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Why Sanskrit

Why Sanskrit
Item Code: NAV866
Author: Vagish Shastri
Publisher: Vagyoga Chetana Peetham, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788188570430
Pages: 332
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.32 kg
About the Book

Internationally famed Dr. Vagish Shastri is an eminent Linguistic, Grammarian of Sanskrit Language. This ‘Why Sanskrit’ book is his unique writing. Here he throws light on- 1. Sanskrit is the soul of India; 2. Sanskrit is the life of India; 3. Sanskrit is the wisdom of India; 4. Sanskrit is India’s Philosophies of life; 5. Sanskrit is nectar of moral and ethical teaching; 6. Sanskrit is the vision of India; 7. China under submission of India; 8. China the siddha place of of Syama Saraswati; 9. Sanskrit is the origin of the China’s Language: 10. Sanskrit is body of the India; 11. Sanskrit is interwoven in provincial languages of India; 12. All the rivers of provincial languages flow towards the Sanskrit ocean; 13. Sanskrit vast and a source of prosperity of India; 14. Sanskrit: Its utility at present; 15. The divine language Sanskrit; 16. The present and future of Sanskrit: 17. Spoken Sanskrit merged in the European and Persian languages: 18. European Languages are dialects of Sanskrit; 19. How to delete bluntness of national pride; 20. In independence Sanskrit was the chief support; 21. Sanskrit has intimate relation with the nature; 22. Sanskrit through Natural Law and Mnemonics.


The very word Sanskrit evokes respect in the heart of every Indian. The central and the state governments, along with scholars with a deep love for Sanskrit, are making efforts to encourage the study of Sanskrit in their own ways. All experience the impact of the language, but it seems that they miss the mark. In times bygone Sanskrit was a part of the entire public life. Now the prime question is, how it should be wedded to the public life in the present age of science and technology.

In ancient times every aspect of public life was embued with Sanskrit. It was the language of Indian literature. Whatsoever the branch of literature it got recognition only when it did bear the stamp of Sanskrit. Hence all the branches of literature dealing with public affairs were written in the Sanskrit language.

But the foreign invasions changed the scene, except spititual aspects, every other branch of literature dealing with public matters preferred the language of those who vanquished India, Certainly it was a great blow to Sanskrit rooted in the life of people. Of course it could not be torn apart from life but it has not till yet got the former position. The modern stream of knowledge is yet to be connected to the ancient reservoir of knowledge.

Will the people of India remain deprived of the grandeuer and beauty of Sanskrit simply because a break of some four hundred years. Won't the language attain its stature and dignity with the help of modern science and technology?

What can India contribute to western countries? India borrows science and technology from the West. And the West can borrow Sanskrit from India.

The scientists must learn Sanskrit. They must write modern scientific knowledge in Sanskrit. The journey should start from the Vedic times and should continue to the modern times. Israel, Japan, France, Germany are proud of their languages. Their progress in the field of science and technology is remarkable and that is without English. The English language is not their official language. Why is India a slave to a foreign tongue? Why is India slave to English?

Can the people of India by the dint of their wealth of Sanskrit, regain their Indianness, their past glory and strengthen their unity? An answer to such questions is sought in the best possible manner in the pages of this book. Sanskrit is the master key as to unlock the secret.

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