Hinduism and Brotherhood

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About the Book The feelings, beliefs and customs of brotherhood among the Hind system of its own, the principles of which are not found in the same measure in any other social system of the world. Hinduism involves expressive and symbolic performances, religious utterances and theological gestures about brotherhood. The feelings of brotherhood represent the basic ideals of the Hindu religion and their beliefs, though they may vary from region to region, and are aimed to secure all religious peo...
About the Book

The feelings, beliefs and customs of brotherhood among the Hind system of its own, the principles of which are not found in the same measure in any other social system of the world. Hinduism involves expressive and symbolic performances, religious utterances and theological gestures about brotherhood. The feelings of brotherhood represent the basic ideals of the Hindu religion and their beliefs, though they may vary from region to region, and are aimed to secure all religious people and the development - - of the security feeling of the recipient.

This illustrated book familiarizes with cooperation and collaboration of all social systems of people such as the way of life, education, economic system, relation to the daily way of common life, from creation to cremation, and will be of great knowledge for the readers of all religions for mutual understanding about the brotherhood.

About The Author

Congratulations and all the best Dr. Srinivasan Gandhi for your wonderful book "Hinduism and Brotherhood."


Hinduism is the most complex, varied and Mysterious religion. Finding the brotherhood is most advisable things to search universal mankind and making brotherhood after learning this book. The book Hinduism and brotherhood going for international viral to affect religious bound activities and contains all the known Religious Trends which make brotherhood; It absorbs freely whatever novelties Future trends; It grows from inside and sustains under duress as: On right tracks, it turns and righteously itself mends. Hinduism is not only a Religion but also a culture; Human, Divine and sublime that chisels as sculpture; keeps as idol, loves as self, fosters with tender care; it's cosmic, personal and social and follows Scripture of the brotherhood.

I thought of some basic spiritual power learning from all Religion in Hinduism has a wider connotation. It includes 'All' and the 'Whole' with ovation; Individuals see others as projection of the self; It aims at and prays for the general redemption. It's not possessed; instead it possesses 'All' Human, living, non-living beings big or small make universal brotherhood; Diversities and changes are easily accepted; Obeys dictates of Gods and Rishis to evade fall. In four divisions it divides the society us active parts; in four stages it divides life as clear, balanced charts; it gives four pursuits to be attained in the long life; every sort of knowledge practical, eternal it imparts. Hinduism and brotherhood protects Religion that in turn protects life; Gives energy, hope, tolerance, and sustenance in strife; Religiosity releases from painful cycle of birth- rebirth; for salvation it encourages the devotees to strive. It is devotion, surrender, Oneness, spiritual wealth; it's willpower, confidence, and humility and lasting faith; it's inner growth, peace and belief in non-violence; and finally it's freedom from cyclical birth and death. Only they feel ceaseless pain, live in constant strain; That deviate from righteous path to turn to material gain; Only they're suffering that fail to follow words of God' By performing deeds with attachments, waste life in vain. They are the blessed ones that possess purged self, He is the enlightened one that knows his inner self; Union or Oneness with the self is our cherished aim. As self is godly, self is god and god lives in the self.

I did the groundwork for a few months, re-read may books and newspaper articles, collected a few more and went through them. After wider reading I planned this book Hinduism and Brotherhood. Creation, Arrival or Birth or Evolution of Man is a different meaning of brotherhood, as it needs balanced scientific views and deep religious faith. But if man evolved from Apes, as the modern scientists are claiming, then man was evolved only in India because apes are found only in Asia. Geographically and scientifically speaking the place for the evolution of man is India. It could not have been China for it's in leeward side of the great Himalayas and sunrays and rain are not evenly distributed. It's only India that gets correct and balanced light and rain throughout the year in this or that part. It could not have been Japan because Japan is a cluster of islands full of volcanoes and the earthquakes are very common there, India is least affected by such dangerous and deadly natural phenomenon. It could not have been Arabian nations because of the deserts and hot climate. Till a few decades back it was difficult to live there for lack of water resources. Only India had and has balanced climate, all the known six, seasons, rivers with clean and healthy water and slow current, water plants (particularly, lotus leaves) and great fertile plains. Same like Hindu religion also balanced brotherhood to all religions.

