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Vaastu Secrets That Change Your life

Vaastu Secrets That Change Your life
Item Code: IDK752
Author: Dr. Jaiprakash Sharma and Acharya Vinay Singal
Publisher: Indica Publishers
ISBN: 8177272500
Pages: 72
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.4"
About The Author

Pt. Jaiprakash sharma, Lal Dhage Wale belongs to a family where education of astrology is given to the child from the childhood. His ancestors were the Court Jyothishi of various Mughal and British Emperors. The seeds of Astrology which were plated by his grandfather in early childhood, grew fast by his keen interest.

Even during the school days he had stared reading the Janma Kundli of his friends & teachers. Everybody in school, neighourhood and family praised his knowledge and believed that he had got a special power from the Maa Bhagwati beside the regular blessings of this grandfather.

His interested aren't limited to just Astrology, he has been researching and mastering in vaastu shastra too. The extensive research on vaastu and Astrology has also helped panditji to pen his views, opinions and prediction, so he authored several books for the masses. Books that could beeasily understood and followed by the layman.

He known the diction by which how a small changed can make a difference. According to him vaastu based on the extensive scientific research into the placement and the positioning of the object in a given area with respect to the stars and the planetary positions. Objects like a pot, an aquarium, your bed or even a chair plays a vital role when it comes to vaastu, an analytical study that extends itself to cosmic science and astrology. That not only reflects on the growth but also helps to enhance the performance as well. His precision and perfect calculation has left many spellbound and has helped even more come out of unfavourable condition with flying colours, which includes top bureaucrats, politicians and well-known celebrities.

His effort and contribution to the field of vaastu and Astrology, is beyond comparison. He is devoted to the subject of vaastu & Astrology, and has developed it foe the benefit of the masses, with a scientific approach.

Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma Lal Dhage Wale has received several prestigious award and honour including The Pride of India' award by the then Prim Minister Shri Chandrashekhar and 'Raj Jyothi' Award by the then Chief Minister of Delhi Shri Sahid Singh Verma on 12th April 1998. Due to his Supremacy and control over his knowledge and subject, he has been sought regularly by the print as well as electronics media to express views and opinions on vaastu & Jyotish that could help the masses to understand the magicaleffects of vaastu shastra and its magical remedy.

With the co-operation and inspiration of Mr. Arun Bansal & Dr. K.P. Mdgil Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma ji (Lal Dhage Wale) celebrate the birth anniversary of his good father Dr. K.K. Mishra on every 17th August. All leading astrologers, vaastu experts and luminaries of the society discussed the various aspects of occults science besides other social achievements. Pursharth Award created by Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma ji, the founder president of pursharth society (a leading NGO) IS delivered to the persons who had devoted their life for benefit of mankind.

On 5th jan, 1997 Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma ji in association with Dr. K.K. Mishra has raised a slogan- "Pt. Jai Prakash sharma Aur Dr, K.K. Mishra No Thana Hey. Jyotish Shiksha Me Lagoo Karwana Hey" in presence of Dr. A.K. Walia ( presently the Finance Minister of Govt. of Delhi ) with a Rally of 51cars.

Nowadays he is at it again, applying himself on his new book that will yet again reinforce his belief and extensive research in the field of vaastu.

Panditji has made his ancestors Panditji fed the knowledge of astrology and vaastu science in the blood of his both sons Rajat and Abhay. According to them their father has handed them the key of success. By exploring his honesty, good character and by getting his blessings they will always remain in high spirit. Currently Panditji is striving in various universities which effects the human life from the birth till death.

Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma ji who has devoted his life in always acknowledge the achievement of Mr. Arun Bansal & Mrs. Abha Bansal for inventing the Palm computer which helps him a lot in his research work and without which it can be a very time consuming procedure.

According to pandit. Ji it is a chance that makes brother and sister but it is your luck that makes friends. Living with a friend, admirer and well wisher like Mr. Arun Bansal is certainly result of good Karma of life.

