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The Glory of Venkataachalam

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Premble Venkataachalam is a hill-top-prominent feature in the spiritual kingdom of Lord Venkateswara by virtue of his dwelling and settlement there. It is an achalam (non-moving mount) famed after his name. It has thus gained a legendary status as Venkataachalam. This book, dealing with the celebrity, sublimity and divinity of the sacred hill, is originally written in Telugu as "Venkatachala Mahatmyam" and it comprehends the whole journey of Srinivaasa from Vaikuntham to Ven...

Venkataachalam is a hill-top-prominent feature in the spiritual kingdom of Lord Venkateswara by virtue of his dwelling and settlement there. It is an achalam (non-moving mount) famed after his name. It has thus gained a legendary status as Venkataachalam.

This book, dealing with the celebrity, sublimity and divinity of the sacred hill, is originally written in Telugu as "Venkatachala Mahatmyam" and it comprehends the whole journey of Srinivaasa from Vaikuntham to Venkataadri. The scriptural basis for the elaborate stories therein is owned by Varaahapuranam and Bhavishyottara puranam.

The ancient story-teller, Soota narrates first the virtue of Venkataachalam, and then in order, the descending of Lord Vishnu to Kreedadri, his play activities in great Pushkarini, Padmasarovaram and other thirthas, his ant-hill residency, his golden marriage with Padmavati, his blessings showered on the king Tondaman, the building of divine temple and the order of holy celebrations including Brahmostavam.

The Telugu prose textual version of Sri Paravastu Venkata Ramanuja Swamy is rendered into simple-smooth-streaming English language by Sri Chintagunta Subba Rao, a learned writer.

I feel happy to prelude this modest but august work to the devotees of Sri Swamivaru.




