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The Aryaman Trilogy - An Epic Novel in Three Parts

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The Author Bina Saksena, more commonly known to her friends as Twinkie, was born in New Delhi in 1935. She saw little of her city of birth, however, for when she was two years old, her father took the family abroad on his first diplomatic posting to Kobe, Japan. When war broke out three years later, the Saksenas sailed home, only to leave after six months for Sydney, Australia. Here, Bina underwent her first seven years of schooling. Then in 1947, the Saksenas returned to India in t...

The Author

Bina Saksena, more commonly known to her friends as Twinkie, was born in New Delhi in 1935. She saw little of her city of birth, however, for when she was two years old, her father took the family abroad on his first diplomatic posting to Kobe, Japan. When war broke out three years later, the Saksenas sailed home, only to leave after six months for Sydney, Australia. Here, Bina underwent her first seven years of schooling. Then in 1947, the Saksenas returned to India in time to witness partition and independence, soon after which they once again took to the high seas. Bina spent the next eight years on the American continent, attending high school, and later Barnard College in New York City, while her father served first as India's Consul General in New York, and afterwards as India's High Commissioner in Ottawa. Finally at the age of twenty-one, Bina returned to India for good. With her American husband, she settled in Shimla, and spent thirteen years in an idyllic cottage facing the snow ranges. There, while raising three lively children, she found time to work at her writing and pursue her two other passions, ice skating and horseback riding. In 1969, she moved to Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. Her output over the last twenty years includes poems, two plays, one of which was performed by the Ashram school students, and several novels which have been published serially in the Ashram publication, Mother India. Writers Workshop, Calcutta, has published a play by her, A Tale of Two Princes; a novel, Seven Lives and the Aryaman epic trilogy novel.


With The Blood of Aryaman, I embark upon a long journey into time-physical time certainly, but more than that, into what can best be described as consciousness time. Recorded history I have set aside on this voyage of discovery, for it is a thing too hemmed in by material fact, and too rigidly locked inside our scholarly and scientific understanding of the ureal".

There is a freer past to which the human awareness has access. One catches glimpses of it in the tales of ancient epic poets, balladeers, and raconteurs. They offer it to us as a persistent, ever-repeating dream of our origins. It s is a dream based on a time when gods and men had not yet severed the bonds that joined them, when one could still speak of a Satya Yuga, or an age before the fall of man. It is the age when many races claimed divine descent, and would, in fact, have been ashamed if they could not have done so. It was important then for men to feel they had originated from the god and not the beast, a matter, indeed, of a fundamental generic pride.

Can one consider such presumed memories and claims of the extraordinary as reality? Many today would deny it out of hand. To our present-day mind, it is obvious that life has little relationship to divine descent, legendary fantasy, or any of the other awareness’s of the dawn ages and their seemingly simplistic spiritual ideas. It is accepted that we must fall prey to our mortality and the decay that it entails. Psychologically too, our thoughts and motivations must constantly be open to question, doubt and misinterpretation. There can be no divine certitudes, of virtue or perfection. Having learnt that truth is not white but of an indeterminate colour, we are impelled to scoff at any suggestion of a less mortal supra-physical past of divine origins. Science assures us that the ancients were wrong, and that we have, in fact, arisen from the beast and not the god.

There is no denying scientifically proven reality. Material evolution from lower to higher ones must be accepted as established. But I would maintain that somewhere in the soul of mankind, the enigmatic memory of the earlier assertion also lives. I would suggest that it is neither entirely poetic fancy, a primitive ego-building exercise, nor a laboured allegory. The voices that speak of the inter-relationships of gods and men come from an ancient, other- dimensional world that is a fore-image of our own. It is still umbilical connected to our material world and begs to be experienced and accepted in its own right and through its own perception of reality.

In the formulation of existence to which The Blood of Aryaman belongs, darkness and in conscience can still be perceived as forces outside oneself. The Kings of Vimalapuram whose lives I recount still recognize themselves as the children of Aryaman, the Sun God. They cling to the belief that the scion of deity must be free of all corruption, that he rules his followers by right of a merit that is manifest. They know that man is not born intrinsically degenerate, but has the ability, even duty, to grow into the wisdom of a rishi, a Shukratma, a supra-physical being.

If we are prepared to pause, step back, and live awhile, as I have done, with such a world, we may be surprised to find that its experiences' and consciousness arc not only the roots from which we have sprung, but the base upon which, even today, our humanity stands.

