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Feng Shui Vaastu - For a Better Home and Office

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Foreword Technology advances have brought us immense wealth and modern conveniences. However, the pressure of population and the resultant paucity of land available particularly in the meters, have forced people to build houses and house their offices within a limited a limited space. Conveniences are bought in, interior within the available area, but what is important to the people who live or work there –the cosmic energy that stimulates health, wealth and success –is ...


Technology advances have brought us immense wealth and modern conveniences. However, the pressure of population and the resultant paucity of land available particularly in the meters, have forced people to build houses and house their offices within a limited a limited space. Conveniences are bought in, interior within the available area, but what is important to the people who live or work there –the cosmic energy that stimulates health, wealth and success –is lost sight of in the process.

We have in India our ancient science of 'vasthu' which guides us to construct our home or office in such way as to provide the best environment for happy and peaceful living. However, the vest majority of the population are unable to follow the principles of 'vasthu' for want of space and in many cases lack of choice in selecting the right place most suitable for the individual. This leads to broken careers and homes. Since the remedies suggested by 'vasthu' call for demolition and major alterations. Many are unable to change the situation and continue to live all the unpleasant conditions brought in by the disharmony of the elements in the surrounding environment. It is here that Feng shui, the arrangements for happy living, that the Chinese have been practising from time immemorial comes handy for us. Feng Shui does not call for material changes in construction; rather it suggests ways and means of making the hostile environment friendly with simple adjustment that do not involve any huge expenditure.

Much has been written on Feng Shui. It has travelled from China to the West, where both in Europe and in the United States of America more and more people have began to practice it with positive results. Happy living, successful professional career and better business opportunities are what Feng Shui promises. This book on Feng Shui for Happy Living' by Shri Narayana Raju is about the individual's relationship to the space around his/her home or office.

When my friend Shri Narayana Raju gave me the manuscript of this book to read and edit, I went down the memory lane back to the eighties when I used to visit his office in J.C. Road quite often. In the course of my visits I used to observe frequent changes he was making in the seating arrangements and even interiors. But I never knew that he was practising the Chinese principle of Feng Shui quietly. In the years that followed he appears to have made a deep dive into the ocean of Feng Shui. True to his down – to –earth nature, he has adopted a simple method of narrating the salient features of Feng Shui and its applications that can bring happiness and prosperity to those who practices it.

You are now ready to board the space suttle of Feng Shui, to discover the around your home or office which you have taken for granted all along. May your discovery bring happiness and properity into your life and peace and harmony in your relationships! Above all, may it strengthen your faith in yourself and your potential!



Promoting health, wealth and happiness by controlling and directing positive energy from environment around, has been made a scientific art by the Chinese. This more than 4,000 years old Chinese system known as "Feng Shui" is comparable to our "Vasthu" with one major varitation.

The variation is Wrong Vastu, usually can be right only with demolition or reconstruction whereas in Fenf Shui it can be set right by rearranging with the things to balance the elements effects. A Feng Shui practioner can arrange (at the beginning) or rearrange (an existing arrangement) one's home or office to provide ways for positive energy or "chi" to come in and move inside and protect the owner and the inmates.

We can improve our business, relationship, friendship and happiness in our family by adopting the principles of Feng Shui. This book with beautiful illustrations and simple narrations will be handy for any person who wish to improve his working and living environment and attain positive result through the practice of Feng Shui.

At the end I welcome readers opinion or response regarding this book and I believe this will certainly help me to bring out another book on the same subject.



The meaning of the Chinese word Feng Shui is "wind and water". Wind and water are the two important factors that control our life. They form the topography of the earth. They are mobile. They are responsible for the shape and size and orientation of earth.

To the Chinese, from time immemorial, Feing Shui has been a practice that blended ancient wisdom and practical senses gathered through personal experience. Modern civllisations at the beginning called it superstitions, but today even in the west Feng Shui is accepted and followed as a practical way to improve ones living and working environment.

The Chinese believed that all directions in the universe have two opposite but complementary forces behind them. They named as Yin and Young. The goal of Feng Shhui is to strike the right balance between these two cosmic forces through proper arrangements of the objects within and around our home and office.

Our physical surroundings are influenced by various elements of nature. The Chinese have grouped them into five, namely water, wood, fire earth and metal. Under the principle of Feng Shui, these five elements are housed in a chart or map called the Bagua.

The Bagua chart explains how the energy that emanents from the five elements moves within a defined space. This invisible flow of energy is called 'Chi' (Chi in Chinese is refered to the cosmic dragon's breadth) and the circulation of this invisible energy brings the life forces with it. Chi is the essential ingredient of Feng Shui.

Chi moves through all the eight chart. By the practice of Feng Shui we can harmess thi vital force to capture the maximum benefits of the positive effects that it bestows.

That is making Feng Shui working for you. As you go through the chapters that follows, focus your attention at your goals of life and look at the directions, colours, elements and other means that would assist you in asjusting your Chi for maximum benefit to your life – personal or professional.




Contents Page No.
Acknowledgement 6
Foreword 7
A Testimonial 8
Preface 9
1. Introduction 11
2. The Practices of Feng Shui 13
3. The Five Elements 17
4. The Bagua Chart 33
5. The Nine Houses 35
6. Chi, the Cosmic breath 45
7. Yin and Yang 47
8. The shape of Your Home 49
9. The Inside of Your Home/Office 59
10. The Five Elements' relationships in bussiness 148
11. Astrological Analysis 151
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