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Yoga for the Cure of Common Diseases

Yoga for the Cure of Common Diseases
Item Code: IDG849
Author: Dr. Lakshmi Narain Sharma
Publisher: Hind Pocket Books
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8121600138
Pages: 128 {17 Figures in B/W}
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
From the Back of the Book

Yoga for the Cure of common Diseases is a handy guide to radiant health, the natural way, without medication.

Written by a famous doctor for the benefit of every home, this authoritative book will assist you to maintain the health of your family through yogasanas and simple home remedies. The yogasanas which take only a few minutes a day will help you prolong the span of your life. By following this unique yoga plan, you will be able to lead to lead a long and healthy life.

The Aim of this Book

Like my other books, this book too aims to help you to remain in good health. Also I wish to impart scientific knowledge about treating common ailments at home, so that you do not have to spend unnecessary amounts of money on medicines and may save yourself the trouble of running after doctors.

As compared to my other works, this book is different. I have not followed any particular system, exvept perhaps the system of common sense. I have specially emphasized the yogasans and also incorporated instruction and rules about diet and general health. A special feature of this book is that I have also incorporated harmless beneficial medicines and effective home remedies. I have taken the same attitude while writing this book as I take while treating my patients. Because I am a naturopathy, prominence has obviously been given to experiments tried under to system of naturopathy.

I am very concerned about the harm done by prescriptions that are passed on by hearsay or by those published in journals without adequate research. I am consequently very cautious about what I write. The prescriptions and home remedies described in this book are scientific, and I am convinced that there is no possibility of any harm coming to anyone using any of them.

Dr. Lakshinarain Sharma

1 Naturopathy for Good Health 9
Excessive use of drugs 13
A noteworthy aspect 16
2 Our body: A Minaret-The First Storey 19
Sinhasan 20
Uddiyana Bandha 21
Afflictions of the Throat 21
Boils in the Mouth 29
Dental Disorders 31
Disorders of the Face 32
Disorders of the Throat 33
Sarvangasan 34
Matsyasan 37
Brain 39
Hair 39
Eye Disorders 39
3 The Second Storey 43
Diseases of lungs 43
Bhujangasan 46
Shalabhasan 48
Asthma 53
Heart Attack 58
Tanasan 64
High Blood Pressure 63
Paschimottanasan 66
Shavasan 67
4 The third Storey 71
Yogasans for digestive Disorders 72
Pawan Muktasan 73
Yog Mudra 74
Diarrhea 77
Dysentery 78
Diabetes 79
Jaundice 81
Dhanurasan 82
Nabhiasan 84
Rash or Allergy 85
Sunstroke 87
5 Diseases of the Limbs 89
Garudasan 90
Badh Padmasan 92
6 Women's Diseases 94
7 Two Important Health Discussion 98
Uncooked Raw Food 98
The Search for Sanjivani 109
Process of becoming Healthy 114
Appendix 115
Hip-bath 115
Mud Bandage 116
Enema 116
Glossary 119

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