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A Text Book For Roga Nidana and Vikruthi Vijnana (Set of 2 Volumes)

A Text Book For Roga Nidana and Vikruthi Vijnana (Set of 2 Volumes)
Item Code: NAV401
Author: Nisha Kumari
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: Vol-1: 9788176373319
Vol-2: 978876373708
Other Details: 8.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 1.03 kg
About the Book

The current text book named "A Text book of Roga Nidana and VikruthiVijnana" will be available in Volume 1 and Volume 2. The Volume I comprises of the basic concepts of the disease and general as well as systematic methods of examination of patient. The Volume 2 comprises of the systemic pathology and the description of all of diseases. The book is written as per the new CCIM syllabus which will be beneficiary for third year undergraduate students and also others. This book is brought with the team efforts of teachers and post graduate students of Roga Nidana and therefore the book is a package of fresh and experienced thoughts.

The book encompasses all the topics told in the new syllabus with classical references and relevant information from allied science. It consists of Basic concepts, disease description, critical analysis and bed side case taking methods with physical examination, basic laboratory methods and radio imaging. The author wishes all the students of Ayurveda to utilize the book along with other classical texts of Ayurveda to understand and implement the Science both in Theory as well as Practice. The intension of this book is not only to ease the understanding of the subject but also it must be a good reason to read and refer Classical Texts of Ayurveda.

About the Author

The author named Dr. Nisha Kumari belongs to a small village in Karkala of Udupi district, Karnataka. She was though born and brought up until primary education and pre university in Kundapura. Her parents were Dr. Prabhakar Athikary and Mrs. Saraswathi P. Athikary. She did her under graduation B.A.M.S. in Alva's Ayurveda Medical College, Moodbidri in the year 2005 and completed her M.D. in Ayurveda from S.D.M. Ayurveda College, Udupi on the specialization Roga Nidana during the year 2007. She has rendered her service in Alva's Ayurveda Medical College, Moodbidri, Muniyal Institute of Ayurvedic Medical Science and currently she is working as Associate Professor in the Department of Roga Nidana in S.D.M. Ayurveda to liege and Hospital, Hassan.



Roga Nidana is the chief subject that connects physician with patient and then to medicine. Thus without pareeksha and analysis of roga and rog avinischaya chikitsa cannot be administered. Treatment is not that when you see few symptoms and then give drugs which are showing antagonistic features to that of symptoms. The chikitsa begins from understanding prakruthi, doshaavastha, vyadhiavastha, roga rogibala, agni, koshta, satmya and understanding disease process or samprapthi. For this one has to understand roganidana very well.

Do not suddenly jump or hurry for starting a treatment. A minimal mistake in assessment of roga and rogi is sufficient to bring bad prognosis or irreversible damage. Thorough theoretical knowledge, repeated study, continuous practice, regular visit to wards will make any student to be expert in this subject. Thus my humble request to student is that do not read this text just for the sake of passing examination in your curriculum. Use this book to understand samhitas, concepts and patients more. This will surely make your treatment successful. Thus read this text, read original samhitas, hand in hand regularly visit wards. Implement the theoretical knowledge in the practical curriculum too. The basic concepts are to be clearly understood before looking at the applied aspect. The intention of my work is to motivated students to read original and classical text rather than restricting them self or confining to the compiled texts.



Disease diagnosis is a must before any treatment in my system of medicine. The methods of examination, assessment criteria may vary from system to system or may depend on the physician based on his/ her clinical experience. Before that, a scholar or a student must know every theoretical aspects mentioned in the classics, In this regard text book helps as a guideline for every student who wants to study Roga nidana. The volume 2 of Roga Nidana comprises of systemic pathology that deals with etiology, pathogenesis, symptomatology, prognosis and complications of every disease as explained by Brihatrayees. The text also has made an effort to compile and correlate few diseases, its presentation and interpretation in present science so as the readers get to know in what new prospective it could be understood and what modifications can be made in intervention for better prognosis. The chapters are arranged as per present syllabus and the disease are named under individual srotas. I request all the readers to use classical texts to study further in details about the disease and use this text book as guidelines for is interpretation.

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