There was difficulty, Indian life is mixed life, its culture a mixed culture and its religion is a mixed religion. It's so integrated and amalgamated that the separation of each part is not possible. it was neither needed nor attempted. Life came in India first then it spread out to other places. That explains the fact that only our forefathers treated the earth as mother, river Ganges as mother, the sky as father (for heat, light, space, and energy), the five gross elements to be at the root of creation, the Sun as God; and only they claimed universal brotherhood and sang for the only they claimed universal brotherhood and sang for the health and prosperity of all. India is the only one country that has not attacked on other countries for it knew that all human beings belong to one family. Now, it makes hardly any difference whether man was created, man arrived, or took birth or evolved on itself or from monkeys or apes, it must have happened only in India. That is the reason that it's the most ancient country. Civilisation grew here first. Settled human life began here. Kingship developed from the heads of the people and villages and took the form of Chakravarti Raja (Emperor of the Circle).

Those that went to and settled in Southern Hemisphere or African or American continent or South India got different color, ate different things and lived a different life. It happened also in the context of the people that settled in extreme north. The men from the central India became more balanced because of agriculture and helpful water bodies and fertile plains. In a nutshell, the same things happened to the persons that went to and settled in Egypt, Arabian Desert, Europe or even China. The local climate and seasons and also the available nature food and habitat changed their life and created greater difference. The "Three Wise Men" that predicted the birth and birth place of Christ and took a great journey to meet him and tell the world who he was; are definite proofs that Indians used to travel to distant lands during ancient times. They went there and presented gifts to Christ that started the tradition Gift. In Christianity that journey is known as the journey of Magi and the gift as the Gift of Magi.

The men of `Champa Dynasty' that once ruled in Vietnam must have been from Champakaranya (the forest of Champa) in the valley of Himalayas bordering (actually extending into) present day Nepal. The men that captured Rome were also Indians that had settled at different places myriads of years before that incident; and the persons that bought Rome from them and freed it were also Indians, Indian traders. Red Indians or Africans are not dreams; they are true and truly Indians. The West is trying hard to prove that Homo sapiens, i.e. Man, fall in four different categories on the basis of physical construction. It's nothing but an effort to counter the Indian theory "vasundhavai kutumbakam' that all human beings are related. It's not clearly known or there may be many reasons that during the time of Harshavardhan (according to modern and European Historians) smaller kings revolted, declared free and India was divided into smaller kingdoms. This may be true but it was the general practice and way of `administration' in India. India was always divided in hundreds of segments and there were different kings but they were under one Chakravarti Raja. In the Mahabharat hundreds of kings participated. But it's a fact that something went wrong and the invaders got sporadic success during Harshvardhan but they established their rule by the time of Prithviraja Chauhan. From there onwards India lost everything very fast and steadily; and unfortunately it's still losing.

It is a known and accepted fact that the conqueror tries his level best or worst to destroy the language, culture, religion and civilization of the conquered. It was done vehemently and successfully in the case of Hindus and Universalization. As a result most of the Indians are far away from their real culture, civilization, language, religion and philosophy. They are taught and they think that the borrowed ideas are correct and good for their health, happiness and prosperity. It is definitely thrice removed from reality. India is and Indians are still the richest people in terms of mineral wealth, skilled human power, character, wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, religion and spirituality. Those that have retained Indian-ness are healthier, happier and far away from the modern rat race more about brotherhood.

Hindus cultivate or try their best to cultivate the best Brotherhood Qualities preached by Sri Krishna in the Gita. It makes no difference whether they have read them or not. They know, they are taught and they imbibe. These virtues are not only for the Hindus but all the refined and cultured human beings. Human beings can claim to be human only when they possess such human qualities and brotherhood. This is one important reason that Hinduism is the Religion for all Human Beings.

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