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Yog Rashmi

Yog Rashmi
Item Code: IDG946
Author: Rameshwar Dass Gupta
Publisher: Richa Prakashan
Edition: 2003
Pages: 224
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"

While writing this book I had only one aim before me, I wanted to make available to all knowledge regarding Yog, which I have acquired by practising it myself. Yog is not meant for a group of specialists, it is for the benefit of all irrespective of age, caste, creed, religion, nationality and sex. Every individual can benefit from the practice of Yog.

In this book, out of the eight components of Yog I have dealt with only four namely, Yam, Niyam, Asan and Pranayam. You cannot fully benefit by just reading, thinking or understanding the facts given here in what is needed is regular practice of the four components. So do not only read the book, practice what has been described and you will not only benefit physically but also mentally. It will change your life style and attitude towards life. You will digest better and enjoy the true taste of food. Yog will make your body shapely and graceful. Your mind will be free of tension and your outlook will become cheerful. As a result you will remain youthful, energetic and healthy all your life. It will ensure success in whatever you do.

The poet Vrinda has stressed the importance of regular practice of Yog in one of his verses: By constant study the ignorant becomes learned just as constant friction causes a dent even on a hard stone. He wrote this when he saw some women drawing water from a well. The stone on the wall of the well had developed a dent because of the constant friction of the rope. So remember practice makes perfect.

An important thing to bear in mind about Yog is that the practice of Asans should be gradual. Begin by practising one Asan only until you have mastered it. If you try to many at one time you will not master any, on the contrary you may harm yourself. Therefore by patient and regular, beginning with only one asan.

I am confident this book will prove useful to you by making you healthy, youthful and active in body and cheerful in mind.

Rameshwar Dass Gupta

About the Author

The Author of this book Shri Rameshwar Dass Gupta was born in Narela on the 16th of April 1923. He came into close contact of Acharya Bhagwan Dev at the tender age of eleven. He started to practice Yog under his guidance and was also interested in the welfare of society.

In the beginning Shri Gupta did some asans like Padm Asan, Baddha-Padm Asan, Chakr Asan, Shirsh Asan, Tad Asan etc. and later on practised meditation.

One day while meditating he felt although he was being lifted up into the air where he experience a great bliss in roaming around beautiful gardens.

In 1936-37 he started business. For 40 years he was continuously in business and discharging his family obligations. But throughout he maintained strict discipline regarding his life-style and food-habits along with that he kept up his practice of Yogasans.

After 1973 the responsibility of business lessened which gave him more time for the practice of Yog. He now started to spend three to four hours everyday for Yog-Sadhana.

In 1980 he wrote Yog Rashmi and then as he went on perfecting the practice of Yog he wrote five more books namely Yog Chentna, Yog Pravesh, Yog Jiwan, Dainik Yog and Motapa Aur Budhapa. On demand of many readers all these books were published in English also Yog Rashmi was translated into Marathi and Urdu as Well.

This undertaking was taken up by the author for the physical and mental well-being of humanity. Just as the elements of sunlight air and water do not differentiate between human beings so do these books which are meant for every irrespective of caste, creed or religion, age or sex.

The writer wishes that the books should help everyone.

Preface 3
Acknowledgements 9
Prayer 11
What is Yog 12
1 Yam (First Step) 17
1. Ahimsa 17
2. Satya 17
3. Asteya 18
4. Brahmcharya 18
5. Aparigraha 18
2 Niyam (Second Step) 19
1. Shauch 19
2. Santosh 19
3. Tap 19
4. Swadhyaya 20
5. Ishwarapranidhan 20
3 Asan (Third Step) 22
Food and Patients 23
Some Important Guidelines for Beginners 24
1. Shav-Asan 29
2. Sukh Asan 31
3. Siddh Asan 34
4. Padm Asan 37
5. Baddh Padm Asan 41
6. Yog Mudra Asan 43
7. Baddh Padm Asan Yog Mudra 45
8. Vajr Asan 47
9. Vajr Asan Yog Mudra 49
10. Supta Vajr Asan 51
11. Tula- Asan 55
12. Kukkuta Asan 57
13. Garbh Asan 59
14. Vak Asan 61
15. Gormukh Asan 63
16. Goraksh Asan 65
17. Dhanurakarshan Asan 67
18. Ardha Mastyendra Asan 69
19. Janu Shir Asan 73
20. Paschim Ottan Asan 78
21. Ekapada Skandhapad Asan 85
22. Kurma Asan 87
23. Simh Asan 89
24. Pavanmukt Asan 91
25. Uttanpad Asan 95
26. Nauka Asan 97
27. Sarvang Asan 99
28. Matsy Asan 102
29. Hal-Asan 104
30. Ushtr Asan 106
31. Purvottan Asan 109
32. Karnapid Asan 111
33. Hasta Pada Vistar Hal Asan 113
34. Chakr Asan 114
35. NabhiDarshan Asan 117
36. Bhujang Asan 119
37. Shalabh Asan 121
38. Dhanur Asan 123
39. Mayur Asan 125
40. Dhruv Asan 129
41. Vatayan Asan 131
42. Garud Asan 133
43. Hastapadangushth Asan 135
44. Pad Hast Asan 139
45. Kon Asan 141
46. Utkat Asan 144
47. Shirsh Asan 147
48. Tad-Asan 155
49. Surya Namaskar 157
6 Shatkarma or Six Processes of The Internal Cleansing of The Body (Fourth Step) 166
1. Vaman Dhauti 166
2. Basti Kriya 169
3. Neti 171
4. Trataka 186
5. Nauli 188
6. Kapala-Bhati 191
7 Pranayam (Fifth Step) 193
Introduction 193
Some points to remember before doing Pranayama 194
How to close your Nostrils 195
Nadi Sodhan Pranayam 197
Surya Bhedi Pranayam 199
Chandra Bhedi Pranayam 200
Ujjai Pranayam 201
Shitali Pranayam 203
Sitkari Pranayam 205
Bhastrika Pranayam 207
Bhramari Pranayam 211
8 Agnisar Kriya (Sixth Step) 213
9 Bandha (Seventh Step) 215
1. Jalandhara Bandha 215
2. uddiyana Bandha 215
3. Mula Bandha 217
4. Maha Bandha 217
10 The Asans which are performed in different ways 218
11 Asans which affect the body in different ways 219
12 How long Yog Asans should be practised 221
13 The Correct Sequence of Yog Asans 221
14 Number of Asans to be done at a time 222
15 Which Asan should be done for how long and how many times 223

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