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Transit of Planets: Based on Hindu Astrology (Untold Effects of Transits on Natal Planets)

Transit of Planets: Based on Hindu Astrology (Untold Effects of Transits on Natal Planets)
Item Code: IDJ683
Author: L. R. Chawdhri
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Edition: 2001
Pages: 420
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.3"

With the complete birth record and Horoscope, the day to day delineations can be found more accurately from the effects of Transits of Planets over the Natal planets in the Horoscope, to the Ascendant, 10th house, in signs and houses. A transit occurs when a planet, moving in its orbit forms an aspect to planet, or enters in any house, in your natal horoscope.

The special significance is attached to yearly birth chart, solar chart or in Varsh Phal as known in Hindu Astrology. In Western Astrology it is called Progressed Horoscope.

The study of transit is one of the most fundamental techniques in astrology. The transit indicates important trends and issues in your life is one of the few points upon which all astrologers agree. Along with directions and progressions, there are basis to Astrologer's predictive methodology. Under each transit, the people are most likely to learn and experience, emotionally, psychologically and circumstantially and these points are to be delineated through the birth chart. The transit indicates times that are appropriate for certain kinds of actions and inappropriate for others, and certain kinds of events often do occur with particular transit. But I may add also that transit should never be viewed as signifying events that will inevitably come to pass, with you as a helpless observer.

Extensive delineations of the transits of Sun, Moon and planets to all of the major factors in the horoscope by conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition aspects have been provided in this volume. A great difficulty is being experienced by all the astrologers to pin point an event without any detailed volume in the market. So all efforts have been made to provide maximum combinations of transits of all planets with other all planets. Keeping this in view, the author feels this to be a complete book on "Transit of planets". Chapter No 4 has been added with more detailed effects of transit of planets over natal one.

The delineations are based on Hindu Astrology. One can object, that in Hindu Astrology, the above aspects are not counted, but author disagrees with this viewpoint. I have already indicated in my famous book, "Prasna Deepika" that these are Hindu Aspects and are originally from Hindu Astrology but have been adopted by in Western Astrology Very widely.

To sum up these major transits' we provide that:-
1. Conjunction is a first House aspects.
2. Sextile is a 3rd and 11th house aspect.
3. Trine is a 5th and 9th house aspect.
4. Square is a 4th and 10th house aspect.
5. Opposition is a 7th house aspect.
Likewise Applying and Seperating terms used in Western Astrology are actually aspects of Hindu Astrology as mentioned in our ancient treatises like Phaldeepika, Sanketa Niddhi, Jatak Tatve, Uttrakalamrita etc. These are known as ITTHASALA and MASARIPHA aspects.

So all the aspects are originally from Hindu Astrology keeping this in view, this volume has been designed and been provided with maximum details.

Transit of planets in Houses and Signs have been provided with sufficient accuracy. Three planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto not included in Hindu Astrology find a place like other planets as their effects stand investigated and powerful by the Western Astrologers. So to gain knowledge from other sources always pays.

VEDHA means obstructions and is not used in Western Astrology, but in Hindu Astrology, this term finds a prominent place during transit for delineations and has been explained in detail for use of the learned astrologers.

Contrary to the general practice, belief and as detailed in our old treatises that transit be considered from Moon Sign but in day to day practice, it is found that the transit gives more accurate results when analysed from ASCENDANTORLAGNA. Full house be taken. However degrees of planets at birth and in transit be taken into consideration. This method has given your author a good success rather working from Moon Sign. Let us try and find the difference.

As indicated in opening paragraph of this Preface that transit of planets has great significance in Ascendant and 10th house, so a separate chapter in detail has been provided indicating the specific effects of such transits.

Transit of planet in nakshatras indicates specific results which have been expanded. In addition ECLIPSES are special kind of transits and are more effective when it either conjoins or oppose a natal planet. Eclipses are often said to be difficult, which is indicated upon the condition of the natal planet as indicated by the house position and aspects to it from the other natal planets. The effects of Eclipses have been detailed in a separate chapter, which is not commonly available in other book. The effects of Eclipses have been detailed on Decanates, on houses of horoscope, and in Mundane Astrology.

The last chapter, "Just off the Beat" is quite useful' instructive and educative for the Astrologers and particularly for the public at large who do not know Astrology but have bent of mind for this celestial Science.

The author is thankful in the end for inspiration and help extended to me by a versatile, educated and soft spoken coy. "Planets in Transit" and "Astrology for Millions" book were a great source of help for which we are thankful to authors. This book will be of great assistance and help to all Astrologers, ametures, and public at large. If the readers are benefited, we are greatly rewarded.


1Transit and Aspects1-16
Hindu versus Western Astrology, Types of transit, Method to find and use transit, Terms explained, Table of aspects
2Timings of Transit. 17-43
Rule for the transit, Vedha, Strength of Planets, Dasa and Bhukti, Triple Transits, Eclipses and its effect.
3Transit of Planets in Houses.44-104
Retrograde Planets80
Through Nakshatras102
4Aspects in Transit105-131
5Transit of Planets in Ascendant and 10th house 132-151
In Ascendant all planets132
In 10th House all planets142
6Transit of Planets over Natal Planet152-323
I The Sun152-169
II The Moon169-182
III The Mercury182-194
IV The Mars195-209
V The Venus209-223
VI The Jupiter223-238
VII The Saturn238-257
VIII Rahu and Ketu257-277
IX The Uranus277-295
X The Neptune25-310
XI The Pluto310-323
7Transit of planets to Ascendant and Mid Heaven324-347
Effects on decanates, on Houses of horoscope and in Mundane Astrology
9Just off the Beat375-420
Mutual relations of various signs, Linking the signs, How opposite signs attract?

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