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7 Karma Codes (Heal the Storm Within)

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About The Book Have you ever wondered why your life has turned out he way it has?I s there a reason you keep attracting the same patterns repeatedly? Are you struggling with challenges of work and in your relationship? Do negative emotions, strass, exhaustion and loneliness plague you? The 7 karma codes give you starling insights to why things happen and what you can do to transform your relationship with yourself technique, diagrams and real life examples, this book shall guide you throu...
About The Book

Have you ever wondered why your life has turned out he way it has?I s there a reason you keep attracting the same patterns repeatedly? Are you struggling with challenges of work and in your relationship? Do negative emotions, strass, exhaustion and loneliness plague you? The 7 karma codes give you starling insights to why things happen and what you can do to transform your relationship with yourself technique, diagrams and real life examples, this book shall guide you through the furbulent sea of distressing emotions and complex questions. Be it you career,personal relationships, with God; the 7 Karma Codes embraces the unending quest for purpose, love ,balance, peace, joy and contentment. The 7 karma Codes contains secrets every man must know. As you embrace the wisdom of these codes, you will move from confusion to clarity ,Victimhood to power, and darkness to light. Not only do the 7 Karma Codes teach you how to heal your Wound and reduce your karmic burden, they also show you how to unhold uour most powerfull destiny .They guide you to think, feel and act in ways that will fulfil your soul’s deepest yearning.

About The Author

Suzy Singh is a Transpersonal Therapist, Karma Coach, Relationship Counsellor, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She has spent 36 years exploring consciousness. Using a wide range of techniques to delve into the subconscious mind, Suzy is constantly striving to unravel the mysteries of the mind and comprehend the soul's eternal journey. Unravelling and changing limiting patterns imprinted upon the subconscious mind are her area of specialisation and field of continuing research.

Besides offering private therapy sessions and spiritual training classes, Suzy also conducts workshops to facilitate personal growth and well-being. She is a contributing author to the Amazon bestseller Holistic Wellness in the Newage on the subject of 'Healing through Hypnosis'. Her search for truth has been nurtured by many elevated masters and mystical experiences.

She has also written extensively on brands and managing interpersonal relationships at work for publications such as The Economic Times, Business World, and Business Standard in the past, besides teaching Marketing Communications at various reputed Business Schools in India. A mother of two, Suzy is passionate about baking, designing interiors, reading and writing.


The seed for this book was perhaps sown almost two decades ago, when, in the aftermath of the devastating car crash my family suffered, our six-year-old daughter obsessively sprung just one question at me repeatedly, 'Mama who will be there for me when you both die?'

The question she had posed was not the resultant trauma of the accident alone, (although it was probably triggered by it) but the dilemma of every soul that separates from the Source (God). It is this grief of separation that prompts the universal fear of being alone in each one of us. What my baby was in effect asking for, was a way to conquer the vulnerability of being human, so that she could overcome the suffering of separation.

She was asking for a guide that could help her navigate life's storms, soothe her aching heart and gently point her in the right direction. A guide that could offer inspiration and hope when everything looked dismal and dark. A guide who would always be there.

This book is that guide. It is a gift of love not just for my children, but for all of humanity. The 7 Karma Codes encompasses many conversations about the endless challenges of life, and is, understandably, a lengthy book that requires a patient mind and an open heart.

The book demystifies the complex fabric of your soul's plan for evolution and growth. It identifies the pitfalls and challenges that keep you entangled in regressive patterns and reveals powerful methods of abating the consequences of karma and a disappointing fate. By sharing ancient technologies that help you rise above your circumstances, the 7 Karma Codes enables you to embrace a higher octane of human experience that brings you more fulfilment, peace, joy and contentment.

Needing no more than the power of your awareness and the strength of your will, it shall compel you to look deeply into your own mind, to reveal a never-before-understanding about yourself. This altered perception shall make you re-examine the unfavourable choices you have been making thus far, expanding your awareness, so you can open your mind to newer possibilities. That is the core idea of this book. To help you identify the underlying causes of your internal storm, and to offer ways in which you can calm it.

While the book has a definite flow, interweaving biographic experiences, introspections about the soul's journey, and deep insights harvested from my personal and clinical experiences, each chapter is complete in itself and can be referred to individually, especially at times when you are facing confusions in a specific aspect of your life. The messages are deeply layered to reveal new insights each time you re-read any section.

The storyline uses an age regressive pattern where Precious, the wise-beyond-her-years central character, becomes younger in each successive chapter. This is done intentionally to assist you in bringing long forgotten childhood memories to the surface for healing. By merely reading the contents of this book, your perception about life will begin to transform, arousing in you the hope for a more compassionate existence.

Looking deeply, a method referred to throughout this book, requires that you seek the truth about yourself and the situations you find yourself in. It urges you to penetrate the veils of deceptive façades and connect instead with your vulnerabilities.

To heal, you must first be willing to acknowledge and examine your wounds. If your intention in reading this book is to transform some aspect of your life or consciousness, that doesn't feel quite right, I would strongly urge you to embrace these aspects with deep compassion for yourself and others, rather than viewing them through the lens of prejudice or judgement. This is the first step in healing your life.

The 7 Karma Codes have blossomed in the crucible of intense desire to fulfill my purpose. Conceived through intense prayer and endless meditations, this book has helped me cleanse much of my own darkness and ignorance, purifying my consciousness to make me more aware, more forgiving, more loving and more accepting of others and myself. It has made me realise that all we need to do is ask sincerely for the truth to be revealed, without resisting or doubting that it shall happen, and believe that our plea will be answered. In my view, this is the real essence of surrender.

By learning to transform your perceptions and responses to life's ordinary circumstances in a more responsible, kind and inclusive way, you will cause a shift in your destiny's tracks from its present karmic conditions, to the highway of a more self-aware and fulfilling existence, that shall express your soul's highest calling.

I pray that the gifts of divine grace shared in this book may unfold in your consciousness. It is my hope that as you partner with this guide and patiently grow with it, you will bring forth that precious, God-like image of yourself, which you truly are at your very core.

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