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The Inner Cause (A Psychology of Symptoms from A to Z)

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About the Book The body is intimately connected to the mind and the spirit. Each physical symptom reflects a deeper part of our spirit or consciousness, the part the Western traditions know as the "unconscious" or "subconscious." When we make a decision that leaves us with stress, it affects our consciousness and therefore our energy field, our aura. Once the tension increases to a certain degree of intensity, it reaches the physical level where it creates a symptom. If we, however, make a diff...
About the Book

The body is intimately connected to the mind and the spirit. Each physical symptom reflects a deeper part of our spirit or consciousness, the part the Western traditions know as the "unconscious" or "subconscious." When we make a decision that leaves us with stress, it affects our consciousness and therefore our energy field, our aura. Once the tension increases to a certain degree of intensity, it reaches the physical level where it creates a symptom. If we, however, make a different decision or change our mind about something, we can let go again of this stress, and thereby of the symptom. The symptom itself is not the problem, just a message that, once understood, has fulfilled its purpose and can be released.

Integrating Martin Brofman's more than 30 years of research and healing practice, The Inner Cause comprises an A to Z compendium of 800 symptoms and a psychology of their inner causes, the messages they are trying to send to our consciousness. Woven into the descriptions of symptoms, the author discusses personality profiles associated with certain symptoms derived from his understanding of the chakras, the energy flow, and the body/mind interface, on the basis of which he developed his Body Mirror System of Healing. He explains that when you explore the inner cause to a symptom, you recognize that you have created this symptom through the stressed way you chose to respond to the conditions in your life. By understanding what a symptom conveys, you become empowered to take charge and effect change on the inner level.

The author explores the underlying message of the symptoms discussed, which chakras are involved, how you may be affected, and which issues you might need to look at to resolve the tension or stress - although a specific solution will always depend on the individual's personal situation. With its correlation of symptoms and psychological states of being The Inner Cause provides invaluable insight into how we can effectively support our healing process physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

About the Author

MARTIN BROFMAN (1940 - 2014), renowned healer and founder of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing, created a special healing approach, the Body Mirror System, after he cured himself of a terminal illness in 1975. Supporting many people in his dedicated practice of more than 30 years, his healing system is now taught worldwide. Since 2014, his wife Annick Brofman and the other Body Mirror System instructors continue the legacy of his work within the Brofman Foundation around the world.


I knew Martin Brofman from 1980, when he came to give his first lecture in Europe, in Geneva. I had the privilege to be his first translator. And I was in total agreement with everything that he was saying. Being a holistic MD, I was happy to hear someone explaining that all our diseases start in our consciousness and that we cannot heal without working on it!

Over the years I was delighted to see how Martin, through his lectures and seminars in many countries, was able to give to many people these wonderful tools that have allowed them to become healers, for themselves and for others. And his teaching about the Body Mirror System of Healing has helped tens of thousands of practitioners to improve their ways of helping themselves and others.

I can enthusiastically recommend his book Anything Can Be Healed to anyone concerned with health and healing.

For half of his life, Martin was focused on quantifying the body/mind interface, and this book is the result of his inner and outer research during all this time, a vision of how symptoms and diseases are related to what is happening in the consciousness of the person affected.

As a medical doctor, I can vouch for the accuracy of the descriptions of the medical conditions. As someone also representing the alternative and complementary communities, I do enjoy the clarity of the explanations to the reader, no matter what their level of spiritual evolution - after all, it was written with the patient in mind who has the symptom, however useful it may also be for the helping professional.

I do believe that this book will be appreciated, not only by those who have already been in touch with Martin Brofman's teachings, but also by all those who are looking for a way to help themselves and others to go beyond a limited materialistic way of thinking in order to understand the value of what is happening in their life, at all levels. To grow in consciousness and happiness is the deep meaning of our lives on Planet Earth and this book will play an important role for all those who are concerned with spiritual progress, all those who want to walk into the light. We have been for some millennia living with fear, conflicts and diseases. It is time to step out of these nightmares, become awakened, taking responsibility for our lives in order to participate in the coming birth of a conscious humanity!


I am a cancer survivor. In 1975 was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumour that doctors had decided was inoperable and untreatable, and terminal. My right arm was paralyzed, my legs were spastic and I had sensations like electric shocks running along my spine and out to my extremities. I was given one or two months to live, unless I coughed or sneezed, in which case I could die in that moment. One year later, the same doctors decided they must have made a mistake, because there was no longer any evidence of the tumour nor its symptoms.

During the time between the original diagnosis and the revised version, I had been working on myself, doing inner work and exploring my consciousness, diligently applying myself as a full-time job, a matter of life and death. I used affirmations and visualizations, working at alpha levels of consciousness. I researched various Eastern philosophies and esoteric teachings, and came to understand more and more about the body/mind interface. With what I learned during the process of healing myself, I put together a model in my consciousness into which I could fit the various teachings I explored. This model came to be known as the Body Mirror System of Healing.

My first book about healing, Anything Can Be Healed, focuses on the dynamics of the Body Mirror System, and what is needed in order to function as a healer, and it also covers the basics of exploring the body as a map of the consciousness within. It eventually became apparent to me that there was a need for another book, focusing on what considerations are necessary in the consciousness of the healee, the person experiencing the symptoms and interested in healing himself or herself. This is the purpose of the book you are now reading. It documents the research I have been doing for the past thirty-eight years, quantifying the specific personality profiles associated with the various physical symptoms. While it is primarily intended for the person experiencing the symptom, it is at the same time very interesting for those in the helping professions, healers and therapists, to help them understand more fully the dynamics of the body/mind interface.

Since healing myself of the cancer in 1976, and continuing to dance with the variety of conditions presented to me by life, I have at times had to deal with and resolve various other symptoms that showed me that I had still more homework to do in order to remain in balance on all levels.

I have had a chance to look at my attitudes during my more recent experiences as well as during my first healing process, and make sense of what worked and what did not, and thus to further quantify the process of self-healing and the attitudes that could optimize the process. This book includes the result of this inner research, and also my observations and healing experiences with the tens of thousands of people I have worked with since 1976, in individual healings and in classes I have taught.

In fact, many of the symptoms included in this book were brought to my attention by the online discussion groups available to graduates of our classes, as well as by those people seeking advice in the free Healer's Message Board that has been available for years to those who have not attended our classes.

For the medical definitions and descriptions of the symptoms, various online medical dictionaries were also used for reference.

The personality profiles associated with the various symptoms are those derived from my own understanding of the chakras and the body/mind interface within the context of the Body Mirror System of Healing, and according to its concepts.

This book is intended as a reference to help readers understand the inner causes, the tensions in the consciousness that are associated with the various symptoms. The release of the tensions and how to accomplish this release is in the hands of the person experiencing the symptoms. Of course, knowing the relationship between the symptom and the corresponding inner cause can provide valuable insight into the options available to the person experiencing the symptom.

May you, the reader, find this book a valuable resource to help and understand those around you, and/or to facilitate your own healing, no matter what method you choose for that. Anything can be healed.

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