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YOGA: Meaning, Values and Practice

YOGA: Meaning, Values and Practice
Item Code: IDE715
Author: Phulgenda Sinha
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8179922766
Pages: 132 (Figures: 38)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0" X 4.7"
From the Jacket:

This book is the result of years of practice, study and teaching of yoga by the author. It presents yoga as a science and explains its fundamentals in a scientific perspective. All the major yogas have been discussed in terms of their meaning, significance and value with emphasis on Hatha, Raja, Karma and Jnana yogas. Such important and useful subjects as Concentration, Nervousness, Relaxation and Yoga Thoughts are comprehensively dealt with in order to enable the practitioners overcome such problems as tension, lack of concentration, disturbances in relaxation and lack of mental harmony. The different factors causing these disturbances are pointed out and their remedies are provided. The book presents selected Asanas and Pranayama and describes the method, limitations and values of each asana distinctly with full illustrations.

This book will be of assured use to all: yoga practitioners and non-practitioners alike. For the practitioners of it would be more helpful and rewarding as it is written with such a clarity that any person can easily understand and follow it. With the help of this book, one can practice yoga asanas without difficulty and without assistance of a yoga teacher. The non-practitioners will be benefited by acquiring knowledge of yogic thoughts and ideas which all relate to the well being of individuals. Only a reading of it can reveal its value.


   Yoga Science2
    Meaning of Yoga3
    Different Yogas4
    Scientific Principles of Yoga5
    Desires and wants8
    Theory of Vibration10
    Some Clarifications12
    The Nature of Mind 17
    What is Concentration? 19
    How to Gain Concentration? 20
    Essentials of Practice 21
    Method of Practice23
    A Few Suggestions29
    Some Difficulties During Practice30
    Test of Concentration32
    Environmental Factors34
    Social Factors35
    Personal Factors35
    Cure, Control and Remedy of Nervousness46
    Remedy in Regard to Environmental Factors47
    Remedy in Regard to Social Factors48
    Remedy and Control in Regard to Personal Factors49
    Remedy Concerning Problems Related to Sex-life51
    Some Yoga Techniques For Immediate Relief from Nervousness 59
    Deep Breathing59
    Shitali Pranayama60
    Relaxation Vs. Nervousness63
    Symptoms of Unrelated State63
    Causes of Disturbed Relaxation64
    Harmful Effects of Disturbed Relaxation65
    Yoga Method of Relaxation66
    Shava Asana69
    Uses of Shava Asana74
    Why Practice Yoga? 75
    Requirements For the Asanas76
    Ujjayee Pranayama79
    Method of Ujjayee Pranayama80
    Some Guidelines About Ujjayee83
    Ujjayee in Lying Position83
    Benefits of Ujjayee84
    Surya Namaskara Asana87
    Utthan Pada Asana89
    Paschimottan Asana90
    Bhujanga Asana92
    Shalabha Asana94
    Sarvanga Asana96
    Matsya Asana100
    Dhanur Asana103
    Hala Asana105
    Shava Asana109
    Guidelines for Everyday Practice109

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