Advanced Principles of Prediction

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About the Book This book attempts to introduce the student to some advanced principles of astrology such as the Badhaka, Kendradhipati, Gulika and Mandi, Dustanas, Prasna and Muhurtha, etc., which are factors that help in fine-tuning predictions. These concepts are well known but little understood and tend to lead to confusion in interpreting a chart. The book deals with these advanced principles in a simple manner. Highlighting their scope as well as limitations in understanding a horosc...
About the Book

This book attempts to introduce the student to some advanced principles of astrology such as the Badhaka, Kendradhipati, Gulika and Mandi, Dustanas, Prasna and Muhurtha, etc., which are factors that help in fine-tuning predictions. These concepts are well known but little understood and tend to lead to confusion in interpreting a chart. The book deals with these advanced principles in a simple manner. Highlighting their scope as well as limitations in understanding a horoscope. No such attempt has been made so far. The discussion is in graded steps with profuse illustrations of case studies by the author and helps in clearing many ambiguities and misconceptions covering these principles in their application to actual cases.


About the Author

Gayatri Devi Vasudev is the Editor of The Astrological Magazine. She has worked closely with its Founder Editor Dr. B.V. Raman for nearly three decades.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev’s successful predictions include assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the election of President George Bush, Benazir Bhutto’s prime-ministership and exit, end of the Rajiv era, formation and continuation of the BJP-led government in India, Kargil conflict, the prime-ministership of A.B. Vajpayee, fire in the Bharatpur arms depot, Nawaz Sharif’s exit, military rule in Pakistan, etc.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev has authored many books on astrology that include, besides the present one, Clues to Interpreting Charts, The Art of Matching Charts and How to Judge a Horoscope - - Volume II. She has also edited several works on astrology.



Interest is astrology has been growing as never before indecent times, especially over the last few decades. A big contribution to this was the life-long efforts of my revered father Dr. B.V. Raman to create intelligent interest in the subject amongst the educated public. Towards this end, Dr. Raman wrote several books dealing with almost every aspect of both computational as well as predictive astrology. These books not only introduce the science to the student but also take one into the different nuances of astrology. Seen against this background, the present book is an attempt to take the student through a slightly different area of the predictive principles of astrology not hitherto dealt with. Concepts such as Badhaka, Kendradhipati Dosha, Gulika and Mandi, Ayurveda and others are found in almost all classical works of astrology where they are clearly defined; but the student is often bewildered by seeming contradictions when the question of their application to actual charts comes up.

Jupiter is described as the most powerful benefic according to general principles of interpretation. On the other hand, the Badhaka theory makes out Jupiter to be an incorrigible malefic for certain ascendants. How does one reconcile such diametrically opposing properties of planets? Actual case studies in may experience have thrown up clues that help to deal with all such ambiguities and contradictions that one comes across when taking up a chart for interpretation.

Kendradhipati is another little understood concept. Under certain conditions, it becomes extremely powerful for evil and at other times, it ceases to cause the havoc normally associated with it. This is, more or less, dependent upon where such a kendra lord is placed and leads to different kinds of results under different planetary circumstances.

Dustanas, as the name implies, are often treated with fear and as causing harm. But whet kind of harm each Dustana can cause and how far, as also how it can also not be harmful, depends on several factors in the horoscope.

Remedial measures are a concomitant of astrology, and the wide and complex range of such measures available can be bewildering. Many a time, simple measures performed with earnestness can prove highly efficacious in handling horoscopic afflictions. I have tried to approach this part of astrology in as direct and simple a manner as possible.

Muhurtha is a section of astrology on which several classical authorities have written exhaustively. Prasna or horary astrology is also a section of the subject to which recourse is taken on many occasions for solutions to problems. I have tried a novel approach trying to use a Muhurtha chart as a Prasna chart with good results. •My effort contains only the germ of an idea in this direction. I am sure readers will examine and investigate this approach critically for what it is worth.

Gulika and Mandi have been the subject of endless discussion — whether they are the same entity or quite different ones. Gulika is often treated as totally destructive of the significance of the house he occupies by some; others hold the house he aspects gets damaged instead. These are extreme views and I have tried a more moderate approach to interpret the nature of results of which Gulika is capable of. Ayurveda or the judgment of longevity is a complex and baffling topic. Whole tomes can be written on it but I have confined myself to judging longevity in a general sense as relevant to situations one constantly meets with in life and where major decisions are to be made. Such an approach to longevity, though not detailed enough to specify the exact date of death, can be an invaluable guide to planning one’s life.

I have tried to present these advanced principles in as simple a manner as the topic will allow without straying beyond the parameters set by classical authorities on the subject.

The conclusions I have arrived at with regard to the concepts I have dealt with in these pages are based on the study of countless charts; yet I do not claim mine to be the last word on them. Nevertheless, if a study of this book can help a student of astrology to gain a little more insight than existing works on the subject allow, I would have the satisfaction that my efforts have been amply rewarded. The contents of the volume have earlier appeared in The Astrological Magazine. The science of astrology is like an ocean and my work, I believe, is an honest attempt at trying to analyze just one tiny drop in the endless ‘5vaves of this vast body of knowledge.

I thank Mr. Chawla, Mr. Bairam Sadhwani and Mr. Vivek Ahuja of UBS Publishers’ Distributors Ltd. for publishing the book elegantly. I also express my gratefulness to Mr. Niranjan Babu, C.E.O. and Publisher, The Astrological Magazine, for his suggestions and assistance in the production of the book. My grateful thanks also go to Mr. Gopinath, Mr. Sanjeeva Rao and Mrs. Mahalakshmi who have helped me at vairous stages of the production of this volume.




  Introduction vii
1 The Badhaka as a Supplementary Tool 1
2 Kendradhipati Dosha — A Selective Affliction 13
3 A Critical Examination of Dustanas 33
4 Enemies from the Sixth House 47
5 The Eighth House and Calamities 59
6 Miscellaneous Matters from Dustanas 69
7 Good and Bad Results from Dustanas 79
8 Understanding Rahu and Ketu 87
9 Planets and Palliatives 101
10 Notes on Gulika and Mandi 115
11 More Notes on Gulika and Mandi 127
12 Combining Different Dasa Systems — Right or Wrong? 143
13 The Fallacy of Combining Different Dasa Systems 155
14 Muhurtha, Prasna and Political Predictions 165
15 Planets and Underground Water Sources 179
16 Judging Ayurdaya — Some Broad Guidelines 195
17 Judging Ayurdaya More Guidelines 207
18 Ayurdaya and Crucial Decisions 221

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