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Kala Maha Indrajaal (Kali Kitab: Ravan Sanhita)

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  Yantra to get rid of child's fear 678   Yantra to eliminate bad intention look 679   Sheetala Yantra 679   Yantra for delivery pain reliver 680   Yantra for delivery pain reliver 68...

  Yantra to get rid of child's fear 678
  Yantra to eliminate bad intention look 679
  Sheetala Yantra 679
  Yantra for delivery pain reliver 680
  Yantra for delivery pain reliver 680
  Yantra to save pregnancy 680
  Yantra to achieve education 681
  Yantra to improve confidence 681
  Yantra to improve will power 682
  Yantra to eliminate trouble 682
  Hanuman Yantra 683
  Yantra for victory in litigation 683
  Wealth giver Yantra 684
  Improve fortune Yantra 684
  Yantra to gain wealth and improve business 685
  Improve business Lakshmi yantra -mantra 685
  Yantra to improve business 686
  To achieve Lakshmi 686
  Yantra to increase sale 687
  Yantra to complete task immediately 687
  Yantra to complete all task 688
  Yantra to improve education and knowledge 688
  Yantra to give happiness 689
  Yantra to fulfill all desires 689
  Yantra to call absconder 690
  Yantra to know about absconder 690
  Yantra to achieve all work done 691
  Yantra to win in gamble 691
  Yantra to get progeny 691
  Yantra to get a son 692
  Most effective yantra to achieve son 692
  Yantra to eliminate fear of ladies 693
  Yantra to maintain pregnancy 693
  Yantra to relief from debt 694
  Yantra to get honour 694
  Yantra for marriage 695
  Yantra to recovery of lost thing 695
  Yantra to increase sale 695
  Yantra to relief from debts 696
  Yantra to get honour 696
  Yantra for pain relief 697
  Yantra to eliminate fever 697
  Yantra to relief in stomach pain 698
  Yantra to conceive 698
  Yantra to pain reliver during pregnancy 699
  Yantra to eliminate heart disease 699
  Yantra to stop running nose 700
  Yantra for chicken pox 701
  Yantra to eliminates chicken pox 701
  Yantra to get rid of child disease 701
  Yantra for gastric trouble 701
  Mantra - Yantra to get rid of child disease 702
  Yantra to get rid of disease 702
  Yantra to get rid of headache 703
  Yantra to get rid by migraine 703
  Yantra to relief in epilepsy 703
  Yantra to remain healthy 704
  Yantra to get rid by all pains 704
  Yantra to eliminate piles 705
  Yantra for piles 705
  Yantra for safety from sudden death 705
  Yantra to control hydrocele 706
  Yantra to eliminate disease 706
  Yantra to eliminate ringworm 706
  Yantra to stop child's excess weeping 707
  Yantra to get rid of cholera 707
  Yantra for berry - berry disease 708
  Yantra for relief in ear pain 709
  Yantra to control excess bleeding in menstruation 709
  Yantra to get down fever 710
  Yantra to eliminate daily fever 710
  Yantra to eliminate fever 710
  Yantra to get rid of pain 711
  Yantra to eliminate fever by cold 711
  Yantra to eliminate tizari fever 712
  Yantra to get rid by nose disease 712
  Yantra to eliminate skin inflammation 713
  Yantra to eliminate problems of ladies 713
  Yantra to get rid of impotency 713
  Yantra to get rid by pain of eyes 714
  Yantra to eliminate tuberculosis 714
  Yantra to relocate the naval 715
  Yantra to cure leucoderma 715
  Yantra for safety 716
  Motijhala Yantra 717
  Yantra to cure body cracks 717
  Yantra to avoid lazyness and hopelessness 718
  Yantra to eliminate dehpayee 718
  Yantra to eliminate dhavara 719
  Yantra to get rid from pain in ear 719
  Yantra for open the nostrils 719
  Yantra to cure disease 720
  Yantra to eliminate pain in heart 720
  Yantra for relief in chest pain 721
  Yantra for safety from all disease 721
  Yantra to eliminate cholera 722
  Yantra to get rid by weakness 722
  Yantra to eliminate leucoderma 722
  Yantra to eliminate infertility 723
  Yantra to get a son 724
  Yantra to dry the milk of lactating mother 724
  Yantra to subjugate 724-737

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Item Code: NAJ976 Author: Swami Premanand ‘Alakh’ Cover: Hardcover Edition: 2013 Publisher: D.P.B. Publications Language: Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation Size: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch Pages: 772 (40 B/W Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 1.1 kg
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