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The Vaisesika Theory of Knowledge

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The Vaisesika Theory of Knowledge
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The Vaisesika Theory of Knowledge

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Item Code: NAS501
Author: Dr. Jhumur Mallik
Publisher: Maha Bodhi Book Agency
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789384721763
Pages: 244
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.41 kg
About the Book

We are familiar with the Category of Vaigesika. Vaigesika's atomic theory is known to all. Though, Vaigesika has been closely related with the Nyiya from a very ancient time, still, so far as the theory of knowledge is concerned, they do not perhaps follow. They had own epistemology. They admitted only two pramakias. There are some fundamental differences regarding the nature of perception and inference. This volume contains characteristic of valid and invalid knowledge in Vaigesika's perspective.


The Padarthadharmasatigraha or Praiastapadabhasya is perhaps the most important and authoritative text on the ancient Vaig esika system of philosophy. But it appears that it has not received much attention from the scholars and to the best of our knowledge it has not been critically studied either as a whole or partially. In our opinion it is very difficult to make a critical study of the whole work within the expanse of a single work. I have therefore selected as the subject of my study a special topic, namely, the Vaiiesika theory of knowledge as presented by Prasastapada.

I am grateful to Dr. Sarbani Ganguli, (Retd.) Professor of Sanskrit, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and Professor Mrinal Kanti Gangopadhyay, (Retd.) Asutosh Professor of Sanskrit, Calcutta University, who have consented to act as my advisers. They have extended all necessary help to me. They have devoted a lot of time in explaining the subject clearly to me. They have also provided me with valuable suggestions for the improvement of the study.

Naturally, I have received help from the works of various authors. I record my indebtedness to all of them.

I am also thankful to Rupali Dutta for helping me to correct the proof.

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