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Defeat Joint Pains

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Back the Book This is practical jargon free book for all those people who are suffering from joint pains. This book will help people in understanding the cause and nature of their joint pains. It will also make the general public aware about the efficacy of homeopath and other alternative therapies. Highlights of the book i. Covers different types and causes of joint pains ii. Many figures, diagrams and illustrations for interesting red and easy Understanding iii Every asp...
Back the Book

This is practical jargon free book for all those people who are suffering from joint pains. This book will help people in understanding the cause and nature of their joint pains. It will also make the general public aware about the efficacy of homeopath and other alternative therapies.

Highlights of the book

i. Covers different types and causes of joint pains

ii. Many figures, diagrams and illustrations for interesting red and easy Understanding

iii Every aspect of joint pains has been explained in easy to understanding language

iv under homeopathic treatment, only those remedies which have been found clinically most effective have been listed with their indicated symptoms and dosages


About the Author

Dr Ritu Jain is BHMS with honors. She is also a BSc (Gold Medalist) in life Science. For the last 10 years she is healing people at kalian specialty Homeopathic Clinic. She is also a member of VHAD (Voluntary Health Association of Delhi) which keeps her busy providing health services to the underprivileged. Her patients recognize her as a tolerant listener and compassionate physician. She uses multi-disciplinary approach of complimentary therapies to treat the patient as a whole.



My purpose in writing this series of books is to provide the general public information on homoeopathy as well as some other alternative therapies and their uses in particular health disorders like joint pains, asthma, diabetes, high blood presure, back pain, constipation etc.

People now wish to take more responsibility for their own health. An increasing number want to understand what they can do themselves to prevent illness and, if they do become ill, to understand the causes and determine how they can help themselves recover. Homoeopathy offers a simple, effective, extremely safe, and relatively inexpensive way of accomplishing this – provided it is practiced with common sense.

By understanding basics of homoeopathy you will be able to take better care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. In the market there are thousands of homoeopathic remedies available. This book aims to make clear mysteries surrounding homoeopathy and will help you to make an informed choice about homoeopathic self-treatment.

It is my kind request that under no circumstances, however, should patients suffering from serious ailments (or those uncertain of their ailment) considers self-treatment. They should always consult a well-qualified experienced homoeopathic physician.

Defeat joint pains with Homoeopathy & others Alternative Therapies is practical, jargon-free book for all those who are suffering form joint pains and are taking allopathic painkillers, steroids etc. and getting temporary relief with no cure in sight. Moreover constant use of allopathic medicines causes numerous side-effects which include damage to liver, kidneys, heart and reduced immunity. This book will help these people to understand the cause and nature of their joint pains and then take specific homoeopathic remedies as well as other alternative therapies including yoga, acupressure diet& nutrition which will help them recover rapidly and permanently.

Highlights of the book are as follows:

• Information on homoeopathy- All the question have been answered that you always wanted to ask. This will help you understand the basics of homoeopathy and integrate it into your healthcare.

• Many figures, diagrams and illustrations have been included to make the topic interesting and easy to understand.

• Various types of joints and their structure and functions have been properly explained.

• All disorders which cause joint pains have been covered:

1. Sprins & Strains

2. Arthritis- Rheumatoid arthritis, Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Infectious, arthritis, Osteoarthritis.

3. Gout

4. Bursitis

5. Tennis Elbow

6. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

7. Tendinitis

8. Dislocation

9. Bunions

• Every aspect of each disorder has been explained in easy-to-understand language-Causes, symptoms, Lab investigations when to consult a doctor, Treatment and management & Prevention.

• Under homoeopathic treatment, only those remedies which have been found very effective in particular disorder have been listed with their indicated symptoms and dosages. This make the choice of remedy very edortless.

• In addition to homoeopathic treatment for following complementary therapies have been included:

1 Bach flower therapy

2 Home remedies

3 Acupressure

4 Reflexology

5 Herbal therapy

6 Hydrotherapy

7 Yoga

8 Diet & nutrition

9 Juice therapy

10 Massage

11 Exercises

12 Physiotherapy

• With the help of the above-mentioned additional information the patient can complement the homoeopathic treatment with other suitable therapies to get maximum benefit in shortest time.

