Iridescence of Goddess Laksmi (Text With English Translation And Annotations of Sri-Sukta-Bhasyam)

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About the Book Sri-Sukta is a very popular hymn belonging to the supplementary portion of the RV. People believe it to be unfailing and totally effective, and look upon it as the 'body of sounds', belonging to the goddess Sri, and has got multifarious meanings. It is generally assumed that the continuous chanting of the hymn, along with a correct mode of worship of the goddess fetches all sorts of prosperity to supplicants. Wealth received by the grace of the goddess by an individual enables ...
About the Book

Sri-Sukta is a very popular hymn belonging to the supplementary portion of the RV. People believe it to be unfailing and totally effective, and look upon it as the 'body of sounds', belonging to the goddess Sri, and has got multifarious meanings.

It is generally assumed that the continuous chanting of the hymn, along with a correct mode of worship of the goddess fetches all sorts of prosperity to supplicants. Wealth received by the grace of the goddess by an individual enables him to satisfy not only himself but others, too. Thus, Laksmi i.e. prosperity has to percolate down in the society, bringing about delight of fellow human beings as well as other species. This can be studied from the concept of gr.ia or debt of gods, sages and scholars, manes etc. If it so happens, then the satisfaction generated, will spread everywhere, creating a general mood of bliss and contentment.

The hymn also enables a devotee to understand the importance of a special virtue -hygiene. Achieving purity, maintaining cleanliness is eradication of Alaksmi. Decluttering one's surroundings as well as mind and emotions, will enable a person attain inner peace and tranquility. This also can drive away lethargy and six inner enemies namely desire, anger,arrogance etc.,making our free will victorious.

An in depth study of this hymn will certainly lead for a better understanding of `eco- friendly' living which itself can be considered as a penance. If, we as the members of the society can practice it, many impediments can be removed, socially. This is the deeper understanding of the hymn and it is our duty to hand it over to our next generations for creating a conducive emotional, material environment for them.

Thus, the goddess Laksmi can be understood in many ways through this social prayer and the present work attempts at bringing out her iridescence, in a nutshell.

We are very happy that we could work on a rare book and an appealing as well as significant theme.

About the Author

Dr. Swati has been a bright student from her early years of education. She secured Second Rank, Silver Medal in the B.A. Examination, in Sanskrit (Entire) from University of Mumbai and bagged many Prizes and Scholarships. She has done her M.A. with Vedanta specialisation from University of Mumbai, securing First position and Gold Medal.

Dr. Swati has a teaching experience of more than 12 years in different colleges. She has been a Visiting Faculty at various Institutes in Mumbai.

She has completed her Ph. D. Degree in - Functional Application of the Rgve-dic Mantra-s in the non - Rgvedic Brahmana-s (with special reference to the Satapatha Brahmana).

At present Dr. Dravid is engaged in the Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, in capacity of Deputy Director.

Dr. Dravid is interested in bringing into light rare books and Manuscripts. Her major areas of interest are Veda-s, Sacrificial treatises i.e. Brahmana texts, Sutra literature and various aspects of Indian Culture.


I am extremely happy to bring before you the new publication entitled, "Iridescence of Goddess Laksmi Srisukta Bhasyam : Text, Translation in English with Annotations:"ofAnanthacharyalndological Research Institute, by Dr. Swati Dravid.

Srisukta is one of the significant Khilasukta-s, supplementary hymns, of the Rgveda. It is important to note that due to the constant and untiring efforts put in by Shri P.B. Ananthacharya Swami ji, a commentary on this text, has seen the light of the day. Unfortunately, no information regarding the author of the commentary is available till now.

I thank profusely, Shri P.B. Srinivasacharya ji, the Patron of A.I.R.I. , because of whose continuous support and encouragement, this book is published.

It is my duty to thank Shri Shrikant Somani, President, Shri R.N. Somani, Vice President, Shri M.P. Sharma, Secretary and other respected members of the Management as well as Academic council of A.I. R.I. It is because of their consant backing and motivation, we could take up and complete this project.

The philosophy of Visistadvaita has adorned a special place in the minds of people.Their knowledge and understanding of the doctrine mainly revolve around the writings of Ramanujacarya and some well-known saint poets, such as Kuresa, Parasara Bhattara etc. belonging to this tradition. However, this doctrine was so wholeheartedly accepted by the society that it seems to have turned into a life style. The teachings of this philosophy are seen to have found a firm footing in the minds of even the commoners.The present commentary must have been penned by one such ardent devotee of the Lord Naralyana and the goddess.Through his writings he must have aimed at explaining the famous Srisuktta, by highlighting the viewpoints of Visistadvaita through it.

The commentary has retained the thoughts of Ramanujacarya in his Saranagatigadya.The commentator of this work, seems to have been influenced by other commentators, e.g. Ranganathacarya too.The exposition also bears imprints of influences of different Puranic texts as well as the Pancaratra Agama texts. Assuming that the majority of people would be interested in knowing the meaning of this hymn and that of the commentary on it, the English translation of both these texts have been incorporated. To enable the commoners to delve deep into the hymn and the commentary on it, explanations on relevant portions have been included.

Dr. Swati Dravid has been working for this institute for the past two years. She shouldered the responsibility of translating and annotating the hymn and the commentary upon it, ably.


I joined Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute in July, 2017.1-Iaving spent most of my professional yearsin classroom teaching, I was curious to know the ways of working of a research institute. I had heard of this Institute and also had gathered some information about their annual seminars and various publications was, therefore, eager to know what kind of work I would be expected to undertake.

In the first week itself, our Director Prof. Dr. Shashi Kashyap handed over a tattered book to me. She further informed, that our Patron, Prativadibhayankara Shriman Jagadguru Shri Shrinivasacharyaji, had expressed his desire to get that book translated. Before I could actually commence with the translation work, to be able to read the book, we had to have photos of the same. After getting prints of the photos, I could start reading it. I opened the prints I had gotten hold of, to find out that I was reading a commentary of the famous After going through the first two pages, I could gather that the commentary was by an unknown author, and it was, in the first place, edited by the erstwhile doyen of Vaisnava Mutt situated at Kanchi, the great scholar, philosopher, Prativadibhayankara Shriman Jagadguru Shri Ananthacharya Swainiji. It was published in 1930, under the Sastramuktavali - 1 Series by the Sudarshana Mudranalaya, Kanchi. The copy which I had,was the Second edition of the book. This means, that before 1930, the first edition of this book was published and most probably sold out. In the book, it was also mentioned that the 'Hayavadana Leela Sadana' libraray at Kanchi, had a singular copy of this book, which was in a relatively good condition. Based on that copy, Swamiji, as is mentioned by himself, had undertaken the task of editing the commentary, publishing the same, subsequently. Salutations to the tireless efforts of Shri Ananthacharya Swamiji, who painstakingly brought out the present book.

**Contents and Sample Pages**

Item Code: NAQ843 Author: Dr. Swati Dravid Cover: HARDCOVER Edition: 2019 Publisher: New Bharatiya Book Corporation ISBN: 9788183153508 Language: Sanskrit Text With English Translation Size: 8.80 X 5.80 inch Pages: 172 (3 B/W Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 0.32 Kg
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