He is chief patron of all India Astrology' Societies ( R ) , founder President of Pursharth (a leading NGO) beside Patron & president of various social, charitable and astrology organizations. His will "to be recognized as a real human being rather than a world renowned astrology" is being fulfilled in his own life time.

Born in a renowned business family Aacharya Vinay Singal is a luminary in many fields.

Aacharya Vinay Singal was initiated into spiritualism by Late Swami Ishwar Das ji Maharaj in 1983.he developed keen interest in various facets of Vedanta, Palmistry & Astrology during the college life and sharpened the same by deep study, research and through the blessing of saint. His Guru Swami Ishwar Das ji Maharaj in 1983, adviced him to make some building correction in the said factory started giving very good results without any interruption.

This is his first introduction to this science of fortune. He has been regularly learning and experimenting the basic principal of the science of fortune called vasstu shastra alongwith feng-shui and Pyramidology for the benefit of common men since 1995 by the blessing of his Spiritual Guru Shri Rajendra ji.

He has edited several best selling books authored by Dr. D.Poornachandra Rao of Hyderabad. His authored book CHINESE ASTROLOGY alongwith world renowned Pyra vasstu, feng-shui master Pt. Gopal Sharma is best selling book.

He has been felicitated with several medals & awards for promoting this science to the masses. His presence in programme "Gurukul" of Star Plus Channel is appreciated around the globe.

People from all corners of world come to him or call him for taking his valuable advice.

His specialization is in activating and balancing energy for health, wealth and harmony in industries, houses & commercial complex etc. without demolishing the structure.

His deep knowledge in Chinese numerology, Loshu grid & flying star feng shui help his clients & student spread world wide to get health, wealth & happiness in an easier way.

we are sincerely thankful to Shri. Arun Bansal Ji who inspired us to write this simple, abbreviated and scientific book on effects of vasstu and feng-shui defects & correction thereafter for the benefit of various student, readers & friends.

We are also thankful to all those scholars who made us acquainted with their views on vasstu, Pyramids, Chinese Numerology, flying Star, Loshu-Grid and feng-shui in the course of discussions and conferences.

We are grateful to all our friends, admirers, students and especially Shri vijay Goal for his invaluable co-operation in bringing out this book beside his inspiration and support for promoting these ancient sciences in a practical manner to the masses.

back of book
this book introduces and explains the ancient Indian knowledge and wisdom of vaastu shastra alongwith FENG-SHUI and PYRAMIDIOLOGY.

"Vaastu Shastra was brought into light by sages and saints for the overall welfare and betterment of the society. Besides many other gains, vaastu shastra is significantly helpful to attain health, wealth, children and happiness, since vaastu deficiencies cause sorrows and disappointments." This book helps its readers to constrict their house, factory & shops according to vaastu norms and mitigate the existing vaastu deficiencies without destruction using the science of personal feng-shui pyramidiology and Directionology.


1.Vaastu Science- A Brief Introduction11
2.Site Selection13
3.Effects Of Slopes & Levels14
4.Size According To Vaastu17
5.Effects Of Shapes19
6.Effects Of Extensions22
7.Effects Of Reductions24
8.Effects Of Facing Roads26
9.Effects Of Dwar Vedh28
10.Effects Of Bore Well/ U.G. Tank31
11.Efects Of Veedi Shoola32
12.Construction Planning34
12.1.Compound Wall34
12.2.Compound Gate34
12.3.Effects Of Main Gate35
12.4.Location Of The Building In The Plot39
12.5.Effects Of Closed Corners40
12.6.Effects Of Chopping Off The Corners41
12.7.Effects Of The Placement Of Ktchen41
12.8.Effects Of The Toilet42
12.9.Effects Of The Bedroom43
12.10.Effects Of The Stairs44
13.Vaastu-Feng Shui & Pyraminds' Golden Rules45
14.Health, Wealth Prosperity Though Gadgets50
14.2.Wind Chimes52
14.3.Semi Precision Stones54
14.4.Pakua & Bagua59
15.Directionlogy According To Your Date Of Birth60

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