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Textbook of Yoga: The Best-selling Classic on the Healing Powers of Yoga

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Author: Yogeswar
Publisher: Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9780143029656
Pages: 477 (Figures: 16)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Yoga, developed by the sages in India, has been practiced down the ages as a composite system of physical, mental and spiritual discipline.

This Do-It-Yourself manual describes in detail thirty-six Asanas, four Mudras, three Bandhas, three Kriyas ans Pranayama that are simple and easy to learn. A useful selection can be made from this varied fare by people from different walks of life. They can derive immense benefit by following the guidelines and precise instructions outlined in this book.

The method of practicing each exercise is explained in detail. The progress from each intermediate step to more advanced levels is presented lucidly with apt illustrations. This step-by-step approach helps the aspirant move on comfortably from one stage to the next and reach the final position easily. By systematically practicing the exercises at a fixed time every day, these can be mastered in a few months.

Your daily scheme of yoga practice should be well balanced and should exercise every part and organ of your body including the spine and abdomen.

Stretching the spine is effected in various different directions:

· The upward or vertical stretch (Talasana);
· The sideways or lateral stretch to the right and left (Chakrasana);
· The backward or posterior stretch (Ushtrasana);
· The forward or anterior stretch (Pada Hastasana);
· The rotation to the left and the right (Ardha Matsyendrasana).

By making the foregoing simple movements, the entire spine is stretched in all directions and becomes more flexible.

Surya Namaskar, designed by the sages on a scientific basis, exercises every part of the body and brings about a harmonious development of the body and mind. This invaluable exercise is explained in great detail with appropriate illustrations.

Savasana, the most effective way to relieve stress and mental tension by means of deep relaxation, is discussed comprehensively.

The asanas of yoga are recommended for women to remain fit and to pass smoothly through the critical prenatal and post-natal stages. Yogic remedies are also suggested for some common female disorders.

The chapter on food at the right time. The various benefits of periodical fasting are also emphasized.

In the section on Yoga Hygiene, topics such as sleep, bath, cleanliness, regular habits and shunning vice are dealt with in detail.

As a teacher and practitioner of yoga for several decades and as a consultant to hospitals, I have carefully recorded my experiences in the chapters on yoga therapy. Yoga remedies, based on clinical studies, for some common ailments are also recommended.

The book is complete in itself as it contains the essential features of yoga aimed at physical fitness and mental poise.

I dedicate this handy, updated volume to students and teachers of yoga all over the world.

About the Book:

In the past few years, the popularity of yoga as the ultimate key to fitness, both physical and mental, has resulted in a plethora of books, videos and audio tapes designed to guide a learner through the various asnas prescribed by the Yogasutra. The Textbok of Yoga goes one step further: it is the one book that tells you not merely how to practise an asana the right way, to maximum effect, but also explains how best to share your knowledge and teach other the theory and practice of yoga.

It is like textbook in its approach: lesson, you are introduced first to the basics and then to the more advanced level of practice. Alongside the text, the illustrations allow you to understand exactly how the body should be moved and positioned without fear of error or injury. Crucially, there is also a clear exposition of the benefits to be drawn from each asana and details of how best to get relief from common problems like backache, diabetes and arthritis, using, yoga. Other useful information includes notes on the ideal times for practicing an asana, the clothes to be worn and the right diet for yoga practitioner.

Easily one of the best and most comprehensive handbook on the ancient Indian science of health, the Textbook of Yoga is a classic in its own right.




Introduction xi
How to use this Book xiv
Acknowledgement xv
Benefits of Yoga 1
Yoga for all 7
Preparation for Yoga 10
Medical Check Up 10
Learn from a Teacher 11
Follow traditional method 12
Condition your mind 13
Confidence 14
Patience and Perseverence 14
Regularity 14
Time 15
Place 17
Seat 18
Dress 19
Silence 20
Precautions for Beginners 21
Keep stomach empty 21
No Warming up 22
Measure of Time 22
Avoid Strain 25
Avoid Fatigue 26
Pain 27
Sneezing and Cough 28
Illness 29
How to Practise Asanas 31
Beginners 31
Relaxation 33
Poise and Balance 35
Proceed Gradually 35
Perform Slowly 36
Avoid Haste 37
Concentration 38
Understand the Principle 39
Sequence 39
Select your Asanas 40
Simple postures 42
Difficult posture 43
Reaching the Final Position 44
Holding the Final Position 45
Returning to Starting Position 47
Repetitions 47
Breathing 47
Closing the Eyes 49
Don'ts 49
Surya Namaskar 50
Asanas 75
Padmasana 75
Ardha Padmasana 87
Badha Padmasana 91
Paschimotanasana 95
Trikonasana 117
Bhujangasana 132
Ardha Shalabhasana 149
Shalabhasana 154
Dhanurasana 165
Ardha Halasana 183
Halasana 191
Sarvangasana 208
Savasana 227
Sukhasana 258
Chakrasana (Standing) 260
Utkatasana 262
Talasana 264
Padahastasana 266
Vrikshasana 268
Akarshana Dhanurasana 270
Bhadrasana 272
Baddha Konasana 274
Ardha Matsyendrasana 276
Ushtrasana 278
Vajrasana 280
Supta Vajrasana 282
Mandukasana 284
Aswini Mudra 286
Yoga Mudra 288
Gomukhasana 290
Janusirasana 292
Sasankasana 294
Matsyasana 296
Chakrasana (Supine) 298
Pavanamuktasana 300
Janu Vakshasana 302
Makarasana 304
The Erect Posture 308
Sitting Upright 310
Standing Upright 312
Standing Upright 312
Walking Upright 314
Viparita Karani 315
Parvatasana 317
Oordhwa Pada Hastasana 319
Naukasana (Supine) 321
Jnana Mudra 323
Naukasana 324
Jalandhara Bandha 326
Moola Bandha 328
Siddhasana 330
Brumadhya Drishti 331
Nasagra Drishti 333
Kapala Bhati 334
Sirshasana 336
Uddiyana Bandha 340
Finger-Lock 343
Nauli 346
Pranayama 348
Yoga Deep Breathing 349
Alternate Nostril Breathing 351
Closing the Gottis 353
Anuloma Viloma 354
Ujjayi Pranayama 356
Bhastrika 358
Heart Disease 360
Yoga for Women 373
Female Disorders 382
Food for a Yogi 385
Benefits of Fasting 392
Yoga Hygiene 398
'Usha Panam' 398
Call of nature 399
Bath 399
Water 401
Sleep 402
Regular Habits 406
Vices 408
Moderation 409
Conserve Energy 409
Yoga Therapy 410
Cure of Constipation by Yoga 412
Overweight and Obesity 418
Asthma 424
Blood Pressure 429
Cold 433
Backache 435
Diabetes Mellitus 437
Arthritis 442
Varicose Veins 444
Hernia 446
Sciatica 448
Bronchitis 449
Angina Pectoris 450
Piles 451
Flatulence 453
Dyspepsia (Indigestion) 454
Some Common Disease 455
Vital Role of Glands 460

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