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विश्र्वप्रकाश: - Visvaprakasa (An Old and Rare Book)

विश्र्वप्रकाश: - Visvaprakasa (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: NZY869
Author: Maheshwari Suri
Publisher: Chaukhamba Amarabharati Prakashan
Language: Hindi
Edition: 1983
Pages: 206
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
Weight 200 gm

This Book which is Styled "Namanti Sasana" by its anthor is better known as "Visvaprakase, it was compiled in the year 1033 of the Saks Era by Sri Maheswara. His birth place, though within india is uncertain From the adoration to Buddha, with which he begins this work, it is certain that he was a Budd-hist. He was an eminent physician, and was well versed in the various Sciences and languages than extant in India. He is said to have written the great poem " Sahasanka " and the reader will find further information regarding him in the stanzas at the beginning of this work. 1105 A D.

It is the opinion of some Scholars that there have been nearly eighty Six ' kosas ' or vocabularies of Sans krit words written by various authors; but we have seen only twenty two, In Compiling this volume our author has employed " Namaparadyana " as his guide, and his derived material aid from the following books:- " Rajakosa," " Bhogindra" " Katyayana, " "Sahasanka " "Vachaspati," " Vyadi," " " Amalamangala, " " Subhanga " "Gopalita " and Bhagura,"

It claims a greater antiquity than any of the San-skrit vocabularies in use among the Students of the present day, such as "Amarakosa, " " Trikanada kosa " " medinikosa " and " Hemchandrkosa, "

There is ample evideuce in " Medinikosa " that its venerable and renowned author has taken much valuable help from the" Visvaprakasa " The constant refe-rence to the Visvaprakdea" whilst supporting his arguments in his famous commentaries on Sisupalba-dha" Raghuwamsa " and " Kumarasambhawa " by the great Malinatha will alone decide its value and place.

In them the references are indicated by the words " Hi visvah, " and this has given rise to doubt among certain people as to the identity of the reference, They believe that there existed two books called Visvako-sa" and " Visvaprakosa, " and that the former is now extinct. The greater number of scholars admit that both the names were applied to one and the Same book. The usefulness and the antiquarian value of this work will be seen from the Contents of this book, and therefore, there is no doubt that its necesscity Could he felt to the careful reader.

Believing that my labours would be of benifit to the modern Samscrit student, I have, with consider- able pains, edited the work to place it within the reach of all. I am indebted to Sir Isana Tarkaratna for lending me an ancient Copy, and I must mention here that the Scarcity of books rendered my work more difficult, I shall be obliged to those who shall point out any errors which they may find here, so as to enable me to Correct the same in my next edition.

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