  Chapter I  
1 The holy saints request Suta to describe the divine virtue of Venkataachalam 1
2 Lord Vishnu in the form ofSweta-varaaha lifts up and saves the Earth 1
3 Garuda brings Kreedachala from Vaikuntha 2
4 The greatness of Swami Pushkarini 3
5 Kreedaadri's (Venkataadri's) several names 4
6 The marvelous deeds of the Lord on Venkataadri 4
7 The greatness of the seventeen sacred places like Kapila- thirtham 8
8 Sri Rama's arrival at Venkataadri 10
9 The apes enter the Vaikuntha cave 11
10 The efficacy of the Vaikuntha cave 12
11 The godly saints, harassed by demons like Raavana , come searching for Lord Mahaavishnu 12
12 The godly saints along with the four - faced Brahma go to Venkataadri 14
13 Desirous of sons Dasaratha comes to Venkataadri 14
14 Dasaratha sees the meditating saints at swaami Pushkarini 15
15 The incarnation of the lord 16
16 Brahma and the rest see Srinivaasa 17
17 Brahma and others speak to Lord Vislmu about the misdeeds of Raavana 18
18 The Lord in response to Brahma's prayer accepts to stay on Venkataadri 20
19 The Lord agrees for Brahmotsavam 21
20 The splendour of the celebration of Lord Venkateswara 22
21 The good fruit of the celebration of Venkateswara's Brahmotsavam 22
22 The good fruit of planting flower-gardens and flower worship 23
23 The purificatory bath after the celebration 24
24 The greatness of Phalguni thirtham 24
25 The greatness of Jaabaali thirtham 25
26 The divine sport ofVenkateswara in Kaliyuga 25
27 The greatness of Sanaka sanandana thirtham 27
28 The g:teatnessofKaayarasaayana thirtham 27
  Chapter II  
1 The greatness of Venkataadri 28
2 The greatness of Kumaradhara-thirtham 28
3 The greatness of Tumburu-thirtham 28
4 The greatness of Akaasa ganga 28
5 The greatness of Paandava-thirtham 28
6 The greatness of Paapanaasana-thirtham 29
7 The greatness of Deva-thirtham 29
8 The story of the birth of Aakaasaraaja 29
9 The story ofthe birth ofPadmaavati 29
10 The story of Vasudaana's birth 30
11 Naarada reads Padmaavati's palm 30
12 Padmaavati with playmates goes to the garden 31
13 Srinivaasa goes hunting to the garden 31
14 The reasons for Srinivaasa marrying Padmaavati 32
15 The playmates ofPadmaavati narrate to Vakulamaalika the story of Padmaavati 34
16 A Pulinda woman answers Dharani devi's question 35
17 Padmaavati confides her wish to her mother 35
18 Vakulamaalika tells Dharani devi the story of Srinvaasa 36
19 Wedding ofSrinvaasa and Padmaavati arranged 37
20 Srinivaasa, adorned as a bridegroom goes to Viyadraajapuram 38
21 The wedding ofPadmaavati 39
22 The story of those who visited Srinivaasa in kaliyuga 40
23 The greatness ofPadmasarovaram 43
  Chapter III  
1 The holy saints request Suta to describe the greatness of Venkataachalam 49
2 How it got the name ofVrishaachalam in Krita-yuga 49
3 How it came to be called Anjanaachalam in Tretaayuga 50
4 How it got the name of Seshasailam in Dwaaparayuga 51
5 How it got the name ofVenkataachalam in kaliyuga 53
6 How the Lord left Vaikuntham and reached Venkataadri 56
7 A cow giving milk to Srinivaasa in the ant-hill 57
8 The cowherd beats Srinivaasa with an axe 58
9 Srinivaasa curses the chola king 59
10 Srinivaasa grants a boon to the chola king 59
11 Sri Varaahaswaami gives room to Srinivaasa to stay on Venkataadrl 60
12 How Aakaasaraaja was blessed with a child 61
13 Naarada foretells Padmaavati of happiness to come 62
14 Srinivaasa appears to Padmaavati and speaks to her 63
15 Srinivaasa speaks of his desire to Vakulamaala 64
16 The story ofPadmaavati's earlier birth 65
17 Vakulamaala meets the playmates ofPadmaavati 66
18 Srinivaasa disguised as an erukala-woman goes to Naaraayanapuram 67
19 The erukala-woman explains the cause of Padmaavati's illness 68
20 Padmaavati tells Dharanidevi of her love for Srinivaasa 69
21 Vakulamaala with Padmavati's friends comes to Dharanidevi 69
22 Aakaasaraaja sends for Brihaspati and Sage Suka and deliberates with them 71
23 Aakaasaraaja swears that Padmaavati would be married to Srinivaasa 72
24 Aakaasaraaja sends wedding invitation to Srinivaasa 72
25 Vakulamaala tells Srinivaasa of his wedding Padmaavati 74
26 On Srinivaasa's command Sesha and Garuda go to invite Brahma and others 74
27 Four-faced Brahmacomes to Seshaachalam 75
28 Rudra and others come to Seshaadri 75
29 Viswakarma builds the wedding city 76
30 Srinivaasa appoints the gods and saints in the management of wedding duties 76
31 Ramaa invited from Karaveerapuram for the wedding 77
32 Padmaalaya gives the auspicious bath to Srinivaasa 78
33 Srinivaasa plants green gram as his family deity as part of the wedding rites 79
34 Srinvaasa borrows money for his wedding from Kubera 80
35 Srinivaasa feasts the gods and saints that have come to Venkataadri 81
36 Srinivaasa with his train goes to A.kaasaraja's residence 82
37 Sri Suka hosts Srinivaasa 83
38 Aakaasaraaja with his people welcomes Srinivaasa 84
39 Aakaasaraaja goes to Srinivaasa's residence to invite him to the wedding 85
40 The wedding ofPadmaavati and Srinivaasa 86
41 Srinivaasa sets out with Padmaavati to Seshaachalam 87
42 Srinivaasa decides to stay for six months at sage Agastya's hermitage 88
43 Aakaasaraja's demise 89
44 Tondaman and Vasudaana quarrel for the kingdom 90
45 Srinivaasa instigates Tondaman to build the divine temple 92
46 History of Tondaman's past life 93
47 Srinivaasa enters the temple built by Tondaman 94
48 Brahma causes lamp-lighting celebrations 95
49 On command of the Lord, Brahrna creates the four Idols of the Lord 96
50 The order of the celebrations got up by Brahma 97
51 The story of the brahmin called Kurma 98
52 Tondaman offers worship of thousand names to Srinivaasa 102
53 The story of potmaker Bhima 103
54 Srinivaasa blesses Tondaman with liberation 105

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