Above all else, as you work your May thorough this book, keep in mind a message of hope. Whether your disorder is recent or lifelong, you are walking a road taken by many others. They are still traveling, but the road is getting easier as they move ahead rather than stand still. From this book you will learn treatments that are based on research, evidence and experience. They work-and they will work for you. All the best with your journey. Now it is time to begin…



I would never have started writing this book if Dr. Rohit jain, my husband who is also Publishing Manager with B. jain Publishers, had not invited me to do so and then encouraged and supported me along the way- thanks, Rohit. Also how can I forget my lovely1- year –old daughter Adya who kept me refreshed with her innocent activities?

My indebtness to Dr. Vijay Kansal and Dr. Shailendra Shrivastava, both are Orthopaedic Consultants, for their constant help and motivation . I am also thankful to Dr. Vimal K. Bhardwaj for beautifully drawing the diagrams of the book.

My thanks also to my Publishers, Mr. Kuldeep Jain, who approached me to put my knowledge together and form this book- and then helped me!

I’m sincerely grateful to my patients who have enriched my experience and confidence over the years. And to my brother, sisters their families, and my friends for their inspiration and support.




Chapter 1  
Information on Homoeopath 1
Chapter 2  
What Are Joints 9
Chapter 3  
Sprains and Strains 13
Causes 14
Symptoms 14
Lab Investigations 14
Treatment and Management 14
1.General 15
2.Homoeopathy 15
a.Arnica Montana 30 15
b. Rhus toxicodendron 30 17
c. Ruta Graveloens 18
d. Magnesia Phosphorica 30 19
e. Calcarea Phosphorica 30 20
e. Cinchona Officinails 30 21
f. Strontia Carbonicum 30 22
3.Home Remedies 23
Prevention 23
Chapter 4  
Arthritis 25
Causes 25
Types of Arthritis 25
1.Rheumatoid Arthritis 25
2.Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis 26
3.Infectious Arthritis 26
4.Osteoarthritis 27
Symptoms 29
Lab Investigations 30
1.Rheumatoid Arthritis 30
2.Infectious Arthritis 30
3.Osteoarthritis 30
Consult a Doctor if 30
Treatment and Management 30
1.Homoeopathy 31
a.Bryonia Alba 30 31
b. Rhus Toxicodendron 30 32
c. Ledum Palustre 30 33
d. Colchicum 30 34
e. Cousticum 30 35
f. Magnesia Phosphorica 30 37
g. Pulsatilla 30 38
h. Aconite Napellus 30 39
i. Arnica Montana 30 40
j. Calcarea Phosphorica 30 42
k. Kali Iodide 43
l. Guaiacum 44
m. Rhododendron 30 44
n. Kalmia Latifolia 30 45
o. Chelidonium Majus 30 46
p. Formica Ruta 47
q. Lycopodium 48
r. Sulphurr 30 49
s. Arsenicum Album 30 51
t. Silica 30 52
u. Phyotacca 30 53
v. Stellaria Medica 30 54
w. Mercurius Solubilis 30 55
x. Actea Spicata 30 56
y. Belladonna 30 57
z. Cinchona officinalis 30 58
aa. Acid Benzoicum 30 59
ab. Caulophyllum 30 60
2.Acupressure 61
3.Herbal Therapy 61
4.Hydrotherapy 62
5.Yoga 62
6.Diet and Nutrition 63
a. What to eat 63
b. What to Reduce 65
c. What to Avoid 65
7.Juice Therapy 65
8.Home Remedies 67
Chapter 5  
Gout 69
Causes 70
Symptoms 70
Lab Investigations 71
Consult a Doctor if 73
Treatment and Management 73
1. Homoeopathy 73
a. Ledum Palustre 30 74
b. Bryonio Alba 30 75
c. Acid Benzoicum 30 76
d. Lithium Carbonicum 30 77
e. Colchicum 30 78
