Astrology Related to Diseases and Misfortunes: Through SCP and The Nakshatra System

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About the Book This book is about understanding all the problems which human beings face on a day-to-day basis. This book has two parts: 1. Anaysis of birth chart on the basis of SCP (Sudarshan Chakra Padhati) 2. Analysis of birth chart on the basis of Nakshatra System. PART-1 SCP is not a new concept. This helps to study the Natal chart and Navmasa chart on the basis of Lagna, Moon Lagna and Sun Lagna. This system helps to find out and confirm the problems of day-to-day life with a de...
About the Book
This book is about understanding all the problems which human beings face on a day-to-day basis. This book has two parts:

1. Anaysis of birth chart on the basis of SCP (Sudarshan Chakra Padhati)

2. Analysis of birth chart on the basis of Nakshatra System.


SCP is not a new concept. This helps to study the Natal chart and Navmasa chart on the basis of Lagna, Moon Lagna and Sun Lagna. This system helps to find out and confirm the problems of day-to-day life with a deep analysis of various charts. The system followed in the book also helps to find out the tragedies of life with a quick analysis of charts by following an easy approach. While using SCP, we use planets, Trik-Bhavas, Exaltation of planets, Debilitation of planets, Conjunctions of planets, Degrees of planets, Combustion of planets, Aspects and Helping aspects of planets, Kendra effect of planers, Karkatwa of planets and also Retrograde motion of planets.


In this system, while analyzing a Natal Chart, all the focus is on the Bhavas that are signified by the planets. In this system, except Aspects, Conjunction and Kendra effect, nothing more is considered as followed in SCP. In this system, significators of the planets are calculated and judgement is done on the basis of Houses or Bhavas that are working according to Planets of Dasha Lords. Only planets and their Nakshatra lords are considered to calculate the bhavas or houses signified as per their lordship and placement. Vimhottari Dasha is considered to pinpoint the events. No tough calculations are considered and done for this system in this book. By following this book, even a layman and people who have only the basic knowledge of astrology can be benefitted. And an easy study can be done about common but dangerous diseases and misfortunes. This is the main purpose of this book. All the calculations are done by using the software named Astro-Kundli developed by Dr. Rajiv C Karekar, Mumbai.

About the Author
Mr. Deepak Bhardwaj (M.Com) belongs m a Brahmin family. He has written a book called Sudarshan Chakra Padhati and Role of Separative Planets in Married Life. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He works in the Health Departmentas an Accountant. He has done a deep study and research' of accurate Vedic and moderniystems of astrology. He is a Philanthropist and has a zeal for serving humanity. He is not only an Astrologer but also a good Counselor who always tries to bring joy to the people who suffer a lot due to the day-to-day problems of life.

He has propounded the simple and new concepts in the field of astrology such as SCP, use of Helping Aspects and also the use of Kendra Effect. These concepts were not used too much in the previous texts and other books of astrology. He has also tried to use these concepts in the Nakshatra System. The main centre of attraction of his Padhati is not to follow difficult and confusing principles as these were in practice in old texts. In the present work, he has used SCI' and Nakshatra System to analyze the diseases and misfortunes of the native with the help of rules and combinations which are very easy to understand and follow. This book not only deals with the day-to-day problems of life but also works as the primary indicator to predefine the various events of life. This book will always work as the true guide for all types of people whether they are laymen, students of astrology or astrologers.


By the grace of God I had launched my first book named Sudarshan Chakra Padhati and Role of Separative Planets for Married Life. SCP and Nakshatra system are not new concepts of Astrology. Both of these systems are followed by astrologers since a long time. Both of these systems are very accurate systems of predictions in Vedic astrology. I have dealt with both of these systems in my present book.



This is very old system of prediction, in this system a chart is studied not from one lagna only but from lagna, moon lagna and sun lagna also. And predictions are given on the basis of position of planets also from form lagna, moon lagna and sun lagna. in this system the combustion, detrimental, degrees, exaltation and debilitation of planets on the basis of placement of planets are also considered for accurate predictions not only from one lagna but all the three lagnas are considered. With this the navmasa chart is also studied just like the lagna chart and that is also divided in three lagnas, considered as navmasa lagna chart, moon navmasa lagna and sun navmasa lagna chart. In this book by using this concept the examples of common misfortunes of day to day life and severe misfortunes like deaths, accidents and diseases are studied and discussed.

In this book all the calculations of charts are done by using the software of ASTRO- KUNDLI developed by Mr. Rajiv C Karekar, Mumbai.

In this book we are mainly concerned about the Diseases, Mishappenings or Misfortunes in daily life. In astrology bhavas which deals with these are 6, 8 and 12th. The significations of these bhavas are as under which we be discussed a lot and again and again in this book as follows:-

Sixth House: Rin -Roga Shatru(Enemies), Job and Service, Servants, Regular use of something (attendance, Medicines or addiction) relatives, Mental tension, Injuries, Health, Diseases, Accidents, Mental affliction.

Eighth House: Losses, Delays and Obstructions, If connected with 12th then scandals, Longevity, Debts, disease, Ill-fame, inheritance, New Inventions, Loss of friends, Dowry and Dowry Seekers, Occult studies, Evils, Gifts, Unearned Wealth, Windfall Profits, Disgrace, Secrets.

Twelfth House: Plotting, Plotting against a Native, Losses, Expenditure, Punishment, Jail to a Native or Imprisonment, Hospitalization, Pleasures in bed, Misfortune, Bad habits, Sleep, Meditation, Donation, Secret enemies, Left eye, Feet, Residence in foreign or away from the place of birth.

Book's Contents and Sample Pages

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