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Universal Friend

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Universal Friend
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Item Code: NAU642
Author: Acharya Shri Subhadra Muni Ji Maharaj
Publisher: Muni Maya Ram Sambodhi Prakashan, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2019
Pages: 354
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.46 kg
About the Author

Vidya Vachaspati Gurudev Acharya Sh. Subhadra Muni Ji

"Philosophy and life" cannot be noted in the introductory writings. Really in the same way the Author of this book is above the lines of the introductory writings. Having seen the various genuine and Ideological books written by Sh. Acharya Ji it is automatically proved that Acharya Sh. Subhadra Muni Ji MLS. is a Philosophical monk. He is acommentator of life. He lives absolutely an ascetic life. Whatever the shape of philosophy, life and monkhood takes place depicted in whose life is - Acharya Sh. Subhdra Muni.

His vision is extremely generous and truth investigative as well. While searching truth there is no distinction in his mind of ‘self ‘and ‘other’. The fundamental essence of monkhood is to percept the annihilation power of the distinction of ‘self’ and ‘other’. ‘Self? and ‘other’ are the terms which depend on each other. If ‘other’ exists there then ‘self’ must exist. And till ‘self’ exist then ‘other’ cannot be eliminated. The personality of this great saint is embedded into the bliss of monkhood elegant life and philosophical mystery. How much charming and attractive his personality is full of love, too.

Sh. Acharya Ji is extremely sweet in behaviour, absolutely restraint, fully Generous in thoughts. Bitterness have never taken birth in the pure heart of Acharya Ji. His holistic life conduct is the illustration of philosophy.


Being an engineer with spiritual interests, I have been reading books of various saints and spiritual Gurus. I have keen interest in study of Gita. So, I was very glad when Smt. Sudesh Jain, who is also very passionate about study of Gita and an important member of our informal "Gita Group" established in Adelaide (Australia), invited me to write foreword for the book "Universal Friend" which is english version of "Main Sabka Mitra Hoon" by Vidya Vachaspati Gurudev Acharya Subhadra Muni Ji who in the book and his various lectures has vividly and comprehensively explained the renowned and popular poem "Meri Bhavna" by Shriyut Yugvir Ji.

Smt. Sudesh Jain has great respect for Acharya Subhadra Muni Ji who is very well known and highly reverend Jain philosopher Muni. In "Universal Friend" Smt. Sudesh Jain has explained in simple language, the topics of spirituality and morality covered by Acharya Subhadra Muni Ji in his lectures and the book "Main Sab ka Mitra Hoon’.

I am confident that after reading the book, you will clearly understand and appreciate among others the significance of thought power, devotion, equanimity of mind, compassion, satsang, service to others. Ahimsa, truthfulness, contentment, virtuous life, chastity, love, prideless-ness, angerless-ness, non-jealousy, simplicity, self-realisation, patriotism and universal friendship. I will strongly recommend this book "Universal Friendship" for your voracious reading and to be an indispensable book for your religious and spiritual library.

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