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The Terror Trail: A Short Description of the Emergency (1975-1977)

The Terror Trail: A Short Description of the Emergency (1975-1977)
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Item Code: NAV626
Author: Mohan Lal Rustagi
Publisher: Suruchi Prakashan, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789388608176
Pages: 88
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.09 kg

The Rahu and Ketu of autocratic totalitarianism eclipsed the sun and moon of public freedom and democracy in India on 25th June, 1975 in the name of emergency. This is a review done after over a decade of the second war of independence which continued for 21 months. A voluminous book is required to be written to bring forth the woes of emergency before the society. The inhuman torment perpetrated upon innocent people in those days was, though discussed casually, but a detailed account of formidable efforts made to free the country from that awful dark night, the oppression they faced, the sacrifices they made and finally, under trying circumstances they came out victorious; all of that needed to be compiled and brought before the masses. Though various organizations, big or small, had taken part in the 21 month long movement during the emergency, but the pivotal role played by Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) by virtue of the visionary guidance of its swayamsewaks, their valiant efforts in meeting the challenges of those times, is quite vivid in public memory. The role of Sangh during the emergency days is strikingly similar to the role played by Shri Hanuman in Shri Ram's phenomenal victory over Lanka's king Ravana. This small book is an attempt to show a glimpse of the notable occurrences of that period, and the efforts made by the concerned persons under trying circumstances. It 10 The Terror Trail is hoped that this composition shall satisfy the learned readers.

I avail this opportunity to express my gratitude to both Shri Mayaram Ji "Patang" and Shri Madan Ji Mahato for their cooperation and encouragement in bringing out this work. My Sincere thanks are also due to my daughter-in-law, Smt. Rekha Rustagi for the proof reading work-blessings to her. My grateful thanks to Shri Vijay Kumar Ji Gupta of Suruchi Prakashan for his valuable guidance and inputs. Besides, I am also obliged to all those friends who cooperated directly or indirectly. This book was first published in Hindi. The English version is now being published on account of an interesting incident. Once I was talking to my grand daughter-in-law (Nimisha) (in London) and I asked her "Have you read the book I sent you? "Sorry PitaJi I could not. If it was in English, I might have read it. This talk inspired me to get the book translated in English. I thought that perhaps it is the will of the God.

Then it struck me that Shri Bharat Singh Dangi might be able to do this. In January 2019. I contacted him. He said that he has not even seen the book. So, I immediately sent him the Hindi version. After reading the book Shri Dangi observed that although the various incidents that took place during emergency, as mentioned in the book, were new and some of the words used in the book were difficult yet, he assured me that he will translate the same. Hence I thanked God for this. After sometime he moved to Chennai but one evening I received a big envelope, containing the translated version. I felt very happy.

If misfortunes do not come alone then happiness too does not come singly. Two days earlier, Shri Vijay Kumar Gupta, Editor, Suruchi Prakashan told me that all the copies of Hindi version of the book have been sold and now it will be reprinted.

Meanwhile, I penned down some more important matter about emergency period which was missed out in the earlier Hindi version. When I discussed this with Suruchi Prakashan they agreed to incorporate the same. At this time Shri Madan Lal Khanna came to my help. He promised to rearrange the entire matter in chronological order and get it typed. All these prove that it is the will of the God that English version should come and hence the same is in your hands. Lastly, if there is any error in printing or textual matter, even after taking due care, I apologize for the same.

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