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Healing with Chakra Energy (Restoring the Natural Harmony of The Body)

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About the Book When a spiritual healer sees as patient, an exchange of energy takes place, bringing the patient's body into contact with its own natural curative posters. As transformers of energies from higher planes, we are all potential healers. Now Lilla Bek and Philippa Pullar, two remarkable healers, describe how you can develop your capacity to restore vibrant health by unleashing the energy centered in the seven major chakras. In this guidebook to spiritual healing, the authors explore ...
About the Book

When a spiritual healer sees as patient, an exchange of energy takes place, bringing the patient's body into contact with its own natural curative posters. As transformers of energies from higher planes, we are all potential healers. Now Lilla Bek and Philippa Pullar, two remarkable healers, describe how you can develop your capacity to restore vibrant health by unleashing the energy centered in the seven major chakras. In this guidebook to spiritual healing, the authors explore the relation-ship between the seven colored rays and the healing power of the aura, the subtle bodies, and the chakras. Major sections explain how you can balance dominant colors with their complements, dowse for information about health, call upon spirit guides, and become a channel for healing energies. Physical and psychic influences in the environment and their relation to disease are also examined. The book concludes with a survey of special practices for cleansing, relaxation, meditation, breathing, visualization, guided meditation, and contacting higher energies. Spiritual healing enhances and supplements the work of convention-al health care practitioners by enabling you to tap in to your own inner strength and to trigger within yourself the will to be well.

About the Author

Lilla Bek, an internationally. recognized spiritual healer, yoga teacher, and writer, conducts training on behalf of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. She lives in Cheshire, England.

Philippa Pullar, also a healer, lives in Ireland and London.


When I first met Lilla Bek several years ago, through our mutual interest in spiritual healing, it did not take long for me to realise that behind her quiet, gentle and unassuming exterior lay an inner depth of immense wisdom. I was soon to discover that she was no ordinary person. Extraordinary is more accurate! The incredible flow of knowledge emanating through Lilla's consciousness could only be shared initially by those students fortunate enough to attend one of her courses. With the advent of this book, The Seven Levels of Healing, everyone who is interested in healing and the healing process can gain a deeper understanding of the processes involved.

Healers must always be prepared to accept responsibility for their work and to act as ambassadors for spiritual healing. They can only do this if they are able to understand the energies that are available and from which level they are using these energies when they are acting as an instrument. It is not surprising, in such a sick society as confronts us now, that more and more interest is being shown in the ancient art of spiritual healing. Accompanying this tendency is a proliferation of therapists using many forms of healing. Sadly, some of the techniques being used do not acknowledge a spiritual base and some therapists seem unaware that the whole point of healing is to enable a person to get in touch with their inner self and to create a situation in which the healing is totally holistic, including spiritual benefit as well.

Without it the patient is deprived of the deeper meaning of life which in itself is very often the cause of the illness. A spiritual healer is creating a possibility for the patient to become linked with the origin and essence of the spiritual force rather than manipulating with that force, without comprehending its great depth. Healers need a great deal of compassion, a depth of love and peace, but they should also seek to develop their own personal harmony and attunement to enable them to operate from the highest possible level of awareness within their reach. All the tools for assisting the healer in this endeavour may be found in this book which contains exercises and suggestions for the reader to expand and develop.

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers is the main national and international non-denominational healing organization for spiritual healers and has a membership of 4000. The word 'spiritual' in its title refers to the acknowledged divine source of energy and to that responsive element in Man seen by healers as comprised of body, mind and spirit. The NFSH presents training and development courses which are designed to direct, assist and perhaps accelerate the development of the potential healer to become a safe and spiritual channel through which these energies can flow: All the advanced courses are taken by Lilla Bek and examine the deeper aspects of healing. Preceding these are basic development courses which over the past few years have been attended by people from all walks of life, including many of the caring professions such as doctors, dentists, social workers, probation officers, nurses, medical students and others. Many of the subjects mentioned in this book form part of the Federation's syllabus. Students are reminded that spiritual healing is the art and science of assisting in the restoration of the patient's health, at all levels of Man's being, irrespective of where, in the body, all health may have manifested. By the laying on of hands, by attunement through prayer and meditation - whether in the presence of the patient or not - a healer seeks to induce a beneficial effect upon the patient's life-force at all levels of consciousness. Ultimately, the healer acts as a catalyst in order to strengthen the patient sufficiently to make beneficial changes in his own lifestyle, supported by love and the healing energies involved.

All the main healing organizations cooperate within the Confederation of Healing Organisations and they have achieved a common code of conduct and insurance cover for all their probationers and healers. Within these rules spiritual healing, in relation to orthodox medicine, is complementary rather than alternative and healers' advice in no way counter-acts that of the patient's doctor. The CHO has undertaken a five-year project of medical research supervised by independent medical experts. This research programme is designed to include the treatment by spiritual healing of six specific illnesses, the research being carried out on selected patients in selected areas At the time of writing the first study under-taken was for cataracts closely followed by one for NHS hospital out-patients in Yorkshire with rheumatoid arthritis. The objective is to persuade the medical profession to accept healing as a therapy to be used in conjunction with orthodox methods. Most people are unaware that healing is officially listed as a therapy within the NHS and, although a few doctors do prescribe it, this by no means normal practice.

