Unique Insights Into The Gayatri Mantra

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Author: H. H. Shrimad Naamchaitanaya Bhanudas
Publisher: Keshav Bhikaji Dhawale
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9789383804030
Pages: 158
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His Holiness Shrimad Naamachaitanya Bhanudas was born in 1935 in the Thakurdas family of Pune with a lineage of nine generations of spirituality and seven generations of Hindustani classical music.

In his early childhood, HH Bhanudasji was fortunate to have the invaluable guidance of his grandfather, His Holiness Shri Yeshwantbuva Thakurdas. From that time itself, he had a liking and eagerness for the path of spirituality. After coming to Mumbai in 1946 till his matriculation, he also studied music from his father, Pandit Manikbuva Thakurdas. In 1952, he completed sangeet visharad in music while he was still in the matriculation class. After matriculation, he completed education in fine arts and then began professional work. He was honored with both state and national awards. His professional recognition and income were also increasing. Still, one question troubled him constantly. He always felt that he wanted something beyond the worldly pleasures for which he had no attraction but couldn't understand what it was.

The turning point came in 1973 when HH Bhanudasji realized that he was looking for a contented state of mind. No one or nothing in the world could bestow him with such a state of mind. So he came to the conclusion that he would himself have to attain such a state of mind and decided to begin sadhand i.e. meditation. While starting sadhana in May 1973, he remembered his late grandfather's warning that faulty practices in the pursuit of sadhana, can lead to life-long physical or mental disorders. So he decided to pursue sadhana with utmost vigilance.

During HH Bhanudasji's entire period of sadhana, he experienced three strata of the mind which he has named as conscious mind subconscious mind and supraconscious mind (3Tff:cmui). He became aware that the conscious mind is sensitive to external stimuli, it can get inspired and it is impressionable i.e. can get imprinted with sanskars. The subconscious mind is not exposed and hence not sensitive to external stimuli. However, it can get inspiration as intuition or flashes and it is also impressionable. The supraconscious mind is only impressionable. He also experienced a different state of samadhi for each stratum of mind which he has termed nirvichar samadhi of the conscious mind, nirvikar samadhi of the subconscious mind and nirvikalpa samadhi of the supraconscious mind. HH Bhanudasji had the darshan of his Sadguru, Shri Swami Samarth of Akkalkot in an embodied form on three occasions during the period of his sadhana. He also experienced Self-realization in the ultimate phase of his sadhana.

During his 18 years of sadhana (spiritual practice) which culminated in Self-realization, HH Bhanudasji realized that spiritual upliftment leading to enlightenment was entirely a journey of the mind. Thereafter, he began full-fledged research on the mind covering topics such as conditioning of the human mind right from the time of birth, the various strata of the mind and their attributes, different types of thoughts, the process of complete de-conditioning en route to enrichment of mind, the pre-requisite for peace of mind and bliss, what causes rebirth, etc. His ongoing research on mind culminated in the discovery of Adhyatma Vijnana or Spiritual Science as an all inclusive and comprehensive science of the mind. According to his research, the flux of thoughts in a man's conscious mind depends on his outlook or attitude to life. These thoughts create sanskars (impressions) on his conscious mind. These sanskars later get imprinted in the subconscious mind and finally percolate into the supraconscious mind or antahkarana. When a man dies, the conscious mind undergoes dissolution. The subconscious mind also undergoes dissolution after the deep-rooted sanskars therein get imprinted on the supraconscious mind as a lamination. Thereafter, the supraconscious mind with the soul encased therein moves on to a particular realm of the spirit world depending on the sanskars in it.

Spiritual Science enables a sadhak or a seeker to change his attitude or outlook towards himself, others and life as a whole which in turn helps him to lead a tension-free, contented, peaceful and blissful life. HH Bhanudasji, therefore, began sharing his experiences and discoveries with the people by giving discourses. Later in 1992, he started a Prabodhini in Mumbai and began giving weekly discourses on the subject to some interested sadhaks. Having regard to the positive response to these weekly sessions and more importantly, the transformation that was taking place in the sadhaks' state of mind, he urged and guided a few sadhaks to conduct such weekly sessions called the Prabodhini at other places in Mumbai and later in Pune. I began attending one such Adhyatma Vijnana Prabodhini in Mumbai about 14 years ago. I have also been fortunate to meet HH Bhanudasji and to receive his spiritual guidance and advice on several occasions. This has helped me to face quite a few 'storms' in my own life.

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