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Yoga and The Teaching of Krishna: Essays on the Indian Spiritual Traditions

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Yoga and The Teaching of Krishna: Essays on the Indian Spiritual Traditions

Yoga and The Teaching of Krishna: Essays on the Indian Spiritual Traditions

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Item Code: IDF652
Author: Ravi Ravindra & Edited By: Priscilla Murray
Publisher: The Theosophical Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8170593166
Pages: 390
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.6" X 5.8"
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About the Book:

This is a compilation of some of the essays which Ravi Ravindra, a scientist-philosopher has written over more than a quarter of a century. These essays have been published in a variety of journals and magazines some of which are not now easily accessible. Brief excerpts from some of his books. Whispers from the Other Shore, Science and Spirit, the Yoga of the Christ and Krishnamurti: two birds on One Tree, are also included in the collection.

Each of the selections here is influenced by yoga and the teaching of Krishna; all of them speak of and are related to the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of India. They range from an exploration of Rita in the Rig Veda and its relation to Yajna and dharma in the subsequent tradition on contemporary spiritual masters such as J. Krishnamurti. Some of the essays deal exclusively with the great texts of India, such as the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavada Gita, while some deal with the parallels which can be found with texts from other traditions, such as The Enneads of Plotinus and the Gospel according to Saint John.

Others essays discuss the interaction of modern science and the spiritual traditions if India and their impact on the life of humanity. Ravindra is at home in the East and in the west; he understand hymns in Vedic Sanskrit and nuances of relativistic cosmology, and he brings insights from both sources. He shares his passionate inquiry about the meaning and purpose of human life and of the cosmos that we might discover if we could hear more subtly and see more deeply. In this he exhibits a remarkable impartiality which searches for and delights in truths and wisdom wherever they can be found, without an argument for or an exclusive interest in any sect, religion or tradition.

About the Author:

He was born in India in 1939. he moved to Canada in 1966. He has a B. Sc. And a master of Technology degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology. He has a Master of Arts in Philosophy from Dalhousie University. He held post-doctoral fellowships in Physics.

He was a Member of the Institute of Advanced study in Princeton 1977 in the School of Natural Sciences, and a Member of the Indian Institute Advanced Study at Simla in 1978. he was the Founding Director of the Threshold Award for integrative Knowledge and chair of its international and interdisciplinary selection committees in 1979 and 1980.

He is the Author of more than a hundred papers in physics, philosophy and religion and of the Following Books: Theory of Seismic Head Waves Whispers From the Other Shore; Science and Spirit; Two Birds on One Tree; and the Yoga of the Christ into French, Greek and German.

One of the course of Ravi Ravindra, Mystical Consciousness and Modern Science was selected by the Templeton Foundation for an award in their Science-Religion Courses Programme in 1996.

From the Editor Ix
1. Religion in the Global Village 3
2. Alternative Oneself 7
3. The Spiritual Quest 11
4. The Problem of Modernization in Hinduism 20
5. Teaching of Krishna, Master of Yoga 39
6. Yoga: The Royal Path to Freedom 52
7. The Dimensions of the Self: Buddhi in the Bhagavagita and Psyche in Plotinus 72
8. Is Religion Psychotherapy?- An Indian View 99
9. Perception in Yoga and Physics 115
10. The Indian View of Nature 134
11. Modern Science and Spiritual Traditions 156
12. To the Dancer Belong the Universe: Freedom and Bondage of Natural Law 174
13. Ahimsa, Transformation and Ecology 201
14. Time in Indian and Christian Traditions 219
15. Is the Eternal Everlasting? 238
16. Rita is Founded on Yajna 249
17.Can Consciousness Survive Bodily, Birth and Existence? 257
19. The Gospel as Yoga 289
20. The Yoga of the Cross 302
21. Uniqueness and Oneness in the Lion's Roar: Vedanta and Sikh Heritage 313
22. The Mill and the Mill-pond: A Twenty-year Conversation with J. Krishnamurti 327
23. Gurdjieff Work and the Teaching of Krishna 338
Koham? 355
Acknowledgement of Sources 357
Glossary of Selected Sanskrit and Pali Words 361
Index of References 371
General Index 376

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