In order to reach his full potential, the healer must increase his awareness of the enormity of his task within his work. This book brings to light the fact that the healer not only has a great responsibility to his patient but also to God and His Law. The healer is a mediator between heaven and earth, a junction point between spirit and physical matter.

The physical form of Man is but a temporary dwelling house for the spirit as it gains further experience in the world of matter. With knowledge Man can confidently allow his consciousness to rise to higher levels and realize that the way to final freedom is through the self in understanding and love - this is self-healing in its widest sense.

To have understanding the healer must have knowledge of the energies he is channelling. The Seven Levels of Healing provides this knowledge in great detail. It shows us the tapestry of the universe itself, the tapestry within which we weave our own individual pattern which forms part of the whole.


In this, so-called, New Age there is much interest in learning to develop the natural healing gifts. This book is for all who are interested in spiritual healing. It explains what it is and how it works. Although written basically for those seeking to augment their own healing ability, it is also for people who want to know more about the subject, in general, and self-healing in particular. After all, any healing process is essentially self-healing, no one really cures anyone else; all they can do is to help the patient to heal himself. Doctors are recognizing more and more the crucial role the mind plays in health. In any case it is always beneficial to have the patient's cooperation during the healing endeavour no matter what system of medicine is being employed. Spiritual healing is certainly no exception to this rule.

The first thing to make clear is that spiritual healing is not the same thing as Spiritualism. Many people believe that spiritual healing is something weird, with apparitions and spirits manifesting all over the place. This is not the case. There is nothing eerie about spiritual healing and one of the aims of this book is to dispel any mystery surrounding the subject.

In order, then, to understand what is widely meant by the term 'spiritual healing' let us first look at the following remark: 'Mr X will not live: he has lost his spirit.' Let us see what this implies. It suggests that there is an animation inside Mr X which goes beyond his physical body and his mind. It suggests that Mr X, together with all human beings, have within them a feeling of continuity, an essence which is linked to a source, an awareness of origin. Spiritual healing aims to connect to this well-head. It does not just make the patient physically better, it works to bring his back to his own source, his own inner peace, his own creativity. You could put it another way and say that spiritual healing returns the body to its roots, takes it home so that it can heal and restore itself.

This brings us to the question of religion. Is it possible to be a spiritual healer, people ask, without being religious? In one sense all spiritual healers arc religious but in a very practical way. They are not attempting to impose external beliefs on people but rather trying to help them be healthy by bringing them closer to the creative potential inside them-selves. Spiritual healing is not faith healing. Neither the healer nor his patient necessarily needs to be of a particular persuasion. After all, a human body can replenish itself and its cells can be reborn, regardless of whether or not its owner believes in a creator. Certainly some people can find peace without following any religion and they can be loving, gentle and kind without believing in God. It is ultimately the healer's ability to channel energy which is crucial. Many do hold that Christ is healing through them; many work with the understanding that the whole of humanity is under the guardianship of a higher being which we can call what we like - God, cosmic consciousness and is on. But again some believe in very little. Certain types of healing are effective regardless of faith. It is possible to heal just through using techniques, as we shall see. What is essential to the healing process is a conviction about something. Everyone needs some kind of project in their mind, something they can continue to do. If they do not have this there will be nothing to live for, they lose their will to live: in other words, they lose their spirit. This is borne out by the research of certain insurance companies which reveals that a large percentage of men die just two or three years after retirement. With no job they lose their sense of continuity, they have no project towards which to direct their attention and they lose their will to live.

So now we come to the healing energy itself. This is the same vital force which can be directed, among other things, to making money, to creating a successful career, composing works of art, even to the pursuit of pleasure. It is through channelling this vital flux that it is possible to heal others. Everybody has this vital energy with the potential for conducting it in order to restore others, but most of us are not aware that it is composed of different levels and we have to discover with which of these we are dealing. The highest levels of healing are linked to the essence of genius. An inspired artist who creates a fine painting will go beyond the limits of that which people can generally produce; it is the same with a healer. In other words, there is a level at which things come through us rather than from our experience, from what we have gathered and learnt.

Healing is a gift, then, which many people have. Most mothers can soothe their children by putting their hands on them to alleviate their hurts, their cuts and bruises. Many people have the gift but not in a complete way and they do not understand the mechanics of it. For instance, some very passive people are naturally healing and calming. By their very presence they initiate stillness in others and help them to get better. Another type can be inspiring, stirring their companions to various forms of creativity and producing in them a transcendence. So it is possible to help by being passive and it is equally possible to heal by being active. In between there is another possibility, which is neither active nor passive. Such healers get rid of themselves, as it were, and simply act as channels.

So healing can occur on many levels according not only to the healer's awareness and his ability to channel energy but also to the receptivity of his patient. Of course there are some people who are better at doing it than others. This is true of anything, whether it be painting, making love or even cooking. All of these can create a feeling of expansion and well-being, they can be healing and beautiful and, in the hands of a master, they can, when carried out on the highest levels, lead to transcendental experiences.

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