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A Weaver Named Kabir : Selected Verses With a Detailed Biographical and Historical Introduction

A Weaver Named Kabir : Selected Verses With a Detailed Biographical and Historical Introduction
Item Code: IDH143
Author: Charlotte Vaudeville
Publisher: Oxford University Paperbacks
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 0195639332
Pages: 399
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.4"
About the Book

Kabir is among the greatest figures in Indian religious and literary history. As a symbol of secularism and religious tolerance, he is

the medieval counterpart of mahatma Gandhi;

As a poet whose verses enjoy enormous popularity and epitomize folk
wisdom, he prefigures Tyagaraja and Tagore.

Born a lower-caste Muslim weaver, Kabir opposed superstition, empty ritualism and bigotry. His writings were in the language of the common people - the rough and earthy idiom of old Hindi - and these caught the popular imagination so powerfully that his voice gained a remarkable hold within a vast stretch of north India,
From the Punjab to the Deccan.

Charlotte Vaudeville provides, in the first part of the book, Kabir's biography in history and legend, his context, and information about his use of language. The later parts contain excellent modern translations of his verses, as well as brief selections from the verses of his contemporaries. This volume is designed to provide all that is essential to understand and appreciate Kabir in English.

About the Author

Charlotte Vaudeville, an internationally reputed scholar of medieval Indian literature and religion, is Emeritus Professor, University of Paris-Sorbonne-Nouvelle, Paris.

Review of Book

Excerpts from reviews
'A rare example of a book which will be welcomed both by the scholar and the lay reader.'
- Narayani Gupta, Financial Express

'[Vaudeville] has done yeoman service to Kabir studies of the bhakti literature an excellent book'
- Indian Review of Books

Part One. Introduction11
1The discovery of Kabir11
1. The Bijak or Eastern Tradition of Kabir's works20
2. The Adi Granth of the Sikhs21
3. The Kabir-granthavali recension29
4. Neo-hinduism and Kabir21
2Kabir's biography in history and legend39
1. The problem of Kabir's dates52
2. Kabir's autobiographical verses55
3Kabir and his times67
1. Julahas, Buddhists and Naths67
2. Sufis in Northern India in Kabir's time78
3. Kabir and Ramanand87
4. Tantric concepts and languages in Kabir's time95
5. The Tantric tradition and Kabir's way to salvation102
4Kabir's language and languages109
1. Kabir's cryptic language113
2. Kabir's own language118
3. The conclusion or 'signature'124
4. The literary language of the Muslim medieval period125
5. Kabir's style129
Part Two. Selected Verses131
Introduction: Kabir and the Kabir vanis131
Ramainis in the Bijak148
Sabdas in the Bijak156
Part Three. Sakhis162
Part Four. Pads209
Part Five. Sloks of Kabir in the Guru Granth297
Part Six. Sloks of Sheikh Farid315
Part Seven. The Bhagats329
1. Kabir's Forerunners329
2. Kabir's Contemporaries346
Appendix 1. Bibliography359
Appendix 2. Concordance369

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