f. Lycopodium 30 79
g. Mercurius Solubillis 30 80
h. Arnica Montana 30 81
i. Calcarea Corbonica 30 82
j. Causticum 30 84
k. Suphur 30 86
l. Rhus Toxicodendron 30 87
m. Calcarea Phosphorica 30 88
n. Formica Ruta 30 89
o. Pulsatilla 30 90
p. Staphysagria 30 91
q. Aconite Napellus 30 92
r. Chinchona Officianalis 30 94
s. Guaiacum 95
t. Magnesia Phosphorica 30 96
u. Caulphyllum 30 97
2. Acupressure 98
3.Herbal Therapy 98
4.Diet and Nutrition 98
a. What to Eat 98
b. What to Reduce 100
c. What to Avoid 100
4.Juice Therapy 101
5. Reflexology 101
6. Home Remedies 101
Prevention 102
Chapter 6  
Bursitis 103
Causes 104
Symptoms 104
Consult a Doctor if 104
Treatment and Management 104
1. Homoeopathy 105
a Arnica Mantana 30 105
b. Phytolacca 30 107
c. Silica 30 107
d. Ruta Graveloens 30 109
e. Rhus Toxicodendrom 30 110
f. Acid Benzoicum 30 1111
g. Suphur 30 112
h. Calcarea Phosphorica 30 113
i. Causticum 30 114
j. Bryonica Alba 30 116
k. Kali Iodide 30 117
l. Mercurius Solubilis 30 118
m. Belladonna 30 119
2. Acupressure 120
3. Herbal Therapy 120
4. Juice Therapy 121
5.Bach Flower Therapy 121
6.Diet and Nutrition 121
Prevention 121
Chapter 7  
Tennis Elbow 123
Causes 124
Symptoms 125
Consult a Doctor if 125
Treatment and Management 125
1. Homoeopathy 126
a. Rhus Toxicodendron 30 126
b. Ruta Graveolens 30 127
c. Magnesia Phosphorica 30 128
d. Causticum 30 129
e. Pulsatilla 30 130
f. Arnica Montana 30 132
g. Silica 30 133
2. Acupressure 135
3. Physiotherapy 135
4. Herbal Therapy 136
5. Hydrotherapy 136
6. Home Remedies 136
Prevention 136
a. Preventing a Tennis Elbow 136
b. Preventing Repalse 137
Chapter 8  
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 139
Causes 140
Symptoms 142
Consult a Doctor if 142
Lab Investigations 142
Treatments and Management 143
1.Homoeopathy 143
a. Pulsatilla 30 143
b. Rhus Toxicodendron 30 145
c. Ruta Graveolens 30 146
e. Arnica Montana 30 147
f. Calcarea Corbonica 30 149
g. Calcarea Phosphorica 30 150
h. Causticum 30 151
i. Lycopodium 153
j. Rhododendron 30 154
2. Acurpressure 155
3. Physiotherapy 155
4. Yoga 155
5. Herbal Therapy 155
6. Diet and Nutrition 156
7. Juice Therapy 156
8. Home Remedieas 156
Prevention 157
Chapter 9  
Tendinitis 159
Causes 160
Symptoms 160
Consult a Doctor if 160
Lab investigations 160
Treatment and Management 161
1. Homoeopathy 161
a. Rhus Toxicodendron 30 161
b. Phytolacca 30 162
c. Rhododendron 30 163
d. Bryonia Alba 164
e. Belladonna 30 165
2. Physiotherapy 167
3. Herbal Therapy 167
4. Home Remedieas 167
Prevention 168
Chapter 10  
Dislocation 169
Causes 169
Symptoms 169
Consult a Doctor if 170
Lab Investigations 170
Treatment and Management 171
1. Homoeopathy 171
a. Calcarea Phosphorica 30 171
b. Causticum 30 172
c. Arnica Mantana 30 174
e. Rhus Toxicodendrom 30 175
f. Belladonna 30 176
g. Bryonica Alba 30 178
h. Ruta Graveloens 30 179
i. Kali Iodide 30 182
j. Suphur 30 182
Chapter 11  
Bunions 185
Causes 186
Symptoms 186
Consult a Doctor if 186
Lab Investigations 186
Treatment and Management 187
1. Homoeopathy 187
a. Silica 30 187
b. Calcarea Carbonica 30 188
c. Acid Benzoicum 30 190
e. Kali Iodide 30 191
f. Rhododendron 30 191
g. Suphur 30 192192
2. Home Remedies 194
Prevention 194

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