Kabir The Weaver of God's Name

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About the Book   CONTENTS Preface 15 LIFE 1 TEACHINGS 43 SELECTED POEMS 189         Kabir's Prayer 191 The Untold Tale 280 The Weaver of God's Name 192 Kabir's Homeland 231 The Propitious Moment 195 Who Dwell in Nam 234 Who D...

About the Book


Preface 15
Kabir's Prayer 191 The Untold Tale 280
The Weaver of God's Name 192 Kabir's Homeland 231
The Propitious Moment 195 Who Dwell in Nam 234
Who Drinks Elixir 197 The Created Gods 235
Light the Lamp 199 The city of the Dead 238
Pious Liars 200 The Shameless Queen 240
The Slumbering wife 201 The Treasure Map 242
The Color of Nam 203 Forgive Thy Child 243
The Strength of Cravings 204 Slaves of Mind 244
Without the Master 206 Within the Home 246
A Bride Yearning 208 From the Same Light 248
Only While Living 210 Mystery of Mind 250
Holy Baths 213 The Bird That Sings Within 253
Many a Home 215 Fear of God 255
Tethered to Prejudice 217 The State of Sahaj 257
The Blind See 219 The Weaver of Banaras 259
The Ship of Nam 221 Only through Fear 261
Indeed Mad 223 The Oilman's Bullock 263
Shabd, the Word 225 The Storm 265
Castles of Sand 228 The Depraved Priests 267
Plaything 229 The Promised Day 269
The Find 271 Son Begets the Father 334
When Realization Comes 273 Even gods Crave 336
A Lover's Thirst 274 The Palanquin 339
Simran 275 An Inverted Well 341
Lost in the wilderness 278 Dwell in the Lord 342
From One Color 279 Tale of Torment 344
The Only Succor 281 To Meet the Most High 346
Particle of God 282 Behind the Mole 347
Assailed by Doubts 284 He Is Not Far 349
Pure as Gold 286 Upward Flows the River 350
The Limits of Intellect 288 Water Mixed with Water 352
The One in the Many 289 Slanderer, Well-Wisher 353
Empty Within 291 The Tree of Karmas 354
Who Dies While Living 292 The Wandering Bride 355
Deluded Pundits 294 The Garden 357
The Swan 296 Master Shows the Way 359
House of Clay 298 The True Devotee 361
House at War 300 Single Though Wedded 362
All Life Inviolable 301 Home Within the Home 364
Ways of Worship 303 The Screen 365
Loaded with Stones 306 Pure and Supreme 366
The Secret of Nam 308 The Wealth of Nam 368
Blind Man's Mirror 309 To Love the Master 371
The Enlightened 310 A Lamp in Every Home 373
The Avid Cat 311 The Great Weaver 375
The Bride's Agony 313 The Indifferent wife 377
The ruthless Autocrat 315 Shake Off Your Slumber 379
The Boat of Nam 318 the Yarn of Love 380
The Malady of Ego 319 Tax-free Wealth 382
The Final Accomplishment 321 The Thugs of Banaras 383
The Debt 322 The Thirsty Swan 385
The Diamond 324 The fortress 386
The True Benefactor 326 The Unloved One 388
Between the Eyes 327 The Divine Hue 390
The Hunt 329 Distilling Bliss 391
The Loveless Wife 331 The Hour of Tryst 393
Sham Devotees 333 Thirst for the Lord 394
The Thief 395 The True Worship 449
Mad Neighbor 396 The Music of Nam 450
A Devotee's Yearning 398 The Beloved Comes Home 451
The Bestower of Bliss 402 I Am Thine 453
The Net 404 Lord, End This Misery 454
Free from Fear 405 Divine Water 455
The World's Lures 407 Where, O Pundit? 457
Not the Way 409 The Days of the Week 458
The Lord's Sheriff 411 The Steed of Mind 462
The Knot 413 A saint's Inner State 463
The Rare Wealth 414 The Soul's Homecoming 465
The flame of Longing 415 Heaven 467
Sad Lotus 416 the Spinning Wheel 468
The One I longed For 417 Worship Only the Supreme 469
The Bumblebee 418 Living in God's Will 472
One Cardinal Truth 419 the Rope is Broken 473
Web of Learning 420 Merging in His Order 474
The Day That Counts 421 to Attain Truth 416
This Precious Chance 422 Under the Sway of Nam 479
A Lover's Stratagem 423 Fish Climbs to the Peaks 480
The Erudite 425 Futile Pursuits 482
The Lord's Slave 427 The Disciple's Yearning 484
The empty Game 428 Why Adornments? 485
A Rare Devotee 429 Multiplicity 487
Pain of Separation 431 Lonely Nights 488
No Terror 432 Remove the Veil 490
The Lord's Reflection 433 Bliss of Sahaj 492
Worship the True Worshipper 435 A Warning 495
The Wine of Love 436 Influence of company 499
The Land of No Return 437 What Is Truth? 502
Truants from Devotion 439 The Talons of Delusion 505
Key to Ecstasy 441 The Lamp of Nam 508
The Haze of Confusion 442 The Ocean, a Hoofprint 510
The Jewel of Love 444 Which Is Greater? 513
Everlasting Companion 445 Soothing Company of Saints 514
Danced Enough 446 The Master's Gift 516
No More Weaving 447 The Necklace 518
Without Seeing 521 I Will Not Die 528
How Long, O Lord? 523 I Am Not 529
No Credit to Kasi 524 The Wedding 530
No Place Is Unholy 525    


Prayer 535 Who Eat Meat 627
He Fills Every Vessel 539 Company of the Evil 632
He Is What He Is 542 Company of the True 635
Where Dwells the Lord 545 The Hawk of Death 638
The Subtle Path 548 The Herb of Immortality 642
The Fire of Longing 553 Meeting the Master 644
Importance of the Master 656 Guru Is God 648
Idol Worship 561 Master, the Perfect Craftsman 651
The Learned 567 Master, the True Warrior 654
The Gyani 571 The Shabd of the Saints 657
True Beauty 574 The One Word 662
The Faithful wife 576 The Fruits of Nam 664
Absorption in Love 579 The One Absorbed in Nam 666
Depth of Love 583 The Glory of Nam 668
The Intoxication of Love 585 A Sward's Edge 672
Faith 588 The Seed of Devotion 675
In Praise of Fear 592 The Man of Valor 678
Merged into the One 594 The Five Passions 685
Pride 595 The Poison of Lust 686
Humility 596 The Fire of Anger 686
Ways of the Mind 597 The Witch of Avarice 691
Controlling the Mind 602 The Bonds of Attachment 693
The Rosary of the Mind 605 The Malady of Grace 699
The Glory of Simran 611 Karmas 702
Dying While Living 615 Longing, the Royal Path 705
The Creeper 618 Longing for Tormentor 713
Intoxicants 625 The Price of Love 716
Not the Time to Sleep 718 The Drop and the Ocean 726
Kabir's Lord 621 The Color of Love 728
A Saint's True Home 724 Love's Fulfillment 729
Index to First line of poems
Selected Bibliography
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