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Technique of Gandharan and Indo-Afghan Stucco Images

Technique of Gandharan and Indo-Afghan Stucco Images
Item Code: IDH512
Author: K.M. Verma
Publisher: Proddu, Santiniketan
Edition: 1987
Pages: 168 {16 Illustrations in B/W}
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.9" X 7.5"
From the Jacket

Never before the present attempt the technique of Gandharan and Indo-Afghan stucco modeling is described comprehensively, though different archaeologists have touched this or that aspect of it only in a piecemeal manner in excavation reports of various sites. The entire technique is treated in this work, in the same order, in which a modeler creates images. Above all, the subject is viewed in its own context, i.e against the Indian background. This also has not happened till now that is why the foreign influence noticed in this or that aspect was liberally extended to all aspects and the whole creation was traced to an alien culture without justification. The present analytical approach to the technique reveals, plainly enough that the Gandharan and indo-Afghan artists proceeded in their work having been guided by the indigenous unbaked clay modeling, which they were traditionally practising for generations. Hence their technique of stucco modeling, too, is largely indigenous, though the impetus to use stucco as a medium of image making probably came from the Graeco-Roman traditions. The stucco as a material is however known in India two and a half thousand years earlier then the beginning of the Gandharan School of art as such.


Preface xi
Preface continued xi
Acknowledgements xiii
Errata xiv
Generalities 1-5
Story of Stucco in India before the Gandharan and the Indo-Afghan Schools of Art 13-30
General aspects of the Gandharan and the Indo-Afghan schools with special reference to Stuccos 31-57
Nature of Cores in Stucco Images 58-62
Varieties of Core of the Bodies 63-75
Safety and Bottom Sticks of Cores 76-81
Cores of the Heads 82-83
Further Work on Core with Clay 84-86
Preparation of Stucco 87-90
Casting with Moulds 91-98
Method of Application of Stucco 99-101
Polish of image surfaces 102-106
Execution of the Drapery 107-110
Method of Fashioning Hair Dress, Ornaments etc 111-112
The Mode of Colouring Stuccos 113-126
Native and Influences in the Techniques of The Gandharan and indo-Afghan Stucco Images 127-140
Conclusion 139
List of Illustration 141-146
1 Index of illustrations 146
Abbreviations and Bibliography 147-152
Plates I-XVI
Indices 153-162
2 General Index 153
3. Index of Greek Words 160
4. Index of Works 161

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