Wild Treasures - Reflections on Natural World Heritage Sites in Asia (An Anthology)
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Wild Treasures - Reflections on Natural World Heritage Sites in Asia (An Anthology)

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Item Code: NAY892
Author: Prerna Singh Bindra, Sonali Ghosh and Anuranjan Roy
Publisher: Aryan Books International
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788173056277
Pages: 500
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
Weight 880 gm
About the Book
The World Natural Heritage Sites protect over 286 million hectares of land and sea, including trans- boundary sites, signifying that heritage sites belong to all peoples of the world, irrespective of the territory on which they are located.

Wild Treasures is a selection of 4S carefully curate articles, channeling voices past and present to take you on a journey across Asia's most beautiful landscapes. Wet, evergreen forests of India’s Western Ghats and Sri Lanka; the only mangrove forests, Sundarbans, where tigers roam across India and Bangladesh; the mystical tropical forests of Myanmar where tigers are revered as 'relatives' but are equally vulnerable to poaching pressures; the Lut Desert in Iran, the hottest place in the world; the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, the haunt of the elusive grey ghost - the Snow Leopard; Keoladeo, a wetland dense with birds in the dry region of India’s Rajasthan; the rhino's realm across India's Mamas, Kaziranga; Chit wan in Nepal, and the sacred mountains cape of Khangchendzonga are just some of the places highlighted in this anthology. The voices are equally varied. The pieces in this collection have been penned by writers, poets, ecologists, scientists, foresters, photographers, conservationists - all bonded by a love for nature and our natural heritage.

We hope that the book will kindle an appreciation for nature, encourage responsible travel and garner support for these imperiled natural wonders.

About the Authors
Prema Singh Bindra is a wildlife conservationist, writer, communications and policy strategist, focusing mainly on conservation of wildlife habitats and critically endangered species. She was formerly a member of the National Board for Wildlife and its Core Standing Committee. Her last book, The Vanishing: India's Wildlife Crisis, was published in 2017. She is currently a Visiting Fellow at the UNESCO Category 2 Centre: Asia-Pacific at the Wildlife Institute of India, and a student of M.Phil. in Conservation Leadership, University of Cambridge.

Sonali Ghosh is an Indian Forest Service officer with more than twenty years of work experience in the field of natural resource management and heritage conservation. As part of her job, she has worked as a field manager in UNESCO Heritage Sites of Kaziranga and Manas and has been a founding faculty member of the UNESCO Category 2 Centre on World Natural Heritage Management and Training for Asia and the Pacific Region. She wants to dwell deeper into the subject of nature-culture linkages and her last co-edited book on this subject was titled Cultural Landscapes of Asia.

Anuranjan Roy is a mechanical engineer by training and a curiosity- driven creature by character. During his decade long experience as a medical device engineer, split equally between opposite ends of the globe, he took every opportunity to branch out into alternative fields of learning, visiting World Heritage Sites spread across four countries. A winner of writing competitions organized by the Indian Express, Outlook Traveller and the Wildlife Institute of India, he works at the UNESCO Category 2 Centre at WII, pursuing a combination of his interests in the craft of writing, heritage conservation, and travel.

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