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Transmission of Awakening (The Teaching of Aziz)

Transmission of Awakening (The Teaching of Aziz)
Item Code: IDD436
Author: Aziz Kristof
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 8120816943
Pages: 334
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
About the Book:

Transmission of Awakening can be seen as complementary to "Enlightenment Beyond Traditions," written by Aziz and Houman. This time, apart from revealing the deeper layers of Teaching, he also presents the more practical examples of Satsang - Transmissions and the Absolute Meditation. In the last part of the book Aziz is answering questions, bringing clarity into the most subtle and complex areas of Spiritual Path. Here all doubts become embraced and dissolved within the holistic and intelligent vision of human Awakening.

It is not an ordinary spiritual book. This powerful and revolutionary teaching contains the energy of Guidance and Grace. This energy brings us not only to the clarity of Understanding but, most importantly, to inner transformation and Awakening. It is a Transmission from the Plane of Wholeness; a golden bridge through which we can cross over from the darkness of separation to the eternal light of I AM which is the Heart of the Beloved.

About the Author:

AZIZ KRISTOF'S Journey to Awakening was rich and multi-dimensional. He has studied deeply all great human traditions, including Zen, Dzogchen, Sufism and Advaita Vedanta, being on his way a Zen monk and meeting many well-known masters. Reaching full Self-realisation, Aziz has created a unique and revolutionary system of teaching, through which he transmits directly the essence of Enlightenment.

Through Aziz's intelligence is being channelled a New multidimensional understanding of the process of awakening. These teachings are coming from the Dimension of Understanding and Love. His intelligence has become to a large degree one with the Higher Intelligence. Because of his state of complete Self-realisation and the particular quality of his Soul, Aziz has been destined to become a channel for the Understanding relevant to this current stage of the human evolution.


About Aziz
I The Nature of Enlightenment
    The Process of Awakening
    The Absolute Meditation
    The Map of Awakening
    The Status of Awakening
    No-mind and the Subconscious Mind
    Lucid Dreaming and Intuitive Intelligence
    Intuitive Intelligence
    Who is the "Observer"?
    Self-control and Spontaneity
    Effort and the Effortlessness
    Meditation is not "Not-thinking"
    The Role of a Master
    The Mind of a Seeker: Basic Sincerity
II Beyond the "Non-duality"
    The Divine Dimension
    Where does Me Exist?
    Me Meets the Beloved
    Karma and Grace
    Higher Intelligence and the "New Age"
    The Over-soul
    The soul's Destiny
    Pure Me and the Psyche
    The Awakening of the Soul
    Incarnation of the Soul
    The Realm of Polarities: Role of Imperfection
    The End
III Guidance to the Absolute Meditation
    Absolute Meditation
    Absolute Meditation: Advanced I
    Absolute Meditation: Advanced II
IV Transmission of Awakening
    Transmission 1
    Transmission 2
    Transmission 3
    Transmission 4
    Transmission 5
    Transmission 6
    Transmission 7
    Transmission 8
    Transmission 9
    Transmission 10
    Introductory Talks
V Questions-Answers and Spontaneous Talks
    Spontaneous Talks
    Spontaneous Thoughts
    The Last Blessing
    Explanation of Terms

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