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Young Designers 90-91

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Young Designers 90-91
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Young Designers 90-91

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Item Code: NAG401
Publisher: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
Language: English
Edition: 1992
Pages: 122 (Through out B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8 inch X 7.5 inch
weight of the book: 343 gms


'Young designers 90-91' is a compilation of diploma synopses, the second in the series of publications released on the occasion of the thirteenth convocation. We felicitate the graduates of the Professional Education Programme in Design with this publication. As promised in the previous volume we have fulfilled our intention to include diagrams and illustrations of representative examples of work with each synopsis. With this presentation of student achievements and faculty commentaries we once again wish to emphasise the role design can play in India. We sincerely hope that both government and industry will take note that design is a vital tool for the development of our economy, to be treated on par with the disciplines of Science, Technology and Management. We do hope that this recognition will be translated into the increased use of design by Indian industry and a corresponding increase in the investments made in the activity of design research and design education. It gives us an opportunity to thank the sponsors who through their support have confirmed their conviction that design plays an important role in the country's development.

The NID diploma project is of six months' duration. It is the culmination of an intensive education programme in design that takes each student through several stages: introduction to skills, techniques, theories, attitudes, and practical field experiences, each in a design discipline chosen from among those offered at the Institute. It is in their diploma projects that students demonstrate their learning within the academic setting dealing with live contacts and real issues, and bearing in mind the needs of society. All this is done under the guidance of the faculty. Hence these projects represent a benchmark for the quality of the education they have received and which is intended to prepare young designers to grapple with the realities of the very complex and dynamic environment that is India, in a responsible and sensitive manner. Each student prepares a detailed documentation of the process and the outcome of the diploma project. Only a glimpse of this is given in the synopses featured in this publication.

The Institute's education programme has two major faculties: Industrial Design and Communication Design. Each offers specialization in various design disciplines. Product Design, Furniture Design, Textile Design, Ceramic Design and Apparel Design, are offered in Industrial Design. Communication Design has an integrated programme which covers the print media, photography, animation, audio-visuals, video film, and exhibition design. Animation Design is also offered as a specialization. Although these disciplines provide comprehensive training, there is in addition, a good deal of interaction across and outside the disciplines, reflecting the search for a meaningful role for design in the Indian context. In the grouping of the synopses into specific sections and in their classification, we have once again attempted to broadly map the areas of design opportunities and needs in this country, which in turn influence the Institute's educational curriculum.

The spread of design awareness and an enhanced use of design in all spheres of our life is critically needed to bring to our people an enriched quality of life that they deserve. We wish the young designers luck and courage to face the real challenges and the opportunities of a vital and developing economy.



Introduction 4
Engineering & Consumer Products 6
Transportation Design 18
Design for Small Industry 28
Developing Economy 46
Design for Export 60
Communication Design 72
Design for Children 86
Social Communication 94
Environment & Architecture 104
Index 118
Addresses of Graduates 120

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