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Ancient Giants - History, Myth, and Scientific Evidence from Around the World

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About the Book From the Nephilim and Goliath in the Bible to the Titans in Greek mythology and the Fomorians and Frost Giants in Celtic and Nordic lore, almost every culture around the world has spoken of an ancient race of giants. Giant bones and full skeletons have been found in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Yet despite mounting evidence, mainstream science continues to consign these findings to the fringe. Examining global myths, historical records, megalithic ruins,...
About the Book

From the Nephilim and Goliath in the Bible to the Titans in Greek mythology and the Fomorians and Frost Giants in Celtic and Nordic lore, almost every culture around the world has spoken of an ancient race of giants. Giant bones and full skeletons have been found in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Yet despite mounting evidence, mainstream science continues to consign these findings to the fringe.

Examining global myths, historical records, megalithic ruins, and archaeological finding, Xaviant Haze provides compelling evidence for a lost race of giants in Earth’s prehistory. He explores the mythology of ancient religions as well as medieval and modern myths, such as Geoffrey of Monmouth’s account of the first kings of Britain and the stories of giant bones unearthed by Allied soldiers during World War II. He investigates historical reports of ancient giants found in Ireland and the British Isles, multitude of fascinating giant legends in China. He also explores the mythic origins of the giants: Were they the hybrid results from genetic experiments of ancient aliens or from the interbreeding of the fallen angels with the daughters of man?

Covering legends and finds from throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, new Zealand, and the Far East, haze also presents – in its entirety – the Book of giants, a portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls suppressed due to its overwhelming support for the existence of giants in antiquity.

About the Author

Xaviant haze is researcher of ancient manuscripts and alternative history, exploring and documenting his findings on lost cities and the myth of the pre-diluvian world. The co-author of The Suppressed History of America, he lives in Tueson, Arizona.


Of all the ancient mysteries handed down by our ancestors, the megalithic monuments remain the most puzzling, especially given that their exact dates and methods of construction remain unknown. Also unknown are the actual builders of these immensely spectacular stone structures. Mainstream academia pretty much glosses over these megaliths that can be found all over the world, assigning their creation to the will of the people or slaves being forced to haul gargantuan stones, weighing tons upon tons. Lost or buried in the mainstream arguments explaining these megaliths are the native or local histories that attribute their construction to a race of giants from a forgotten era.

The folklore of ancient Europe is full of tales starring giants who build massive stone monoliths and battle their way toward the Irish shores. The mysterious lands of Russia have also been slowly revealing their hidden ancient giant history with newly discovered megalithic structures being unearthed at a quickening pace. It seems there is a direct mythological connection between ancient giants and the pre-historic megalithic monuments that stand thousands of years later as immense rock icons of a lost civilization.

From the Holy Lands and across the oceans to the lands of the Native Americans, all of humankind's earliest written and oral accounts speak of an advanced race of beings, commonly referred to as "giants." These giants were supposedly a hybrid species fathered by a sophisticated culture that ruled Earth before the last great flood, as much as 11,500 years ago. In fact, modern science is pointing out daily that humans are a hybrid species by admitting that recent DNA tests on the Neanderthals and the newly discovered Denisovans indicate that they share genomes that come from a completely unknown, unidentifiable group of people.' DNA from one Neanderthal discovered in a Siberian cave in 2013 suggests an interbreeding of multiple ancient humanlike groups in Europe and Asia more than thirty thousand years ago. These results also include an unknown human ancestor and paint a world full of varying characters similar to those found in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings universe. Could the genomes from the forgotten race of ancient giants provide the mysterious missing link those DNA hunters are looking for?

Mainstream academia teaches that giants, Cyclops, and other crypto-zoological beings are nothing more than myths, and the bones that ancient humans believed to be giant bones were misconstrued, being nothing more than prehistoric animal bones. That is the official (and end of) story for the establishment when the topic of ancient giants is discussed. But there is much more to this story, perhaps a bit too much more than many in high academic positions are prepared to admit (especially when doing so could jeopardize their livelihoods).

Genesis 6:4 says:

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

In Hebrew versions of this passage the word Nephilim is used instead of giants; this controversial word is derived from the Hebrew verb nafol, and means "to fall," implying that the Nephilim are the fallen race of giants who ruled the world before being destroyed by God in a global deluge that submerged the antediluvian realm.

The Roman Jewish historian Flavius Josephus wrote about megalithic pillars (the great pyramids of Giza?) that were constructed before the flood by a race of giants who feared a global deluge. It was the hope that the monuments would survive to inspire future generations of humans. It turned out that not only did some of the monuments survive but so, too, did the giants. In The Antiquities of the Jews Flavius Josephus writes:

These kings had laid waste all Syria, and overthrown the offspring of the giants. . . . There were still then left the race of giants, who had bodies so large, and countenances so entirely different from other men, that they were surprising to the sight, and terrible to the hearing. The bones of these men are still shown to this very day, unlike to any credible relations of other men.

Although now relegated to children's bedtime stories, the tale of David versus Goliath was once seen as more than a morality fable. It was an accepted part of history.

Flavius Josephus continues the history lesson of David, the new king of ancient Israel, and his fight to remove the once mighty race of giants along with the Philistines from the Holy Lands.

A little afterward the king made war against the Philistines; and when he had joined battle with them, and put them to flight, he was left alone, as he was in pursuit of them; and when he was quite tired down, he was seen by one of the enemy; his name was Achmon, the son of Araph, he was one of the sons of the giants. He had a spear, the handle of which weighed three hundred shekels, and a breast-plate of chain-work, and a sword. He turned back, and ran violently to slay their enemy's king, for he was quite tired out with labor; but Abishai, Joab's brother, appeared on the suden, and protected the king with his shield, as he lay down, and slew the enemy....

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