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108 Divya Desa Dharshan

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About the Author Usha Raja is the chairpersons of Newsreel media service pvt ltd. which runs the popular website as also the website and She has nearly two decades of experience in journalism and has written extensively on temples, travel, and music. She has written regular columns in Online media and authored crossword puzzles and recipes. She conducts courses on Online journalism in many collages. A post graduate in...
About the Author

Usha Raja is the chairpersons of Newsreel media service pvt ltd. which runs the popular website as also the website and

She has nearly two decades of experience in journalism and has written extensively on temples, travel, and music. She has written regular columns in Online media and authored crossword puzzles and recipes. She conducts courses on Online journalism in many collages.

A post graduate in English Literature, she is qualified in French and Carnatic music.


Every devout Sri Vaishnavite desires to visit the Divya Desams, the abode of Lord Vishnu, sung by the 12 Azhwars. Sri Vaishnavism refers these temples as the 108 Divya Desams meaning holy places. It is said that Lord Vishnu presents Himself in five different states and one of them is “Archa Avater” , that is in the idol form.

Lord Vishnu is present in Archa avatar in the Kali yuga, the fourth and current one among the yugas. The numerous temples spread across Indian and other parts of the world are houses of Lord Vishnu in multi various form and are all example of the Archa Avataram. They offer simple and easy access to the devotees to pray to the God and attain spiritual solace. They are form different ages and represent the historical perspective too. Among them, 108 find reference in the 4000 verses of Divya Prabhandham, sung by the 12 Azhwars and they hold a very special place of pride in Vaishnavism.

The ever-growing number of devotees who visit the 108 Divya Desam has sparked a need for a good, concise guide that would give the essential information regarding the Divya Desams for a touring devotee. This book has been written with this objective in mind.

Information regarding the deity, temple vimanam, holy water, sthala vriksham along with a brief history of the temple has been provided for each of the temples. Important festivals associated with the temple has been mentioned. The book also captures important information pertaining to each of these temples. These will be of help to know more about the temple’ concerned. Temple Timings, route and access, logistics along with contact numbers, which, may be of help to the tourists are also provided.

The intent being to provide basic and concise information on the Divya Desams, the book does not attempt to provide detail or exhaustive information on the temples’. It is only an introductory book on Divya Desams, with focus on the tourist. Those who get initiated and interested would certainly fina detailed and comprehensive information in other specific book. In this fast moving are, where SMS and Twitter are the norm, the aim is to present a structured guide on the Divya Desams in a brief manner. The book does not go beyond the 108 Divya Desams and Abhimana Sthalams are not covered.

It is hoped that those desirous of knowing about Divya Desams and those interested in visiting them find this book useful.


When I was in Delhi for a few month decades ago, as a student of History, I would clutch of the Archaeological Survey of Indian called ‘Monuments of Delhi’. It was my guide to tour every nook and corner of Delhi, looking for everything from pre-Mughal India to British India. Reading this book by Usha Raja on the Divya Desams, brought back those memories. The trigger was the world ‘handbook’.

Just as the ASI book was a handbook for me to explore Delhi, Usha’s book will be a handbook for those who wish to explore the 108 Divya Desams of Vaishnavite tradition. Usha has neatly and systematically worked out her articles on the temples. She gives an account of the temple’s architecture, its artistic value, the mythology/history behind it and how to reach there.

Most books on temple tend to overlook the aspect that we need direction to reach the place. Usha has filled in that gap. The English is simple and the stories associated with temples go straight to the heart. Usha has not written these articles based on hearsay or by referring to books. She has personally visited all these temples and it is her first-hand experience that enriches the quality of the book.

Beginning to end, it is concise and this would please the SMS/Twitter-smitten world that we live in. This is a book that would show the hoary Divya Desams in a microcosm to the devout Vaishnavite and initiate the indifferent Vaishanvite to venture out and see for himself/herself the rich treasures of this land. Tuck this book into your travel bag and you will be rewarded with a rich experience.