  The author 10
  Book One: The Bool of Aryaman  
  Preface 17
One The Malediction 21
Two Origins 23
Three Restituion 28
Four Vikatakantaka 33
Five Jyotirmaya 36
Six Aryaman 38
Seven Dakshina 42
Eight Leave-Taking 48
Nine The Journey 52
Ten The Sword 60
Eleven The Decision 62
Twelve The Treaty 65
Thirteen The Marriage 70
Fourteen Cleansing 77
Fifteen Transition 79
Sixteen Confrontation 83
Seventeen Gota 89
eighteen The Newcomer 93
Nineteen The Hermitage 100
Twenty The quarrel 105
Twenty-One The Lump of clay 110
Twenty Two The goddess 113
Twenty Three Mandaini 117
Twenty-Four Fusion 121
Twenty-Five Hara 126
Twenty-Six The Arrival 132
Twenty-Seven Courtship 138
Twenty-Eight Union 142
Twenty-Nine The Queens 147
Thirty The Transformation 155
Thirty-One The Altercation 159
Thirty-Two The Elephants 165
Thirty-Three The Seed 172
Thirty- Four The Season of the Empty Pot 176
Thirty- Five The Birth 180
Thirty-Six The Procession 184
Thirty-Seven The Falcon and the Sword 187
Thirty- Eight The Cobra 192
Thirty- Nine The Night of the Rakshasa 196
Forty The Storm 210
Forty-One The Terror 215
Forty-Two Flight 218
Forty-Three Survival 226
Forty-Four The Statue 231
Forty-Five The Prophecy 235
Forty-Six Healing 239
Forty-Seven Homecoming 242
Forty- Eight Menace 252
Forty-Nine The Stone 256
Fifty The Forest 264
Fifty-One The Queens and the Commoner 272
Fifty-Two Chandraketu and Hara 275
Fifty-Three The Pendant 283
Fifty-Four Aftermath 286
  Book Two: Agnibhrata  
  The Reluctant God  
  Preface 293
One Night 295
Two Dawn 296
Three The Forest 300
Four Nexus 307
Five Chandraketu 308
Six Homeward 311
Seven Vimalapuram 315
Eight Katankata 319
Nine Hiranyamaya 322
Ten The Horses 324
Eleven Mandakini 331
Twelve Angaraka 337
Thirteen Bhringaraja 342
Fourteen Duratma 352
Fifteen Longing 356
Sixteen Resolution 359
Seventeen The Call 361
Eighteen The People 365
Nineteen Bhaskar 367
Twenty Brides 370
Twenty-One Vengeance 375
Twenty-Two Hirenraja 379
Twenty-Three Nuptials 381
Twenty-Four Doubt 383
Twenty- Five Saubhagya 385
Twenty-Six Departure 388
Twenty-Seven Shukratma 393
Twenty-Eight Kingship 395
Twenty-Nine Fever 399
Thirty Fire 401
Thirty-One Bharinda 405
Thirty-Two Triumph 409
Thirty-Three The Twins 414
Thirty- Four The Visitor 418
Thirty- Five Birth 421
Thirty-Six The Trial 423
Thirty-Seven Rage 429
Thirty- Eight Kshipra 435
Thirty- Nine Love 442
Forty The Asura 445
Forty-One Treason 449
Forty-Two The Rot 453
Forty-Three The Potion 456
Forty-Four Decision 458
Forty-Five The Meeting 463
Forty-Six The Marriage 469
Forty-Seven The Plot 473
Forty- Eight Deception 477
Forty-Nine The Spider 480
Fifty Death 484
Fifty-One Survival 488
Fifty-Two Confrontation 491
Fifty-Three The Banyan Tree 497
Fifty-Four Conquest 500
Fifty-Five Miracle 509
Fifty-Six Beyond 511
  Book Three: The Face In the Pool  
One The Twins 519
Two The Mist 523
Three The Horses 528
Four The Palace 532
Five The Flame 540
Six Kshipra's Burden 545
Seven The Preparations 549
Eight Meghavati 556
Nine The Exhibition 563
Ten The Princes 570
Eleven Partings 578
Twelve The Challenge ofParva 582
Thirteen Shukratma 596
Fourteen The Task 602
Fifteen Lifelines 610
Sixteen The Last Dawn 620
Seventeen The Abyss 630
Eighteen The Return 636
Nineteen The Wall 641
Twenty Swarnapura 646
Twenty-One Vimala 657
Twenty-Two Hope 662
Twenty-Three Release 666
Twenty- Four Possession 679
Twenty- Five Yama 684
Twenty-Six Kali Yuga 699
Twenty-Seven All-Time 703
Twenty-Eight The Living Stream 709
Twenty-Nine Adiveerya 718
Thirty Professor Everton 731
Thirty-One Kali Yuga's Children 738
Thirty-Two The Edge ofKali Yuga 747
Thirty-Three The Bridge 753
Thirty- Four Assault 759
Thirty- Five Mandakini's Naga 766
Thirty-Six Yama 775
Thirty-Seven The Heart of Aryaman 778
  List of illustrations:  
  Goddess Mandakini 20
  Shukratma 30
  Bhringaraja 99
  Hara 131
  Mandakini 140
  Chandraketu 173
  Hiranyamaya 211
  Katankata 246
  Angaraka 341
  Agnibharata 392
  Saubhagya 433
  Kshipra 468
  Four Horses 504
  Meghavati 577
  Aryaketu 595
  Adiveerya 720
  Note from Subash 794
  Glossary 797
  Note on the Front Cove 807


Item Code: NAN712 Author: Bina Saksena Cover: Paperback Edition: 2010 Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry ISBN: 9781450055994 Language: English Size: 10.0 inch X 7.5 inch Pages: 806 (2 Color and 7 B/W Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 1.4 kg
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