

we are indebted to Professor Visvanath Chatterji, the worthy son of the great father he has given us consent to our request to bring out the reprint-edition of this learned book from the Department of Special Assistance in Sanskrit, Jadavpur University. Professor Bijoya Goswami has checked the Introductory and Appendix- Portions, and Professor S.R. Banerjee has also given some useful suggestion for ht improvement of this production. Thanks are due to them. Sri Debasish Bhattacharya of Sanskrit Pustak Bhander is also to be thanked for understanding the responsibility of bringing out this book in a new and neat shape.

About the Author:

Honour to whom honour is due Dr. Chatterji has broken entirely new ground in his Technical Terms and Technique of Sanskrit Grammar and demonstrated clearly that Bengal, though fallen on evil days can even now produce works on indology that invite and bear comparison with the best work produced in any part of the world. Who ever thought that all the technical terms admitted of satisfactory explanation and who ever imagined that a work on grammatical terminology could be made as delightful as novel? In this volume of nearly 350 pages the technical terms of Sanskrit grammar from the Brakmanas, Nirukta, Prayogaratnamala and Harinamamrta have been considered critically and historically in all their bearings and apparently arbitrary technical terms like gha, bha, lat, lit etc, have been traced in their sources. We have nothing but admiration for this masterpiece of scholarship and wormly recommend it to our readers.




Preface by Manabendu Banerji 3
Professor Kshitish Chandra Chatterji by suniti Kumar Chatterjee 7
Dr. Kshitish Chandra Chatterji- A brief Sketch 14
Technical Terms and Technique of Sanskrit Grammar 1-452
Appendix 63
Panini as a Poet by K. C. Chatterjee 453-479
The Anubandhas of Panini by K.C. Chatterjee 480-499
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