  Chozha Nattu Divya Desams  
1 Srirangam 1
2 Thirukozhi (Uraiyur) 5
3 Thirukarambanoor (Uthamar Koil) 8
4 Thiruvellarai 12
5 Thiru Anbil 15
6 Thirupernagar (Koviladi) 18
7 Thirukandiyur 21
8 Thirukoodalur (Aduthurai) 24
9 Thirukavithalam (Kabisthalam) 27
10 Thirupullamboodhangudi 30
11 Thiruaadhanur 32
12 Thirukudandai (Kumbakonam) 35
13 Thiruvinnagaram (Oppiliappan Koil) 38
14 Thirunaraiyur (Nachiyar Koil) 42
15 Thirucherai 46
16 Thirukannamangai 48
17 Thirukannapuram 51
18 Thirukannangudi 54
19 Thirunagai (Nagapattinam) 57
20 Thanjai Mamani Koil 60
21 Nandhipura Vinnakaram (Nathan Koil) 64
22 Thiruvelliangudi 67
23 Therazhundur 70
24 Thiru Sirupuliyur 72
25 Thiruthalachanga Nanmadhiyam (Thalaichangadu) 75
26 Thiruindhalur (Mayavaram) 78
27 Thirukavalambadi 80
28 Thiurkazhiseerama Vinnagaram (Sirkazhi) 82
29 Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram 85
30 Thiruvannpurushotamam 87
31 Semponsei Kovil 89
32 Thirumanimada Koil 91
33 Thiruvaikunda Vinnagaram 93
34 Thiruvali - Thirunagari 95
  Thirunagari 97
35 Thiruthevanartthogai (Keezhachalai) 99
36 Thiruthetriyambalam (Thirunangur) 101
37 Thirumanikoodam 103
38 Thiruvellakulam (Annan Koil) 105
39 Thiruparthan Palli 107
40 Thiru Chitrakoodam (Chidambaram) 109
  Nadu Nattu Divya Desams  
41 Thiruvaheendrapuram (Tiruvayindhai) 112
42 Thirukovilur 115
  Thondai Nattu Divya Desams  
43 Thirukachchi - Varadarajar Temple 118
44 Ashtabuyagaram (Ashtabhujam) 122
45 Thiruthanka (Thoopul) Kanchipuram 124
46 Tiruvellukai 127
47 Thiru Neeragam (Neeragathaan) 129
48 Thirupadagam 131
49 Thiru Nilathingal Thundam 133
50 Thiruooragam 135
51 Thiruvekka 138
52 Thiru Kaaragam 141
53 Thirukarvanam 143
54 Thirukalvanoor 145
55 Thirupavalavannam 147
56 Thiruparameshwara Vinnagaram 149
57 Thiruputkuzhi 152
58 Thiruninravur 155
59 Thiruevvul (Thiruvallur) 158
60 Thiruvellikeni 161
61 Thiruneermalai 164
62 Thiruidavantai 167
63 Thirukadalmallai (Mahabalipuram) 170
64 Thirugadigai (Sholingur) 172
65 Thiru Ayodhi (Ayodhya) 175
  Vada Nattu Divya Desams  
66 Naimisaranyam 177
67 Thiruppirudhi (Joshimutt) 180
68 Kandamenum Kadinagar (Devaprayag) 182
69 Thiruvadhari Ashramam (Badrinath) 184
70 Thirusaligramam 187
71 Thiru Vadamathura (Mathura) 189
72 Thiruvaaipadi (Gokulam) 192
73 Thiru Dwaraka 195
74 Singavelkundram (Ahobilam) 198
75 Thiruvenkatam (Tirupathi) 207
  Keezh Tirupathi 211
  Malai Nattu Divya Desam  
76 Thirunavai 212
77 Thiruvithvakodu 214
78 Thirukatkarai 217
79 Thirumoozhikkalam 219
80 Thiruvalla 221
81 Thirukkadithanam 223
82 Thiruchitraru (Thiru Chenkundroor) 225
83 Tirupuliyur - (Kuttanad) 227
84 Thiruvaranvilai (Aranmula) 229
85 Thiruvanvandoor 231
86 Thiruvananthapuram 233
87 Thiruvattaru 236
88 Thiruvanparisaram (Thirupathisaram) 239
89 Thirukurungudi 241
  Pandya Nattu Divya Desam  
90 Thirusrivaramangai (Vanamamalai) 245
91 Sri Vaikuntam 247
92 Thiruvaragunamangai 251
93 Thirupulingudi 253
94 Rettai Tirupathi Temples Tholaivillimangalam 255
95 Thirukulanthai (Perungalam) 258
96 Thirukolur 261
97 Then Thiruperai 264
98 Thirukurugoor (Azhwar Thirunagari) 266
99 Srivilliputtur 270
100 Thiruthangal 274
101 Thirukoodal 276
102 Thirumalincholai (Azhagar Malai) 278
103 Thirumohur 282
104 Thirukoshityur 285
105 Thirupullani 288
106 Thirumeiyam 291
  Thiru Nattu Divya Desam  
107 Thiruparkadal (Vyuham) 293
108 Paramapatham 294
  Route Map to Divya Desams 295


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